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  1. Just had a look at 2D mode in FM17 (for the first time - I only used classic) and it doesn't really look like FM18 beta's 2D classic; it's got a stadium - much like the screenshot juanchisanz posted on the last page. I do know what oulzac is talking about, though - I do remember an earlier edition of FM having a mode labelled "2D" which looked like the 2D classic in the FM18 beta - with really large clumsy looking player icons. I didn't like it then either...
  2. Yo. Is the 2D Classic on the revised beta the final version we will see when the game drops on the 10th, only I reckon it looks a bit goofy... a bit clumsy. Admittedly the first iteration of FM18 beta's 2d classic was a bit small and took a while to get used to, but this one with it's super large dots and really big feet, well, really takes away from the game - especially if you prefer, like I do, to play exclusively in 2D. Is there any chance that they'll revise the experience and deliver something closer to the 2D classic from FM17, which had better style and perfectly good playability.
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