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  1. Agree with this. The game is solid overall but these little minor details are of huge importance to me as well. How on earth do I ask my 2 forwards to drop very deep to defend in the last 5 minutes without changing their positions to AMC/AMR/AML? Even on 'Contain' mentality with V.fluid to H.Structured shape, they refuse to drop deep. I don't want to score or counter attack, just defend my lead and hang on to the result.
  2. @footballmanager: Today's video blog is going to be delayed a bit. Apologies for this. Hoping to have one out by the end of the day.
  3. .....with our current approach. Keep your current approach going for the majority but provide some ability to mod the game for the minority (hardcore gamers?) and everyone will be happy !!
  4. I don't see disappearing profile picture as a 'massive' issue either.
  5. That's why as Erimus1876 pointed out, we are advocating more advanced options in the editor to make the game as challenging or easy as we want. That way SI won't be required to make any drastic changes in the game. SI - take the game in the direction you want but give us the ability to mod the game and everyone will be happy.
  6. We will all shut our mouths if SI come out and say the game can't/won't be as challenging and hard as real life football management. But since the game is marketed as 'the most realistic football management simulation ever', we all can demand realism, can't we?
  7. Despite your failed attempt of justifying that no one would buy it, I would say a substantial number of customers would buy it for that reason (difficult to win) only.
  8. Nobody is saying they should make it 'harder'. All we want is a challenging game in a realistic way (this has been discussed hundreds of time on this forum), which isn't the case at the moment. And can you please care to explain what is this 'technology limitations' you keep talking about? What are those limitations and how do you know it even exists currently in FM?
  9. If any of that is in next year's version, I can forgive myself for wasting 30 bucks on this year's version. (Unless of course if a fix is out in due time)
  10. That's why we have the concept of 'Pre-season' in football. Play as many games as you want and try as many tactics as you want before the season starts. Simple as that.
  11. Same here. I've gone back to FM 11.3 and it's giving me a decent challenge atm. Also, this year's FM has taught me and hopefully many other customers to first check the reviews from like minded gamers before buying the game.
  12. Calm down mate. The wink smilie was there for a reason. But I do wonder sometimes whether SI developers and testers actually play test the game? Test procedures are all well and good but some issues (specially in a game as big and deep as FM) can't be found until you play test the game over and over and over.
  13. May be he meant 'vast majority of beginners are very happy with this release'?
  14. It's not unrealistic at all. It's 100% your tactics. Try these things - 1) Don't ask them to 'hold the ball' if their strength is low. 2) Reduce 'time wasting'. 3) If they are good dribblers, ask them to 'run with ball' often.
  15. @Fede_Gu: How do you do initial tweak to your reputation?