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  1. Have you perhaps overused the "bad lira/cheque" thing..? Excellent as usual though.
  2. It was an idea of m1234... And PerfectFMer, I think SCIAG was picking tenthreeleader for "writer with the longest name".
  3. True... it struck me for SCIAG because we debated this last year as to whether he was eligible then.
  4. And the Best Newcomer thing looks to be ruling out SCIAG when he was also ruled out of last year's... He began during the last awards year but only just so it wasn't eligible, this criteria looks like it won't allow him a shot at that because of that.
  5. I wish tenthree would stay in the foreign leagues and give people a chance at the English category! Seriously though, it's him and copper. Maybe SCIAG, JamboJen. Could be interesting. Wega, when I first found this forum I couldn't imagine playing FM without writing. But it didn't really suit my style after a while - I tend to write while I'm playing - and eventually I lost a bit of the fun in playing the game. That's why the Gravy Train has been in lapse - I left it and played an 09 save with Benfica, unfettered by stories etc. Hopefully I can hang in long enough to finish this story off.
  6. Well you have until November Balt...
  7. Well, actually even if you look at it as a team of people it's a collective noun and strictly speaking should be singular, which is why MS Word picks you up when you use it in plural. I still think using it in plural is ok but I can't find any grammatical explanation for why. Oh well
  8. I use singular, and go plural for nicknames: "Arsenal was running rampant" but "the Gunners were dominating."
  9. Sounds like a great idea PluckaDuck. Can't help you with the ideas though...
  10. It's Latin... Good stuff, as always
  11. Don't do it. Nothing good will come of it, as Peace can attest...
  12. Suicides! I know them well... Good stuff as always tenthree.
  13. Wind sprints, Balth. A form of fitness training I would guess.
  14. lol. Did you not have a save to base it on before? If you adapt it to your save then I see no problem.
  15. You should so release them. You know no-one wants them
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