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  1. Well, it can be also after 20 years of playing the game its like second nature. As an example i took over Hertha Berlin in my first save on fm19. First season 6th place im in season 2022 and have won Bundesliga every year except the first season and champs league 3x in a row now..... So whats the challenge ? I mean sure i have done saves in England taken a non league team up too Premiership. In previous editions i wanted to win al the major trophies in every major country, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, France. And then World Cup and Euros with National team. And it never takes me l
  2. Huge server costs for what ? Hosting a save game ? which you can download on your own computer and play it on your FM client :P No need for huge server costs at al. The only thing that needs to be done is that there just needs to be some sort of checksum so that the save when re-uploaded through the client is not edited by the other player to prevent "cheating". It puts what enormous impetus on players to schedule? why cant they just the schedule to whatever they like ? It could be a different kind of FM and not what you imagine it to be right now something like Fantasy Premier leagu
  3. Well I think it can be done by simply putting rules in perhaps transfer windows have to be done in real time. I am not entirely sure but it doesn't necessarily have to be the same concept of FM that we have today. Perhaps a cloud based save where we both have to login certain agreed times a day/week until the "online" clock runs out and the "turn" is over and goes on with you making changes or not !
  4. Well that's you... and i am not saying id like to do it al the time but it would be a fun feature to have perhaps something that for sure would propel the game to another level (in my opinion.) You are entitled to you're opinion but so am I.
  5. So by reading this please go on and read my entire post that you just started reading. Are you not agreeing with me that a better online feature would propel FM more than any new offline feature can ever do ! The biggest reason FM is not bigger is because it is simply very klunky online and playing vs friends is almost impossible. How this can be made I really don't know the best way but something needs to be done in terms of online modes ! Competing against friends or even random people online is what i miss by far the most !
  6. You obviously have not read my previous posts and i am doing fairly well with a modified version of last years tactics, in fact tactics feels a bit easier to get working. For me this year its been easier than most years I dont know perhaps because i started playing it after the beta came out. Sorry for the huge screenshots. But no I am in no way struggling and I actually enjoy struggling because that makes me want to play more lol. In fact tactics have never really been a huge problem but for sure success in FM is 90% tactics in my experience over the years, of course having goo
  7. Well it would be a headache to get around i am sure, but his team simply does not play. But some kind of feature where me and a friend could play the same save however not at the same time, that would be just a dream. How that would work in reality i don't know but I am willing to bet a feature like that would really get FM more players because online play is something FM really really lacks. Online play vs other players is what is lacking because right now the only player you are against is the A.I and the fantasy of your own mind which is great. But competitive online play would b
  8. New training system ? ok... al i ever done is make my coach take care of training and hire the best coaches and i have done this system since i remember and I am actually never forced to do anything in training. Social Media its a "nice" gimmick no more to call that significant is a joke. Tactical system ? Yea sure more positions more names to those positions basically more quirks to make your tactic fail I have not actually seen a demonstration of these new positional names etc demonstrated to us by the ACTUAL match engine. So al you are doing is guessing and hoping that these descr
  9. It would be nice to have a feature where if you win league/champs league or whatever you are rewarded with points in which you can design your own regen. This would at least make me have a bit of ah lets call it reward for playing the game for long long periods of time and then beyond that make me play it even longer because I would feel I have a stronger connection to that team and players playing in it. This feature could be made to be turned off or on at the beginning of the new save for users who do not want this "fantasy" like feature to skip it.
