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    [Denmark] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Currently there are no stadium requirements for 2nd and 3rd tier listed in game. The Superliga has correct requirements listed but according to the official stadium guidelines the 1st and 2nd division should have the following minimum stadium requirements: 1. division: Capacity of 4000 (300 seated). Undersoil heating not required. 2. Division: Capacity of 1500 (no seats required). Undersoil heating not required. Source: Official stadium guidelines. Link (in danish): http://www.dbu.dk/~/media/files/dbu_broendby/turneringer/cirkulaerer/cirkulaere nr 102 _ bilag krav til danske fodboldstadioner.pdf I'm not sure if these rules have been omitted for gameplay reasons or if it is an simple oversight but I hope they will be added when possible.