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  1. Large DB, 54.000 players, 14 playable leagues! The DxDiag file is in the attached files, pls review it fast to see if there's something wrong, btw my graphics card is updated with the newest driver! DxDiag.txt
  2. No, but I already deleted the save from the beta... Now, sometimes the game freezes when It's loading throughout the week, not a crash just frozes!
  3. You're joking right?! I already told you my anti virus... -.- I have made a reset of my computer, if this doesn't work, I'll ask for my money for sure...
  4. Take a chill pill, rlly dude?! I'm saying the same thing for the 3rd time and they can't understand perfect english?! Furthermore, I already had the same problem in the Beta, but I let it slide. because it's the Beta... But now that I've paid the game and spent 31EUR, to be stuck and unable to play the game for almost 1 week, you expect me to be relaxed rlly?! I've got only 1 thing to say to people like you, either you work for sports interactive or something, or you just come to the forums to annoy people... *smh* A game that's been here for generations and this year comes out with all these problems?!
  5. You're saying that I said "it's not saving..." and I'm not making any sense?! IM SAYING ITS WHEN IM SAVING THE FILE, jesus ****ing christ are you even reading carefully?! Im starting the save process and then it freezes, after that the save is not complete, the game is able to create the save file but the save is empty, because the save process didn't finish... That's why the automatically saved games are also empty. Do you even know your own game?! From my position as a computer engineer, I bet that the save files are binary and are produced by the application itself. And the process begins by saving it and then the binary file is written into a new file, or re-written to a previous one, but instead of writing into the new file the game freezes and its only able to create the file. The game doesn't leave the first part of the saving screen! And to answer your question, no it doesn't make any difference by doing the "save as" option
  6. I said WHILE I WAS SAVING THE GAME NOT load the game... And I also said that the LOW FPS was when I STARTED THE GAME. So I've got one answer for this, with two topics. Either you didn't read my reply and you answered it with a predefined answer, OR you guys are just stupid and indifferent to your customers problems. Now u tell me wich is it. And btw the files saved are already in that directory and the problem isn't when I LOAD THEM, but when I'm SAVING THEM.
  7. Still nothing, low fps and can't save the game and the automatic saves are also empty! Never ever in my entire life of playing football manager have I had this issue. It's the first time I can't do anything. I'm going to start a new game in order to check if it is because of being a beta save. If it's not, I demand a refund of the game, cause I bought it and I can't play it...
  8. I started the fm 18 normal version and the game has super low fps and my graphics card is Nvidia GeForce 950m GTX so it shouldn't be a problem of low fps. Furthermore, the game freezes uppon saving the first time that came out of the BETA. This shouldn't be an issue, the low fps on the game. I hope u fix this as soon as possible, or I'll ask for the refund of the game, cause this isn't the game you promised. There aren't any crash dump files produced.
  9. Everytime this happens I've got to force the game to close by opening the task manager and shutting down the task
  10. And most of the times the game initiates with like 15 fps, instead of a normal 100...
  11. Can't start a 2nd half of a champions game cause when I choose the option to go to the 2nd half, my game crashes... My pc has a Nvidia 950m GTX and my gpu is i7-4720HQ 2,60GHz. It's impossible that the game crashes and freezes so much. What can I do to finish this match?!?!
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