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  1. I'm uploading my save its under glen12345 at the start of the name.
  2. I guess the weirdest thing about it is that it's not using all my processor power or ram its just mainly sitting there appearing to do very little.
  3. I had about 100k players loaded with most the major leagues and then modified it early in the season to around 50,000 with large database. although that may not have yet took effect, It was running at a reasonable pace when running the beta but now its stupidly slow.
  4. To add to this whilst its loading on the continue screen the game appears as not responding. Which is concerning but then suddenly snaps out of it eventually. after upto 30mins waiting time.
  5. Hi I've been running a save on fm since the beta, and its taking increasingly long to continue every day. it just sits on the contiue screen using around 25% of my cpu power and doing very little. then up to 30mins later it actually gets to the next page. I was having lots of crashing issues with the beta but this seems to not be the case now. Stupidly I've loaded lots of leagues and too many players into my save so this could be contributing, I've tried to remove as many of these as possible. In past versions of the game my computer has been slow from time to time with lots of database loaded but I was not expecting anywhere near to this slow. Its at the stage where if i press continue I have time to go and do something else and pop back to see if its done it! It's making for a awful playing experience and I hope there is something can be done.
  6. sorry to report the game is still crashing heres my latest dump FM 2018 v18.0.2.1032514 (2017.11.03 10.15.44).dmp
  7. I left it for 15 minutes and it made it to the next day! but then instantly crash. FM 2018 v18.0.2.1032514 (2017.11.02 16.43.24).dmp
  8. well i say crash but actually its just stuck loading, no crash dump just loading for a exessive amount of time without the little loading circle even turning or and tickers changing,
  9. more specifically it keeps crashing currently on the august the 1st loading screen
  10. I reinstalled the game and seem to have solved the startup crash but still I'm getting crashes at random points in time.
  11. Hi I've had many crash dumps since getting the beta, often to begin with it wont load at all until 3 or fourth try. then once I'm in various things have caused crashes it seems almost anything will crash the game and I've had a crash approximately every 20-30 mins I've played on it since getting the beta version. I've tried various of the fixes I've read on here; updated drivers disabled antivirus, ran nothing in the background, deleted caches. The only thing I haven't yet done is attempted reinstalling the game. Having had the last 3 FM's running fine this one seems very unstable, and for me almost unplayable as there's only so many times I want to redo the same game day and I certainly don't feel I want to have a save per game day! I have the latest crash dump file that I have attached also. Hopefully it will be plain sailing soon enough though... I posted this in the wrong forum so have re-posted here! FM 2018 v18.0.2.1032514 (2017.11.01 19.23.43).dmp
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