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  1. I also have this going on for my U18s Assistant Manager with Atalanta, I'll pop my save on there too. The filename should be Atalanta - Bergamo Revolution.fm
  2. Don't know if this'll help, but I've found a bit of a strange thing that when you hit ctrl to select multiple people and then select one player it will sort itself out until you leave the page. Also, for me, I can see the U19 and Reserves Individual Training, then if I click onto the main team's Individual training it will work until you leave to anything but the U19 or Reserves training.
  3. I'm having the same issue. I use a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 800 Model 1455. Volume controls - i.e. Vol Up, Vol Down, Mute - all work, but play/pause must be used out of the FM window. The same applies for the calculator (why someone would want to use it, I don't know...). This is on Windows 10 Pro Version 1703. This is constant in both the windowed and full screen modes.
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