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  1. Everybody, in Preferences search "in-game" with the hyphen, important. When you do this an option appears. It says "[] Show In-Game Editor in the Menu Bar". Tick this [✓] option and the In-Game Editor appears again. It should be ticked automatically.
  2. Yeah, just changed back to default skins, and I'm good now. It's probably the skins that need updating, not the game.
  3. Something we see more and more in modern day football is teams having different formations depending on whether they are attacking or defending. Many teams playing with a 4-3-3 in attack defends with a 4-man midfield. The teams playing with a 3-man defense often revert to a 5-man defense when defending. I can see how this can be exploited for example playing 3-4-3 in attack and 5-5-0 in defense, but I think this could be interesting nonetheless. An alternative to full formations could be a PI that tells the player to go from a winger/wide midfielder to a full back in defense. I think this would be really interesting and would reflect better how teams are set up nowadays. What do you guys think.
  4. I haven't played FM that much this year yet, but I'm starting to see a trend with my assistants saying that United needs to go defensive against bottom tier sides of the Premier League. They even told to go cautious against a Championship side in the League Cup. I have been ignoring their advice and winning comfortably and I'm currently sitting 2nd behind Liverpool. Why does this happen? I actually want advice from the backroom staff and now I'm completely ignoring their tactical advice.
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