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  1. Yes, camera works perfectly in other apps. Will test again today on 19.1 release.
  2. Camera isn't working when taking a picture for face model generation. Mac OS: 10.14 MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Early 2013) - green led doesn't light up - image stays black When asked, I allowed FM camera access (one time popup)
  3. sadew7

    Add xG stats

    Hello. First of all - big thanks to SIgames team for such a wonderful series! Big fan starting from CM3. I would like to suggest adding the xG stats to the game. Both for team and for individual players. Maybe even an alternative league table based on xG stats. I think it might be valuable for players in a lot of ways. Like a better representation of chances created and long term team luck. Also it seems not extremely hard to do, since it's just a something calculated naturally using the existing game info. Game already contains a lot of similar info on match review screen. Thanks, Alex.
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