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  1. Lol at people giving negative feedbacks because they can't win every match and keep conceding goals with their 'plug-and-play' or 'downloaded' tactics. The AI is much better this year and adopts to your so-called magic tactics, which is how it should be. People are spoiled by the 'Add-a-tactic-and-forget-about-it' approach which used to may be work more in previous FM versions. I'm personally loving this year's AI. It's still not that difficult as I would have liked but much better than previous versions.
  2. Very good point. Even Costa, Hazard and co. couldn't score to save their lives last year. Were Chelsea and Manchester United supposed to finish where they did last year? No. Tottenham this year are struggling without Kane. In FM also, just like in real life football, you can't just steamroll teams because you feel like it. Talking about off form strikers in game, no I'm not having any issues. I try to play to their strengths and adjust slightly accordingly.
  3. Having played many more matches, I can safely say high scoring matches are not an issue for me. I hardly see any unrealistic scoreline. Even on attacking mentality. You just need your team to gel and become familiar with your tactics. You also need to be much more sensible with your roles and duties. Going gung-ho with 11 players on attacking duties doesn't help. ME is much more punishing this year IMO. Good squad harmony also helps a lot. I've also noticed sometimes setting opposition DM and MC positions to tight marking from the OI screen makes my forward track back with more regularity
  4. Something seriously wrong with your tactics. May be you should post it in tactics forum so someone can help you.
  5. Can they be coded to stay narrower in formations with 2 central players (4-4-2) and to stay wide like they are doing currently in formations having 3 or more central players (4-4-1-1, 4-5-1, 4-1-2-3 DM Wide, 4-1-4-1, 4-2-3-1 Wide etc..)? This applies to both human and AI teams. This should balance the ME a bit imo.
  6. Without knowing the current limitations in the ME code, it's difficult to suggest how to implement the ideas. The best solution imo is for the teams to preserve horizontal compactness and move as a unit from side to side. This hasn't been implemented due to some limitations in the ME. Another solution is to give the players defensive intelligence so they can recognize the overloads and dangers, and defend accordingly but seems like this is also hard to implement otherwise would have been done by now. I'm sure SI has access to top level tactical experts and know all these solutions but without
  7. It's fair to say that your knowledge of marking systems is pretty limited. There are multiple ways of man marking in general. Strict man marking, flexible man marking, space oriented man marking, situational man marking, marking key players, man-marking certain positions or zones etc. See this for details: http://spielverlagerung.com/2014/05/29/man-coverage-man-to-man-marking/ In any case you don't need to worry about SI going to back to FM16 ME version as pointed out by HUNT3R above.
  8. They had the man marking instructions otherwise they would not have stayed that far back. You can replicate a back 6 like that in current ME which you said wasn't possible. I just want to prove it is possible.
  9. Rashford and Young man marking Milner and Clyne. Look at the positioning of Milner and Clyne and try to understand why there was a back 6 situation.
  10. You only posted one screenshot of Liverpool Man United game and even that doesn't tell the real story. Man United wingers were man marking Liverpool full backs in that game hence the back 6. That screenshot doesn't show the full area of the pitch. The Liverpool full backs were very high and were in line with Man United's back 4.
  11. I'm not talking about TI/PI. I'm talking about giving the current AI code more intelligence to decide when to defend wide and when to defend narrow. We all agree the solution shouldn't be 'always wide' or 'always narrow'.
  12. If it has to be coded one way or another, it should be depended on opposition tactics. If a team has Alves and Marcelo as wingbacks running up and down the wing, the AI should be able to instruct the wide players to defend wide and ask one of the forwards to help in the middle if needed. If opposition is overloading the middle with Iniesta, Messi, Suarez, Neymar running circles around your midfield on the other hand, the AI should be able to instruct the wide players to help in the middle.
  13. Have to agree with Leicester's left full-back just one pass away from one-on-one situation with Arsenal's RW. And what if I know opposition full-backs are crap and not good at crossing/attacking? In this situation I would like my wide players to stay in shape defending central areas zonally. This again comes down to the lack of TI/PI for defensive phase imo.
  14. I did this experiment. Total no. of goals scored in the premier league season in my save = 1067 Total no. of goals scored in real life premier league season 2015/16 = 1026 Very realistic simulation to be honest. Not denying there aren't defensive issues. In fact some defensive issues are very obvious but may be this year attacking AI is good at punishing teams playing open football?
  15. There is a thread currently in the bugs forums regarding high scorelines issue but without sufficient pkms and saves. If you want SI to review, may be you can post your pkms or upload save files? Here is the thread:
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