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  1. Yes, game works but icon in windows bar still says there is an error. It works fine now (even with the logopack - eventho I did not download the TCM18 logopack but another one)
  2. Hi guys, The 'problem' changed a bit. I followed the steps as Felix Wilkie said earlier. Somehow it worked after deleting the cache & preferences and doing the cache clarify for the second time. I also (but did that earlier as well) deleted all my logos/tactics I had downloaded some weeks ago (for me it is really strange this can occur for problems now as I have played with them for weeks). When I rightclick icon at the bottom, it still says ('errorname' (staging)) - but now I can click on it and I am able to play atleast (eventho I lost my save now :(). I will now download
  3. I think, but I am not sure I am somewhere near the end of Oct 2022 ingame.
  4. Hi, So I played fm this morning without any problems. Then after lunch, I came back to play some more FM but suddenly this problem (check title) occurs. I can see the '18' down at my screen but I cant even open the game. When I click the icon, nothing happens. When I click right mouse on the icon I see the name of this error and '(staging)' behind it. Already tried this; "Okay please try the following making sure not to re-add anything custom: Delete CacheDelete Preferences Reverify Cache Then try the game again. If you still have issues after doing so, try lowering t
  5. The game just does not feel smooth with the huge fps drops (even to '1 fps') when loading a new day. Also, in the main menu the fps drops to 20 etc without doing anything.. That is really frustrating and it has never been like that.. ? Delays are rather small, like my mouse goes 0.5 sec later to the side I want it to go to. Too bad I can not really enjoy the game like this.
  6. Ingame highlights are now at 60 fps stable, thanks for that! But the main problem (the most annoying one, remains the same.. A lot of fps drops in the main menu,when watching my team etc etc) Also the title "game is lagging when watching match highlights" does not really solve my problem as my problem is also fps lag in the main menu, when watching my team,...
  7. Uninstalled Avast (anti-virus), uninstalled FM, installed FM again & tried to play the game. No changes. Now I reinstalled Avast.
  8. Will try this tonight! Thanks for the reply.
  9. Done, thanks for the information and the effort.
  10. Hi Neil, Well the game is not enjoyable at all this way. My mouse reacts 0.5-1 sec later than it should, loading to another day is awful, cant rly follow the match because of the fps problems etc. Got the problems in screens with and without a lot of information (and even then my PC should be able to reach stable fps)
  11. Shouldn't I be able to see constant fps when im in the main menu for example? Or just checking my squad? Because it has always been like that on other fm's as far as I know/remember? I always got that jumpy fps; during a match, in the menu, when checking my squad, scout,... Nothing seems to help. (oh, I also tried playing without anti-virus..) e: When the game's loading another day its getting even worse.
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