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  1. 30 minutes ago, bariscakan said:

    Tactic was Tequila41311MEZ

    Did not allow a goal in the league for 19 straight games, finished 100% with 4 goals allowed, beat ManCity in UCL final to win it all.





    It's been a strong career so far, using a medley of Knap's tactics. Basically I look at player roles and try to select a tactic that plays well into my most skilled players. Aside from mentality I don't tweak much, but rather search for another tactic that has the same effect. With the comings and goings of the transfer market it's not always best to stick with the last successful one. So thanks for this massive library Mr. Knap. The spreadsheet is a blessing. If I could ask for more, and indeed I will, it would be great to have brief descriptions to go with them.

    So here is a recap of tactics calibrated for ME2040 (sorry if I missed any):

    • Beowulf
    • Argus
    • T-4-1
    • PreachinBlues
    • BlackEcho
    • Sympathy4Devil
    • TequilaSunrise
    • ParisienneWalkways
    • Mississippi
    • Venom&Faith
    • Sicilian
    • Jailbreak
    • Lookaway
    • Bad Company
    • Kashmir
    • RolloverBeethoven
    • Pilgrimage
    • Kashmir
    • Route66

    Obviously Knap is the best person to answer this but maybe some of you might help as well.

    So that is a list of 19 different tactic headings, if you will, and there are quite a few variants within each tactic so I don't know how to tackle this exactly, even though I'm pretty sure I tested just about each one. It is true that many tactics seem pretty close to one another. I find that main differences are in tempo, offensive width and passing directness as far as TI is concerned. But there are always subtle differences that make the tactics play out pretty different and I'm not sure I can make them all out.

    So what do you all think? What makes your favourite Knap tactic special?


    What other tactic do you use?

  2. On 22/06/2019 at 14:26, knap said:

    Hi Knap, are all these tactics updated for 19.3.5? Even the ones labeled 19.3.4? 

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