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  1. That happened in my game. I fined a player according to the code of conduct (for violent conduct) after an ugly tackle that got him a red card and he was unhappy for being fined. Thought it was unfair. I guess he disagreed his conduct was violent
  2. That book looks very interesting, might just order it and give it a read.
  3. Oh yeah, your post is what got me thinking more about it! Hope they make some improvements here
  4. It would be great to have more control and be able to set focus areas and a philosophy for a club's youth academy and junior coaching and this should affect the newgens created within a few years from setting these priorities. It would be nice to have a say in some areas of attributes to prioritize. Something like focus area of importance 1, focus area of importance 2 and focus area of importance 3: - For example, my club's junior coaching philosophy could look like: - Junior coaching and recruitment main focus: to find and train young players to have good strength + good speed and sele
  5. From what I know, your club's junior coaching impacts the CA rating (current ability) of the youth players when they come in on youth intake day. The better junior coaching the higher CA they are likely to have from the start. Youth facilities impacts the PA ratings (potential ability) more, so you are more likely to get players with better potential. Training facilities have an impact on the rate of player development and this is where the quality of your coaches also has an impact. Youth coaches (u19 coaches) train the u18 players and their rate of development is impacted depending on t
  6. For me it's time mostly: full time job, additional studies, working on starting a business and then there is FM not having a quick sim option that I can use on some matches using my tactics and lineups (other than go on holiday which gives all credit + stats to the assistant). FM touch is not even close to being the same game. I usually start unemployed and try to go up through the leagues on a year long save but that's probably not going to happen this year
  7. Yes, I know, but it's not officially supported and I understood that it can cause issues in some cases. Also, it doesn't do any substitutions even in extreme circumstances when some players should be subbed out (very low condition/injury).
  8. I'm curious how much time other FM players spend on the main FM career save and how does your game time look like. What areas of the game do you focus the bigger part of that time on? And how many seasons would you normally go through on your main save? My steam account shows I spend on average about 350-400h of game time throughout the year but out of that I usually play about 2 main career saves as I tend to restart after the winter update and I also do a shorter save testing out the beta release. I usually play about 20-30% games of the season and the rest of the matches I use 1 day
  9. I'll start by saying that I've read the post about 'instant results' in FM and SI's response to it and I'll post this as a feature request to know I've had my opinion/suggestion shared. It's essentially the 'go on holiday' option when the boxes are ticked to use my lineup and tactics (and also match plans) and let the game simulate the result. Assistant can do substitutions. However, I don't think all credit and stats/reputation/attributes should go to the assistant for following my instructions. While this may go against SI's vision for the full FM game I thought I'll post this here sin
  10. Finally!! This is what I've been waiting for all these years... glad it is finally happening and I can see that you were taking some of the feature requests in consideration since some of the ideas have been passed around for a while :) Well done, can't wait for the release!
  11. I know one season is not enough, definitely, but it's one of the reasons that triggered my interest in the topic. I'll keep checking also in the next seasons, but I'm only checking my own team youth candidates as I don't want to 'break my game' by getting more info. I had similar problems with the youth regens in the previous seasons while managing a team in Iceland, again lower level team from a football nation with low youth rating. There I relied heavily on players from other countries. @Maaka , all those questions are really good ones and the comparison is an approach I hope SI looked a
  12. I've opened a separate thread for this as it's going in a different direction:
  13. This started out after the discussion in the "Reevaluation of the CA - PA system" thread and moving this here since it's somewhat different issue. I'd like to see a better solution to have a club produce new players of closer quality to those they have been having playing for them (home grown at the start), at least for lower clubs... not looking for a big team to create constant star players or anything like that. I'm giving an example from my game to explain a bit more what I am referring to: I am in the 5th season of a new game and recently took over Lillestrøm after starting unempl
  14. Not suggesting any of that now even, just looking for a solution other than the "just improve the youth setup" ...that takes time to do, but it doesn't mean that a lower club shouldn't produce players of at least the same quality they've been having playing for them, does it? And this was after I've already improved the youth setup compared to what it was before. Don't think I'm being unreasonable here...
  15. Wow, this thread is still going strong since I was last here. About asking yourself whether there's actually a point to this.. I'm giving an example from my game: I am in the 5th season of a new game with Lillestrøm after starting unemployed, a team that came second in the league, qualified for CL and is one of the best teams in Norway consistently (in game, pretty crap in real life). The youth setup and youth coaching is adequate. Youth intake day comes, I checked the PA of the youth trialists (with an external scouting tool) and to confirm here, all their PAs were in the range of 40-55. No
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