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  1. Have you perhaps overused the "bad lira/cheque" thing..? Excellent as usual though.
  2. It's Latin... Good stuff, as always
  3. Don't do it. Nothing good will come of it, as Peace can attest...
  4. Suicides! I know them well... Good stuff as always tenthree.
  5. Wind sprints, Balth. A form of fitness training I would guess.
  6. You should so release them. You know no-one wants them
  7. I meant the screenshot of "Hands off Johnson", tenthree! I remember seeing it in GD ages ago.
  8. I remember you posting a screenshot of that ages ago. You must be nearly a season ahead..?
  9. I think SCIAG has lost it... tenthree, passe? Have you lost your mind? Passe with a cool 40 views per post? Where does that leave the rest of us!? Great stuff as always.
  10. It was slightly tongue-in-cheek, tenthree And if you use any of that, there's a price..!
  11. Now here's a plot arc we haven't seen on here before - the common cold. Or is it more sinister? I can see right through you, tenthree -- it's clear he has contracted SARS and will have to manage the club to Premiership victory from the safety of your quarantined hospital bed. Meanwhile Sonko will decide that he doesn't want to play for a manager who is so careless as to get infected with a deadly disease, and he will try to leave in January. With Rob confined and unable to rescue the situation, squad morale will be ruined and at least three key players will leave in the transfer window. However, his brilliant managerial skills will see the team through to the EPL title and subsequently the birth of Patty's baby will be precursors to a miraculous overnight cure. Am I close?
  12. Weatherby... those conniving journalist types. And I thought she was on your side!
  13. I think you should assault them and go to jail. Worked for me :confused: Keep it up.
  14. It's possible, in due course, if you have enough money (many many millions) and the facilities to take on a loan debt, and that your attendance is high enough. Not guaranteed, but very possible.
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