  10. Yes sorry I just did. I mean as i have said before I was expecting people to react and a reaction is what I wanted because frankly i really do not think the community is that big and FM is not really a game that attracts huge number of new buyers, the new buyers are I think mostly generation of new hardcore football manager that is perhaps passed on from previous generations. I could be wrong of course I do not have the proof of any of it. To me the game has just become a repeat of last years games with minor tweaks which really do not affect the game by much and you barely notice i
  11. Here is a valid idea i've had for some time: I love playing fm against my friends but being an adult we have different jobs and even lag is an issue. Why not develop a turn based online section of the game where i play say 10 games but not his team and then he can play his 10 games whenever he has the time and then i can continue, meaning not playing the game in real time but rather turn based system were we can still compete and even play our teams when the other one is not there. Or maybe we schedule to play just the games our teams play on a certain time. Why this would be good w
  12. Here is a valid idea i've had for some time: I love playing fm against my friends but being an adult we have different jobs and even lag is an issue. Why not develop a turn based online section of the game where i play say 10 games but not his team and then he can play his 10 games whenever he has the time and then i can continue, meaning not playing the game in real time but rather turn based system were we can still compete and even play our teams when the other one is not there. Or maybe we schedule to play just the games our teams play on a certain time. Why this would be good w
  13. ok the game is perfect and is getting even more perfected by the year according to you, according to me they have sharpened that knife so much so that it is beginning to be frankly not sharp ! And how about a new knife ? Or maybe a sword every once in a while that can be sharpened to perfection as well... ? Frankly the game has no surprises i open it every new version has a new hole which you can fall into and once you do, you just avoid that hole or find a way around it and play the game same as you have for the previous 20 years! The last time Sigames took a risk was when they dev
  14. Hers how FM is and has been for years, when you open a new FM version what do you do ? You setup tactics, training, buy/sell new players setup whatever and u tinker back and fourth until you find a bit of a sweet spot and of you go you do the same thing over and over and over and over again until you get sick of winning and close the game just in time at the end of the football season around july. Then you take a break until november and start al over again ! What happens if you start tinkering with the "new features" such as leaving a comment when everyone in your squad is at perfect mor
  15. Listen mate wherever this debate leads us I hope it leads to sigames taking some of us which obviously think the game needs something new seriously, something that will actually exite me or even make me frustrated at first ! What makes me the most sad is i know exactly what to do to "beat" the game only thing i need to do is to find the settings and i'm done doing the same thing ive done the last 10 years in the game ! THAT IS THE WORST FEELING OF AL ! You are here with a bit of a hammer and hammering away at almost every argument i have which you dislike ! That's not really a disc
  16. To answer your question yes, yes i have... And for the first time i didn't play it since the beta because i was really sick of the game last year ! And yes FM is a bit of a hate love relationship like a heroin user would have but i still play it and will probably play and buy the damn thing until i die hahaha. Al i'm saying is can we please have a bit of eh something really NEW ! And I know you can stack up 1000 arguments against me because that's what people do in Forums.
  17. Yeah, you can answer al my questions and sure you are right, of course you are! But let me tell you something, I am a player of this game and have been in forever. And you trying to beat every single argument is not going to lead us anywhere ! I do understand that people think playing FM is like being a real manager and take it dead serious. Let me break it to you its not... And for you that want to have the same old game every year, for sure you are allowed to exist as well. But why not make the game more "fantasy" for players like me who want a bit of fun once we
  18. I do know what you are saying mate, but lets take Jamie Vardy as an example... was his PA the same the year before he broke into Leicester squad ? And was his PA the same the following season when he did win league and scored al those goals with Leicester ? There needs to be more something which will keep me playing for more than 5 seasons, ive done the lower league thing brought a team from non div to premiership won everything there and then what ? Something that is perhaps "unrealistic" which you as a player should be able to make a choice if you want to do or not ! As in perhaps
  19. Well you misunderstood me, what i meant is every 5-6 years make a real change ! that you have been working during those 5 years in which you update the roster changes and put in these minor improvements and il still buy al those in between games as I have done since the game was first developed !
  20. So you tell me, give me 5 things that have significantly improved/changed in the last 5 versions of the game, you dont even have to give me 5 for each version give me 1 for each 5 last years ! And as i said previously i would like to see a system of maybe rewarding me for winning the league/champs league for next year to develop new regens? How this is done of course there can be a lot of discussion of how this is done but I think there needs to be some sort of new features which actually do matter !
  21. Well how about changing A/PA and adding some more values ? How about a new more realistic way of regens for example: You make your regen from your own club play in the first team and he actually develops into something? No you cannot do that because of the SET PA values ! Which do not change ! Or how about giving players something if you win league you get some sort of point system where u can put that into a new regen that will come out of your own club where you can chose his abilities ? Take a chance ? Of course i understand what you are saying and that's why i never bothered ever
  22. I feel you man, honestly i never write in this forum, but im sick and tired of discussing the same thing with my mates who also play this game for ages and NOTHING has changed ! I love the game we al do, so many of us are hardcore FM players we spend COUNTLESS hours on the game and will continuously do that. But honestly this is becoming frankly disrespectful from SIGAMES, when are you going to make something NEW and actually take a chance on a new IDEA ! Improve the A/PA system put in some more realistic features at the core ! Regens have such a huge potential for further deve
  23. So yea here I am like many of us that play fm we have played this game for at least 10+ like I have played it since CM days i guess i was 12-13 and i am now 33. And to prove that im not just saying that to say it.... Having said that the basics of this game is starting to annoy me. Since the start of fm if you get a good enough tactic you will win games no matter which team you are playing with. The biggest annoyance i have with the game is the core of the game has been the same since CM. What is that you ask well the Potential Ability etc feature is fla
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