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    SI Tower in a couple of years! (if I could spell)
  1. Oliver & Paul Collyer - M.B.E.s

    I don't think i have missed a game in the series since it first started on the PC. It is a truly deserved reward to two fantastic guys, it has been an honour to share a game of FML and discussion. I have fond memories of the Daytime Football Association in early days of FML BETA
  2. Manager Crisis

    what we might do is actually update sites for them, rather than them log on and log stuff about their site.
  3. Manager Crisis

    we have added a few changes, we really need everyone to register their sites as a group. It helps both our community and your own community grow.
  4. This site is actually a really great up and coming site.
  5. Manager Crisis

    Hope we get all you guys registered, its a fantastic place to talk about your current game (using the blog), and even find out about other sites on the scene.
  6. i wasnt going to get involved but i will now. Royalty you are doing no good dragging this to the forums for a flame, it makes Goal-Kick look like moaners. Why would SI want a site that flames in the SIAS. Also you know nothing about what is going on behind the scenes at SI, and as to 2years of dedicated work, what do you think SI have been doing for that time, because personally i have seen 'alot' of action at SI. Making a site isnt just making a site for a company such as SI, alot goes into it. Also i am sure that SI have many things above that on the list at the moment. We all make fan sites to give back to the community SI have created, personally any scheme is a bonus that they dont have to adhere to if they dont want to. So yes what Miles has said is 100% in order, and 100% making your chances of SIAS less with each flame and moan you submit.