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  1. FMS Community Thread Mk II

    Terk, I was very unclear... I meant the Tevez poster with the whole "United aren't a real Manchester club" thing. Seems very easy to miss IMO.
  2. FMS Community Thread Mk II

    I've read the articles... Did people get it? Maybe I'm underestimating the English public, and it's different for me since I'm not so entrenched in the daily goings-on... But it seems to me like the kind of thing that might go over people's heads.
  3. Jokerman

    Well, it's been a few days. S'amusez bien. -- The next match is West Ham, rooted on the bottom of the table with a single point from seven matches. Surely? And they don’t disappoint. Traoré nets a free kick early and young Love gets on the end of a through ball to pull off a 2-0 victory, but against the bottom team… It’s nothing to get excited about. The next match is against West Brom, the final chance to regain some momentum before tougher matches against Blackburn and Man United… and then the Euro Cup. The media has started to comment on Danny, his French devil-may-care attitude and his usual Brazilian happiness have deserted him. He is gaunt, and worried. Most of the press interpret it as a good thing: he cares so much about the fortunes of the club that their downward spiral has had a major effect on him. He will pull them out of the slump soon enough. They don’t begin to understand the real reason.
  4. FMS Community Thread Mk II

    It was first class; he beat Don Bradman; and England plays about three times as much first-class cricket as Australia so they get more chances.
  5. Jokerman

    They have won two games out of ten, one out of six in the league. They are one point clear of the relegation zone, and although that should be far from their thoughts so close to the beginning of the season… it is not. Ridicul promises a tactical surprise for Newcastle ahead of their match at Fratton Park. But it’s hard to know what he will change; defence and attack have been equally disappointing under young Danny’s charge. In the event it is a total change. They set out with three central defenders and nothing more – a seemingly ridiculous move for the team which has conceded the third-most goals in the league. Five midfielders in a flat line play behind two strikers. The pundits are in agreement that it doesn’t specifically address the problems Portsmouth have had, but some suggest perhaps the shakeup will be enough to have an impact. They are plucky and show signs of promise, but against the 12th placed Newcastle that isn’t good enough for what Danny wants. They never really look like scoring. As predicted, the young, inexperienced Pompey side are floundering in the depths of the Premier League. Even when they do enough to create a golden chance, they do not capitalise. Hadad misses a header from no more than two yards out. Their defence holds up reasonably well but the fact is they are being comprehensively outplayed. The only surprise when Shungu finally nets the winner in the 86th minute is that it took so long, and that it has been the only goal. Oduro seals the deal three minutes later when the three-man defence finally falls to pieces as the midfield pushes forward. The loss leaves Portsmouth fans with nowhere to turn. They can hardly demand that the old guard be swept aside in a squad containing so many youngsters. The only hope is the young Scotsman David Love, back from injury and ready to come into the side. Perhaps he can spark them. Heaven knows they need it.
  6. FMS Community Thread Mk II

    I don't follow county cricket that closely... but we all know that the selectors will just put Bell in at 3, maybe 4 and swap Bopara down one spot. There are currently no selectors in the world with the courage to do anything interesting, like dropping Johnson...
  7. FMS Community Thread Mk II

    I'll be interested to see what happens, but IMO Bopara is nowhere near good enough to bat above 5...
  8. FMS Community Thread Mk II

    True, but Bopara is also rubbish at 3 against good bowlers... You can't possibly keep him there, he just won't make any runs.
  9. Jokerman

    His Side. Pompey have no cutting edge when they go to Belgrade for the return leg. But in their position they don’t need one, so there is little concern over their insipid attack against Red Star. Of greater concern is the yellow cards, two in the first half hour, along with Ridicul’s apparent inability to know what his best eleven is. Of greatest concern is the insipid defence, as the four defenders cross eachother’s zones and make a total hash of stopping two strikers, by themselves, on the counter. Milicevic’s strike is inspired from thirty-five yards, but that doesn’t change the fact that he should never have had a chance. At half-time Portsmouth haven’t had a single shot on target, and their 2-1 aggregate lead is looking decidedly nervous. Ridicul says some standard words at the interval, makes a few changes but can’t lift his side out of the mire. In the 54th they have a goal disallowed, Hadad at least twenty yards offside but still allowed to run fifteen to the top of the area, pause and finish before the linesman elects to flag. Esposito, the young Italian wonderkid, unbelievably protests and is carded for dissent. 6 minutes later scores are level after a low header beats Deane and hits the back of the net. This is the time for Ridicul to do something – everybody had thought this match was in the bag, but now something has to be done. Fazal misses a one-on-one and the Portsmouth faithful – some at the ground, most in their loungerooms – groan. Ridicul finally makes his change, switching to a rarely-seen formation which is promptly mocked by commentators. Two centre-backs are flanked by attacking wing-backs and then a central box – two central midfielders, two in the centre just behind the strikers and of course the two forwards. In the 75th Red Star come close to burying it, a blazing shot from the edge of the area hitting the bar and bouncing clear. Then in the 85th it comes, Bozo Sanje curling a cross to the back post only to see nobody there to receive. Instead the ball hits the inside of the far post and bounces back in. With five minutes to play, Red Star need two goals to win and Pompey are all but home. But then Cornwall gives away an 87th minute penalty. There is no mistake and the score is 3-1, 3-3 aggregate. Portsmouth lead on away goals – hardly the firmest of holds. Two minutes of injury time are signalled, the clock reads 92:07 when Roca collects an attempted clearance, strides toward the goal and pumps a low drive to Deane’s right. There is a collective intake of breath amongst the eleven thousand at the ground, then an overwhelming sigh as Deane dives desperately and wraps the ball in his arms. The whistle goes. It’s unconvincing, but what does that matter?
  10. FMS Community Thread Mk II

    KP out for the rest of the series Intriguing.
  11. FMS Community Thread Mk II

    The number of times Clarke has done that for "the best player of spin in the team" is outrageous. Hauritz out.
  12. FMS Community Thread Mk II

    I feel the press has been touting the wrong statistic. "Haven't won at Lord's since 1934" doesn't sound nearly as good as "only one win at Lord's since 1896" in my opinion. Thoughts? After all, not much point discussing the actual cricket now...
  13. FMS Community Thread Mk II

    Nobody can realistically say that Murali is a better bowler than Warne, or that his wickets have been better. In other cricket news: Herewego herewego... And edit... all over. Well bowled Flintoff, I guess.
  14. FMS Community Thread Mk II

    Good partnership from Clarke and Haddin... but England still have it comfortably IMO. Three shocking decisions Ah well.