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  1. 10x for the answer. what is the minimume standart for 5 stars capability?
  2. after a litlle bit reading i upgraded my boudget i've found this laptop but my biggest worrie is the 3d engine. will the built in graphic card is enough? Dell Latitude 5480 Intel Core i5-7440HQ 2.8Ghz 8GB DDR4 2400MHZ 256GB SSD 14 LED-backlit, Anti-glare 1920x1080 LED Intel HD Graphics 620
  3. hi everyone first sorry for my poor english. im attending to buy this laptop : http://www8.hp.com/il/en/products/laptops/product-detail.html?oid=18165089 i get on him an amazing deal 750$ after discount in israel (where i live). how it will work? it will ran 5 nation with data of 40,000 players? here is the specs: 14" and light (3lbs~) I5 8250U SSD 256GB 8GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 940MX resulotion FHD
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