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  1. Is venom & faith tactic fit for full version of fm? or is it gonna update
  2. can you share like this for annihilator or they are same? also you can share for ml mr and dmc like these pls <3
  3. I think cerber is working better than punisher. What do you think guys and tff ?
  4. still hass same ranking? top dog to under dog TIME 433 Press TIME343 Press BEOWULF Press 4231 BEOWULF Press 424 BEOWULF Press 4231 Narrow BEOWULF 442 BLUE MATTER Press 433 BLUE MATTER Std 433 ARGUS Press 352 GOODBYE Press 3412 DARK SIDE 3322 RGA PILGRIMAGE cautious 451 MIDSOMER Press 442 MIDSOMER Std 442 VOLANTE BBM Press 4132 BEOWULF Press 451 BEOWULF Press Flat 451 BEOWULF Press 4141 BEOWULF Press 4411 PILGRIMAGE Flat 451 DARKSIDE 4231 PILGRIMAGE 41212 ND BEOWULF 442 Defensive VOLANTE 4222 VOLANTE Anchor? PILGRIMAGE 4123 PILGRIMAGE
  5. I still using !FM19BEOWULF424KnapPressP102ALLCUPS . Is it still works?
  6. Which one will score more goals ; BEOWULF Press 424 or no press version?
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