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  1. Have uploaded a save milestone.fmt to the owncloud. It's the last prior save I have, most likely from Sept. 4. I did figure out the Staff Recruiting thing, that's my bad. Still salty I couldn't poach the guy from Almere City, his stats were so much better than the guy I could get. Speaking of which, the save from Jan 7 should be from before the assistant was appointed--the vacancy had just opened up and been offered to someone else but not yet accepted. I eventually hired someone of my choosing, and rescinded the auto-offer from my staff. Interesting, the guy I hired came from a small club in Austria, but he appeared on my staff search list, whereas the two people I really WANTED I found by searching other teams' member listings. So it's possible that my attempts to sign them were rejected for some other reason (e.g. club stature) and the wrong message was generated when I entered negotiations...
  2. Two additional bits. One, the club started recruiting a replacement without my input--maybe that's a setting somewhere I've not had to change before. Two, approaching assistant coaches from other clubs is bugged--they all seem to say that they just joined their current club and feel it would be unprofessional to sign with mine, but in fact they HAVEN'T just signed with their current clubs. Try, for instance, recruiting Metgod from Almere City (or the assistant at SV Matterhorn). This should be reproducible in the previously updated save.
  3. First, I unlocked no transfer windows for selling a player at profit. Except I didn't, my assistant coach was poached and that was the sale for which I was given credit. Second, the committed spending number in the budget window does not update when I set players for release. This was also an issue with FMT19 as I recall, and I remember being told that this was an issue with the display but not with the internal accounting. Can neither confirm nor deny at this stage, but concerned that I won't be able to resign any of my players and only have 6 under contract beyond this season. Save file Vielsaufen1.fmt uploaded to owncloud.
  4. Started game with Leyton Orient in League Two. FInished third and got manager of the year. 2 1/2 stars as a manager at this point. Applied for job at Munich 1860 in the off-season; didn't get it because the board didn't know who I was. Three game weeks later I am offered the Newcastle job in the Premier League for 25x my current salary. Seems a rather unlikely scenario.
  5. Brentford were still playing in some smaller stadium. And I think Peterborough were still in League One.
  6. When Brentford Community Stadium gets completed in May 2020, Peterborough United move there as their new home field rather than Brentford. I also noticed that in the auto-generated newsfeed stories, one of the the headlines had reported the wrong team winning the League 2 playoff (3 others were correct, and the right team got promoted).
  7. Playing as Leyton Orient in FMT. Assistant coach advised a player's meetings. Was only given one text option, that we were expected to win promotion and winning the next game would go a long way towards that. That wasn't true; my team was picked to finish 24th at the start of the season and I have them in 4th. Not surprisingly, the players were not impressed by the talk. Save Vielsaufen1.fmt in cloud was made just a couple of game days before the meeting was called.
  8. Playing as a League 2 side and noticed a couple of things I hadn't expected. 1. My transfer deadline was Sept 2 rather than the Premier League deadline in early August (I posted about that earlier). 2. I put two players up for sale in November and they sold immediately to Vanarama National clubs--didn't have to wait until the transfer window came around in January for them to leave the club. Wasn't sure if that was because they were moving to non-league teams or if my save was acting as if no transfer windows was in effect (it should not be).
  9. Correction... deadline day was triggered for League Two, but the deadline is at the start of September rather than at the start of the Premiere League season. Is that correct?
  10. In previous versions, I received a warning a week before the transfer deadline and was always given the opportunity to "participate" in deadline day. Playing in English League 2 on FM Touch 20, neither of these things happened--I just received the roundup and the notification that the window had closed.
  11. First off, most of the introductions in FM Touch are labeled "induction" Second, there is a problem with the Development Center one. Multiple clicks into it, you get to a point where the "next" screen is grayed out. Your only option is to X out of the introduction, which seems to trigger it coming back every week. It was in part of the section having to do with players on loan; perhaps because I am coaching a low level club that has no players on loan the tutorial is unable to advance...
  12. When you look at another team, and click on "reserve squad," you get a look at a blank tactics screen rather than the team's reserve roster (FM 20 touch)
  13. One more thing to look at: one of the reserve players, Boris Moltenis, showed up in the box score of a reserve game as being a player that is on loan. There are no indications on his player profile or under contracts that he is a loanee.
  14. Sorry for the double-post, I got a system error first time I hit submit. I might have a clue for you: the system is undercounting my number of loans OUT. The last loan offer I received is showing my that I have 4 of a max of 7 players out on loan to domestic clubs. I actually have 6. I took this club over on July 6; I seem to remember that two players were already out on loan when I arrived. One possibility is that the system counted my loaned out players against my loan-in cap when I moved to this team. I did have another player in on loan earlier in the year whose loan I terminated, but perhaps crucially that loanee was also already in the team when I got here. Thus it seems possible that the existing loanees in and out were applied against the wrong loan limit/caps when I took over the team. I have uploaded a newer save FCSM-FMT.fmt to allow you see the situation I am describing.
  15. It is LoansIncorrect.FMT I have progressed since I uploaded this save and I currently have 3 players on loan, and it is still blocking me like I have 5. I know I sent a player back early, in part to try to get give me another loan slot, but I didn't get adjusted so now I still can't initiate a new loan even though I only have 3 loan players in. I was also at the maximum of 7 loans out. I terminated 2 early because of player injury; I will see shortly if that also is not updating as I have a loan offer accepted that I am waiting to go final. This save is also doing what my last one did, namely players that are designated for release are not having their salaries deducted from future spending as they should.
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