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  1. Sorry, I've kept playing so I don't have access to screenshots. I can tell you that a specific case--Dan Happe was earning 1.1K/wk at the start of the season and when I offered him a new contract he signed for 975/wk. I am now coaching Wigan and realized that the inconsistent vision happened again. I have attached to screenshots. The first shows that the "media prediction" for the side is 24th. It occurs to me that this could be where Wigan would fall in an alphabetic listing. However I just got an article in my inbox "Wigan make it 7 unbeaten" , you will see that the article states that
  2. I finished my first year as coach of Leyton Orient. My coach objectives were to avoid relegation (we were picked to finish last pre-season). However, when I lost the last matchday and finished 14th, the board freaked out about not meeting objectives and my grade went instantly from B- to E(?). I had to savescum the last game to finish 12th and keep the board off my back. The year-end reviews also seemed to vacillate between suggesting that my objective was to avoid relegation versus to finish mid-table. Other observations: the board rejected any attempt to increase the club's vision beyo
  3. This is my 4th year playing FMT on a PC. My observations so far, nearing the end of my first season: 1. Harder/more realistic. I've started 5 or 6 careers in League 2 and been promoted in my first season every time. This year (coaching Leyton Orient) I will finished mid-table. This could be an indictment of the quality of the squad, although I have played as Leyton Orient in 2 previous versions and been promoted. Once I got past the disappointment, it actually feels more real to have to work for that first promotion. 2. Sim matches feel more random. Key word is feel I suppose, but I
  4. Playing as Leyton Orient in FMT. Assistant coach advised a player's meetings. Was only given one text option, that we were expected to win promotion and winning the next game would go a long way towards that. That wasn't true; my team was picked to finish 24th at the start of the season and I have them in 4th. Not surprisingly, the players were not impressed by the talk. Save Vielsaufen1.fmt in cloud was made just a couple of game days before the meeting was called.
  5. Correction... deadline day was triggered for League Two, but the deadline is at the start of September rather than at the start of the Premiere League season. Is that correct?
  6. In previous versions, I received a warning a week before the transfer deadline and was always given the opportunity to "participate" in deadline day. Playing in English League 2 on FM Touch 20, neither of these things happened--I just received the roundup and the notification that the window had closed.
  7. First off, most of the introductions in FM Touch are labeled "induction" Second, there is a problem with the Development Center one. Multiple clicks into it, you get to a point where the "next" screen is grayed out. Your only option is to X out of the introduction, which seems to trigger it coming back every week. It was in part of the section having to do with players on loan; perhaps because I am coaching a low level club that has no players on loan the tutorial is unable to advance...
  8. When you look at another team, and click on "reserve squad," you get a look at a blank tactics screen rather than the team's reserve roster (FM 20 touch)
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