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  1. Off the back of the success of the Fifa Women's World Cup I believe it is time to add Women's football into the game
  2. Are people using Dalot or going and getting someone else?
  3. For me he does very well as a Mezzala with Fred along side him
  4. Ive thought about that or going and getting like Robben or someone like that and waiting for Chong to improve.
  5. Who have people used for their right mid, if they have one. I can't decide to either wait and use Chong or go get someone.
  6. in the big update after all of the transfer windows close can there be an update with positions more accurately portrayed
  7. I was killing it with Man Utd until my save corrupted and I had to start over.
  8. I Have reported everything to the bug forum
  9. The new update has caused my beginning save, which was three years in, to corrupt, caused my computer to over heat due to the fact that I can't put fm18 in a window on its own so it over heats after I close it to go do something, the transfer market prices don't accurately represent the current market, and in my new save where I have only just started managing Manchester United and I'm playing he preseason friendlies and none of my players have gotten anywhere near the goals, even against the minnows, but everytime my defense tries to stop the opposition from getting towards goal they either foul them and get a red card or the just whiff and the opposition scores. I have tried many different formations and that doesn't seem to help at all. Really annoying that this is happening. I loved FM 17 but now this is just getting ridiculous and annoying
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