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    -Mod for the sortitoutsi discord server.
    -Bayern Munich and North Carolina FC supporter.
    -Degenerate who's into FM.

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    Architecture, Football, Sports in general

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    Bayern, North Carolina FC

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    Bayern (FM20 Beta)
  1. https://mega.nz/#!wBoyhYwZ!i8XWDZs3vtCve6rZWZsvJkes_OeR2wg8qzR6bGjZ1No Here's the link.
  2. Hi, one thing I know that Miles had tweeted regarding the Bundesliga was with the scheduling and having the league champion of that season play the first match of the season (being on a Friday). Currently progressing to my 2nd season with Bayern, I won the Bundesliga and don't have the first game of the season like it replicates in real life. League Table for Reference:
  3. I've validated my files, 50 failed, how would you know which ones failed?
  4. here we go again Happened again. I actually had a major error in my system itself, my OS and drivers completely failed, so I took a break off of it and it was back up working fine again. Decided to give FM another ride again and simulated to 2035 and start a save. Everything was working beautifully until now. And now with video on showing what happens.
  5. I've figured out the issue. It's something pertaining to my OS causing the crashing. I tried doing something on my taskbar and my whole computer just crashed. Could be as well with my graphics drivers failing as well. I'm probably going to stay off of FM18 to get this problem fixed.
  6. I only have loaded: Custom U.S database activating NASL and USL Mexican Leagues Brazilian Serie A Top 5 Europe (Spain, Italy, Germany, France, England) **edit** England going to L2, Italy to Serie B, Spain Liga 1|2|3, France, Ligue 2, Germany (custom DB, I haven't had any issues with) to Regionalliga 1st Division Argentina That in total is around 45-50k players on a large database. On my previous long-term save with Newport, I had a ton more nations loaded and it was fine (that database had 70k players) One thing that I do find weird is that the "performance" thing is very off to actually how my computer does perform. I ran a 70k player database without any issues, and this database is completely fine.
  7. When it did this in March, it was an error in regards of trying to load graphics in causing my game to haywire and messing up the game. I haven't loaded in any specific graphics for the game since installing a kit for old save (Newport County). Since then I haven't had any issues par one time, losing 3 months worth of my game, so I honestly couldn't be bothered to continue the save. This time around, it just spontaneously happened, I haven't done anything to cause this to happen, my Cache and everything is fine, only preference I've changed is made my salary to P/A instead of P/W since I'm doing an MLS save. **edit: All drivers are up to date. DxDiag.txt
  8. I've had this issue in the past, really affected the game back in March when I had a massive issue with the game not allowing me to click on anything, but operates and still runs properly. I'm thinking it's a graphical issue on my computer causing the game to freeze constantly. I had fixed it in March, no problems till now. Is there anything I can do to fix the freezing problems because I'm close to losing a save.
  9. Well, I just opened up FM and it's working fine now....must've been the update?
  10. I haven't mainly because of my stubbornness to revert everything back to how I have it when I play. I'll see what happens.
  11. Yeah when you told me to clear my preferences files that it would fix it and it did until Sunday, so I don't know if something in the file is interfering with the game causing the problem.
  12. Well, that didn't do anything to fix it...I know deleting my preferences folder fixed it, but I redid everything on my preferences and it was working fine until Sunday, could there be something causing it to effect the game?
  13. I do play the game windowed, but I'll try and do it that way and see what happens.
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