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  1. Quick question and apologies if it’s been answered elsewhere. Does any one feel the results differ when you simulate a match (using your own tactic) and actually play the game? Over a course of a season, it doesn’t seem to differ that much? Essentially - is the match engine the same and if you input your tactic - either simulated or when you play - you will get broadly the same results ?
  2. What pis do you have?
  3. Do you have any PI on Kondogbia?
  4. I have found generally this year it’s really hard to get a consistently good rating out of players in the AMC roles. It feels like all the strikerless tactics in recent years has led to them nerfing the role.
  5. It does seem more inconsistent than the desktop version, but perhaps they’ve made it that way to make it more challenging. But I have found that it’s incredibly difficult to get a high shot on target ratio. Even if you use the same tactic as the desktop, you get slightly different results.
  6. Sorry I meant individual player instructions. For example do you have the IFs sit narrow?
  7. Amazing work mate - looks like a really solid tactic. Have you got any player instructions on?
  8. Hey mate - I’m on Touch and don’t have laptop so would you mind sharing the other player instructions you have?
  9. I’m on a Switch - can’t save files on there unfortunately
  10. Can someone post the player individual instructions please? I’m on the Touch and don’t have access to a laptop. Thanks!
  11. I’m on fm touch - do you have the player instructions too please?
  12. Yeah, really hope they bring it back next year but suspect it depends on sales. Ive only used one league because I was worried about speed but good to hear its quick with three too!
  13. Fair enough ! Don’t have any complaints then
  14. Few initial comments, don’t want to come across as negative because I think it’s a great game and am delighted you brought it out on switch. So thank you! Listing for loans: like in the pc version, you should be able to set to automatically list a value for wages and fee. Team talks and in game management: usually only play on pc so don’t know if this a touch issue generally but need team talks and touchline shouts (encourage etc) otherwise you feel like you can’t influence the game. Scouting: seems off - if I search player attributes not all the players wiTh those attributes are appearing (did a test with a couple of players I had already scouted) scouting 2: can’t seem to find the option to “scout for similar players” - really useful tool on pc which I miss on my switch Individual training: should be a way to set to control all individual training. Bit of a pain going to each player to click to take control. Team selection: would be helpful if you could have two saved selections, first string and second string rather than manually having to change when you want to rotate. Praise players: would be helpful to build morale after they’ve had a good game. Tutoring: player tutoring missing means it’s pointless keeping young players in your club because they won’t develop. Save before matches: would be helpful to have an auto-save function for “before each match” because it seems to be as matches are loading that the game crashes. Sort function: on the squad page, it’d be helpful to be able to sort by player rating or ability for example rather than just by position. Player page: have current and potential ability somewhere on the main player page because it’s quite difficult to find and it only requires minimal space (I know you can Change one of the options to it but the others are helpful too and this can be added near the top in a minimal way). Thanks again for making the game - means I can play fm when I don’t have access to my laptop!
  15. PaddyTaka

    Tactic on ipad!!!

    Marris09 - you wouldn’t know how to do this for Nintendo Switch would you?