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  1. Why there is few players always complaining about training? they've been telling me that they feel team is not working enough on match preparation, although I'm assigning team preparation training every time with 2-3 different tactics. Another Q, I'm managing Stoke in PL and i want to send youth players on load to gain experience and first team playing in lower leagues, the problem is all the team (except PL teams) have no league matches (championship , Vanarama, etc..) what's wrong? i need them to play 25-30 matches per season not just few cup matches.
  2. let me ask about what i can benefit from this screen? how i should read it, as a whole or for curtain individuals? what the indication it gives me?
  3. After some experiments i find Mez(A) better than CM(A), as it offers some options causing confusing for the CD anad FB because he pentrate in the half space between them. in two match Wilshire (Which is playing well there) has got two penalties and one assist!
  4. I'm using 4-2-3-1 as an alternative formation for the matches with smaller teams which gives me high aggressive press. but i'm thinking of an role to press in defense and to move into channels/spaces when attacking. any suggestions?
  5. Hi, I've been struggling these days to find the suitable role for a central midfielder that i prefer to call a (Runner) in 4-3-3, basically i need him to do the followings: 1- when we lose the ball he helps the team in the counter pressing, pressing high aggressively (maybe Adam Lallana with Liverpool) 2- and when we have the ball in the midfield he get further forward in order to create some space for the IF-S winger and to offer more options in the box. so basically i don't think it'd be suitable to choose BBM as he'll be not efficient in counter pressing (as i imagine), I'm looking for a role similar to Mezalla with more attacking mentality in order to free the space for the winger who is using half-spaces, actually i want him to be the player who offer options for the player in half spaces (which is in my case IF-S winger), picture below may describe further what i'm looking for: (8 position in the first image, and 6 position in the second) for more clarifying i've attached below my line - up, but with some changes i needed to perform after some matches. changes are: (CF to F9 and Mezz to AP - S) Also, i'd be happy to hear your comments/feedbacks/thoughts.
  6. Great, Half spaces control is essential in modern football as i've been reading for a while, anyway i think the most important piece in your formation is Rashford. by dropping deep he 1) offers a great passing option either in space or on foot 2) he is forming a double triangle with (Pogba, left winger) and (Mata, Valencia). now i'm pretty confused about Mata positioning as RW and i beleive he should sit narrower in the half spaces allowing herera to utilize his finishing skills in front of the goal when he moves down in channels. I'm sitting here waiting for some experts in half spaces control for more explanations. cheers!
  7. Don't you think that Jese would be more efficient if he was a left winger cutting inside and using his right foot? and who are your three midfielders? how Cameron with you on the right? can he cover a technical pacy winger? I've just started with the club in Dec and we are on 18th so i'm not intending to buy any player on winter market until i deeply know the players abilities and weaknesses in order enter the summer market with clear ideas. currently, the team is conceding many goals so i'm gonna use a conservative philosophy at the first month/2month in order to collect as many points as possible so the team can be mentally recovered and i gain more trust and control over the dressing room, after that i will focus on more attacking football based on possession and controlling the half spaces as well as high pressure.
  8. I started playing FM18 yesterday, this time i choose to start as unemployed and to wait for a proper offer from a struggling team to add some stressed atmosphere for the game i'm playing and to make it more fun, any way between nov and dec i've got several offers from french and italian club such as lens and parma, but i decided to start in england and to wait for another offers until i got offer from stoke then i was so excited to lead such a reputed team with many experienced and promising players. now i'm struggling to choose the suitable tactics and playing style for the team in addition to choosing the line-ups and player duties. so, now i'll demonstrate my starting line up/tactic and i hope you give me your opinoins and for those who have experience in this team im willing to hear from you: Butland Zouma (RB-Defensive Fb) - Shawcross (CD) - Timon (CD) - Peiters (Att. FB) Fletcher (Deep Lying PM) Allan (B-B) - Affellay (Roaming Playmaker) Shaqiri (Winger - S) - Berahino (Poacher) - Jese (Winger - IF) this is not final yet, i'm still thinking about the RB problem, G Johnson is not convincing. and the roles of the three midfielders as well. for the three forwarders i hope they blind and the tactics goes well with their abilities. now, if you were me how would you play and what line up/tactic you will choose, and in your opinion what are the mistakes in the above tactics. and what playing philosophy you think is suitable for such a team possession and high pressing defensive line or direct deep defensive shape?
  9. I've been playing FM since eight or more years (don't remember the actual version but it was still 2d then), now its my first time i consider playing FM online for this version, where i can find further information and details about online gaming modes, features, and how to play? also i've heard about the new dynamic squad thing, and new scouting system. where can i find detailed explanation for these. if you find there Q's strange, i just signed up for this forum few days ago.
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