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  1. Hello, I've had this issue as well. Just make the transfers cancel-able and the problem is solved. My Roma saved was ruined by this, my economy I built up over a long time ruined in 1(!) day. It's not very logical either, that the new board would tank the economy on 1 day. The full story on how it played out is in this thread.
  2. Yes.. I'm playing as Roma and I got new owners, they destroyed the economy with dumb transfers (couldn't cancel them) and now 7 months later it's talk about a new takeover again.. 7 months..
  3. Sorry to hear that you've got the same problem. :/ Hopefully we'll get an answer/update on these kinds of situations. Do you play in the Serie A as well?
  4. Yes and no, I see it as very unlikely that the new owners would destroy the economy on day 1. I can understand that the salaries has to be paid, but them spending 136 million pounds on day 1 which tanks the economy is something that wouldn't happen IRL. Hopefully we'll get an answer on my update post to get some clarification on this. Because @Ben Kenney said "Yes that should be the case." and it wasn't.. my save & screenshot above shows it. So it might be a bug or something.
  5. Update, I just got the players, the wage budget increased but my economy got destroyed. I went from being rich with almost 100 million in the bank to having minus and just an "okay" economy... You need to take a look at this... because this just destroyed the save, I've saved that 100 million up for 3 seasons... I lost a lot of motivation with the save now because I did not ask for these players and I couldn't cancel it. My 100 % transfer revenue income will get dropped to 35 % again etc... Save uploaded as "new board roma s4" The save is 1 day before the transfers goes through. I do not have a save before the takeover. PS. A way to solve this problem is to allow us to cancel new board signings. DS
  6. Alright, thank you a lot for the answer. And the money paid for the players comes from the new chairman I'm guessing? Which means they are basically "free"? It doesn't affect the economy of the club?
  7. Hello there, I'm playing as Roma and the club just got sold to new owners. The new owners decided to buy Lucas Hernandez for 80 million pounds and Ruben Dias for 56 million pounds. I couldn't cancel anything of it because it was a "new board promise". Now to my problem, the 2 new salaries + transfer fee's will destroy my economy if I have to pay them. However I can't see any changes in my "committed spending budget" or any change in the clubs economy. Does this mean the new board is paying for everything including the salaries? (I'm in November, and I get them in January) Did I get these two players "for free" or will I have to pay the salaries later on? Sorry, but never had this situation before and it's confusing. Thanks in advance, Trucce Edit Update: Please check my screenshot/save in a new update post in this thread.
  8. I have to say that I've changed my mind regarding this. In the BETA I was really annoyed by it, but SI made some good adjustments and now it's more realistic. It might still be annoying in some cases, especially when you're trying to sell a player, but overall I feel like this is realistic and having the board intercepting feels more like real life.
  9. Hello there, I believe this player (Niccolò Nardini) has to be bugged? He only has 11's, he's 18 years old and you can get him for "free" buy offering him a contract. To add to this, he only gets a scouting score of 32 by Roma's scouts. Steps to reproduce -> Start a save with all Italian leagues loaded in. (I've made him appear like this on 3 saves now) Have a nice day! Edit: Yes I know I scouted him after he signed for my club, but according to the report he can't get much better.
  10. Sorry if this player has been posted before but I believe this player is bugged. 32 in scouting report from Roma desipte being "Mr 11" and can be "stolen" straight away and arrive next season for "free". Steps to reproduce -> Start a save with all italian leagues loaded.
  11. Yes, and no. It's really strange. I'm uploading a save when the vision is "normal". However, if you click club vision straight away when you start my save, it's all normal. But if you go out from club vision page and then back again, the bug appears. Uploaded as "Trucce italian cup bug1"
  12. Hello, I'm in January playing with Roma and there's a bug in the club vision. I just advanced to the quarterfinals in the Italian cup, but in the vision it links to the Champions League. Have a nice day, Trucce
  13. I can't relate to the penalties issues you're describing here. I've played 12 games in Serie A, 4 games in Europa League and some friendly's and so far and there's been a total of 2 penalties.
  14. Relax a little bit and most of your issues you're raising here will get solved. SI deserves credit for FM 2020, I love it and I love the new club vision etc. As we've seen on the BETA most of it has been save compatible , so let's just hope they find a way to solve the young players in your new saves. They're aware of it, no need to spam down the forums with negative attitude. We have a brand new game with a lot of other good things. Have a nice day!
  15. Hello, I think FM 2020 has made a lot of good improvements from FM 2019. On a tragic/happy note, I will play FM until the day I die, even if it's FM 2080. Have a nice day.
  16. It's because Juventus sold all their right to PES this year. Juventus wont be shown with real name on FIFA 20 either. But you could just edit it with the editor is out.
  17. He's been superb for me all 5 seasons I've played. Bought him the first season when I was in the Championship, and now a few seasons later he's tearing the PL up.
  18. I guess Fabio Silva has been posted many times here, but this is how he looks in my club after 5 full seasons into the save. I got him for 4.8 million pounds 4 seasons ago. Gogo buy him! PS. He also won the Champions League for me with two goals.
  19. That's great to hear! I'm playing with West Brom right now and he's been superb for all the seasons so far (I am at season 5 now).
  20. On my save Salzburg signed Erling Håland for 3 million pounds 2,5 seasons ago. He turned out really really great for a 20 year old and that price.
  21. All I can say is Antonio Marin. He's been a good backup for me whenever he's got playtime. He's really cheap in the beginning of the game and I'm sure you can get him to almost any club. His stats kinda sucks in the start but he develops really fast, this is a picture from the start of season 3. Picked him up for 2,3 million pounds, and he is still only 19 years old.
  22. Managed to get in Mbappe at the start of season 3. It will be really interesting how he does in the German league. 2 goals first game, let's goooo! PS. Value and salary is in Swedish kronor so ignore that, but I paid around 200 milion pounds for him and his salary is around 375k pounds a week.
  23. He's working really good for me as a backup striker in Bayern, bought him first season for around 16 milion pounds I believe. The salary is in Swedish kronor so ignore that, but he's more then good enough for me, and also from next season he will count as home-grown at the club which is great for a German club.
  24. I usually go for Roberto Samaden from Inter. I've done so for a couple of FM games now. Edit: The salary is in Swedish Kronors. So no I'm not paying him to much. :P
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