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  1. The Brexit rules in my save state that the Foreign status won’t be applied to players who signed a contract before Brexit occurred which isn’t the case here. In turn they’ll be given the Foreign status if they sign a new contract post-Brexit. Either way, isn’t it incorrect that they have homegrown status as they haven’t trained in the country aged 0-21 as it states? Wouldn’t they just be given non-foreign status like the players who have gained British citizenship eg De Gea in that screenshot who hasn’t got Homegrown status? I think the issue here is rather than the relevant players having their Foreign status removed, they’ve been given Homegrown status instead. It also means foreign players under 23 I have don’t need be registered despite not being trained in the country.
  2. Hi, In pre-season of my 2nd season so there are the new player registration rules (17 foreign players limit) because of Brexit, but all my foreign players are also listed as homegrown as shown in the screenshot. Thanks
  3. Usually I save the game manually, then exit, as well as click ‘Shut Down’, but I was in a rush so used ‘save and exit’ and held down the power button on my laptop, though I did make sure the game had finished saving and exited first. I have the Norton 360 anti virus software installed. I didn’t have any backup saves, however I did manage to recover a previous save which was only a couple of in game weeks behind by right clicking on the save file in its folder in File Explorer, and choosing ‘Restore previous versions’. Phew!
  4. My save game will no longer load for some reason. Is there any way to fix this? An error message came up multiple times when I opened the game earlier, but I didn't screenshot it and it hasn't come up again. https://www.dropbox.com/s/p4fndsh8gipohhy/1.fm?dl=0 Thanks
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