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  1. What's the point of your top players tutoring youngsters when they have no chance of ever making it to my first team squad? I only let them tutor a player if he has potential. Am I doing it wrong?
  2. Shall I loan my players out or just sell them? I’ve still got around a month left until the transfer slams shut. [UPDATED] Thinking about it, maybe I should loan them out and loan some in to balance the loss. Thanks for the reply, FrazT.
  3. Three of my new signings all have work permit problems. One player I can’t apply for a application for 97 day’s; player two, 67 days; and player three’s is underway. How do I get out of this? I’m still rusty at this year’s game. Before, didn’t the transfer get cancelled if the work permit had been turned down? Do I have to loan my players out to an EU club, European club, etc. to get the permit? (I’m Sheffield Wednesday in summer 2018, by the way.) It’s really messed my plans up. It was all going so well, too, as I got automatic promotion from the Championship in my first season.
  4. In my first season with Sheffield Wednesday, I got promoted to the Premier League. I need some players in these positions, please (I have £33m to spend): Good central defender (BPD) A young, good understudy to my RWB A central midfielder who can play RM/RW, too An attacking forward who WILL score goals in the Premier League (I'll spend big-ish on him) Thanks in advance, and I look forward to your replies.
  5. Why can't I instruct ANY of my players to train and learn a new position?! Thanks.
  6. It seems to be working okay now. I'll leave the kits, logos, trophies and faces off for the weekend and see how it goes. If all goes well, how would you introduce them back into the game (order)? Thanks.
  7. I noticed at the time Planet Coaster was updating in the background on Steam (at speeds around 1.2Mbs). Would that cause a problem?
  8. Yes, and one of the staff has been helpful trying to find out why it's happening. Still not working out at the moment, though.
  9. I've never had problems with Football Manager in the past, but for some reason it keeps crashing. I've been out the loop on this forum for a while, Is this year's version worse for crashing than previous years? Thanks.
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