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  1. Oxley-Keogh A.K.A Me Is Immense!! Love It Mate really good read!! Looking 4ward For Oxley Keogh PLayer of season award!!!
  2. Cheers for puttig me in! Nearly missed out then on a silly mistake! Great Post! Canny wait till you get started!
  3. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">First come First Served Basis... Immingham Sign up (your details here): First Name:Ryan Surname:Oxley-Keogh Date Of Birth:26/08/1989 Place of Birth:Hull Second Nationality:Irish 1st Choice Position: (from list below)DM 2nd Choice Position: (incase you don’t get 1st choice)Cm Height:average Weight:average Fav Club (1): Fav Personnel(1): Disliked Club (1): Disliked Personnel (1): Preferred Foot:Both Attributes (1 for each): NOTE: If for each one last slot not filled in then 1st will be rated 17!!!! Technical Attributes 14:Passing 14:Technique 13:Tackling 12:Longshots Mental Attributes 15: Determination 14: Creativity 13: Work Rate 12: Aggression Physical Attributes 15: Strength 14: Stamina 13: Pace 13: Jumping -------------------------- Places(add one) 1.GK: 2.GK: 3.GK: 4.DR/C: 5.DR: 6.DL: 7.DL/C: 8.DC: 9.DC: 10.DC: 11.DM:Ryan oxley-keogh 12.MR: 13.ML: 14.AMR: 15.AML: 16.MC: 17.DMC: 18.AM/FC 19:FC 20.FC: </div></BLOCKQUOTE>