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  1. Thanks for that, its a massive help. Pop's aren't my thing at all really(barring the signed ones I got as a job lot and moved on within days), but my youngest really loves them. I think i'd need to get her 2 sets, as she likes to play with them as well as displaying them...
  2. Right, so my youngest daughter really want's theDisney Princess and My Little Pony Funko Pops. There are shitloads available on ebay, but I have no idea what a good price is for them. Can anyone advise please?
  3. Whats the best place to sell these Pops? Is it still ebay? I've sold a big job lot that were autographed privately, but I'm left with 3 unsigned ones. There is a "vaulted" Capt America, a Michonne from Walking dead and a Fred from Big Hero 6.
  4. It's absolutely rife here in Barnsley. Your guaranteed to see the same two dozen individuals staggering around or frozen to the spot day in, day out. Trouble is, it's got so bad that some idiots have started to act as vigilantes to rag them out of the sight of the public, and it got to the point last week that a Polish Spice taker was actually stamped to death in the town.
  5. I've never been one to collect Funko Pops, simply because I don't see the appeal. I have however, got the chance of getting a load of horror and sci-fi related Pops that have been personally autographed(and due to a massive favour I'm owed, they will hardly cost me anything). What I'm wondering though, is there a call for signed Funkos? As I say, I don't collect them so I would more than likely just sell them straight on(barring one or two who's autographs I still need for my personal collection) if there is a market for them. I know from autograph collecting that come items are more sou
  6. Ok, so after building my Barnsley team over the space of a decade by using a methodical passing style, I decided I fancied a change to mix things up. I have purchased some mega quick players(pace and acceleration all 17 plus, with good dribbling and crossing for the wide players), but I'm struggling to get things to work the way I envisaged. For simplicity, I've gone for a basic 4-2-3-1 set up, with the wide players as W(a), a Shadow Striker and Complete Forward. I have the fullbacks on support duty, and have set my passing to be more direct, the defence to drop deeper(with a counte
  7. Hi all, I've played FM/CM since the 'told CM2(i think) on the Amiga 500. Thing is though, I've never tried to replicate another managers style of play. But after watching Pep's devastatingly good Man City team this year, I'd like to see if I can get a team on FM playing like they do. Trouble is, barring the basic team shape, I haven't got a clue where to start with the team or player setting(or OI's). Can one of you tactical geniuses help me get my team playing like the current City team? Thanks in advance...
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