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  1. 1. Why aren't we able to play with Inverted Wingers in the AML, AMR positions, as opposed to just in the ML, MR positions? I look at someone like Doublas Costa IRL, that man is very much a inside forward, who likes to cut inside & cross the ball often (cause he's brilliant at it) - but I can't make him do that in game. 2. When a PPM contradicts the set instructions for a set position - what do that follow in game? Their instinct, or my set instructions?
  2. Has Theo Walcott ever been a good dribbler? Dribbling of 14 suggests he is quite good, even though he's always been a knock ball past opponent and use pace to get past him kinda winger.
  3. 1. Joao Cancelo is severely underdone after the season he had at Inter and the start he's had during his time at Juventus. 2. He's forward play is immense, whilst his speed is blistering. I feel like his pace and acceleration could go up 1 each. He's still defensively quite suspect, and I feel this has been quite well captured in his stats. However, his work rate of 11 really isn't justified. More often then not he covers up for his lack of positional sense by his work rate and pace, this needs a large increase from 11 --> at least 15 & Stamina from 14 --> 16. I'm not sure where you can find distance covered stats, but I'm sure they'll back this up. 3. Ask any Inter Milan fan, and they'll say he was in their top 2-3 players last season, he was loved last season for his 2-way running and technical prowess. As I mentioned above, I'm not sure where you can find distance covered stats, but if anyone has a source, please let me know cause it'll be backed up. 1. Stefano Sturaro is greatly overrated 2. He has throughout his time at Juventus been derided for his lack of composure and awful passing. His passing need to go from 13 --> 11 & Composure severely downgraded from 16 --> 10 3. Again, composure is something very much judged by the eye and the overwhelming general consensus amongst Juventus fan is that his composure is awful. Regarding passing whoscored has 'Passing' as a weakness of his, and this is a player who never looks for anything more than a 1m pass. https://www.whoscored.com/Players/97265/Show/Stefano-Sturaro
  4. What exactly did TAA do last season that made you give him a +2/3 increase in his crossing?
  5. I really hope this is an eye opener for the researchers. TAA really needs to be downgraded. So too Alberto Moreno and Hector Bellerin. Lovren too continually has the clearest, most blatant lapses in concentration that is visible IRL, yet his concentration is 11? 11 isn't good, but his concentration is so blatantly awful, and has been a knock on him since his days at Lyon, surely it should be in single figures?
  6. My list thus far, of good players who could go a job for mid-lower 1st division teams and below: Alexandru Mitrita Tiago Ferreira Dennis Man Olimpiu Morutan Romario Benzar Florinel Coman Dragos Nedulcu Filipe Teixeira Dan Nistor George Tucudean Ianis Hagi Denis Dragus Carlinhos Junior Fabio Daprela Pascal Schurpf Silvan Hefti Marvin Spielmann Matteo Tosetti Dejan Sorgic Hekuran Kryeziu Victor Palsson Antonio Marchesano Arijan Ademi Heber Araujo dos Santos Ricardo Horta Robert Beric Victor Nelsson Dominik Livakovic Dimitris Christofi Ricardo Esgaio Harlem Gnohere Manoel Kaylen Hinds Caio Secco Heinz Lindner Rasmus Falk Denis Vavro Mads Pedersen Magnus Kofod Sten Grytebust Hany Mukhtar Kamil Wilczek Lasse Vigen Vito Wormgoor Ruben Kristiansen Fredrik Haugen Ohi Omoijuanfo Marcus Pedersen Francisco Junior Gjermund Asen Sam Johnson Ifeanyi Mathew Babacar Sarr Pal Andre Helland Nicklas Bendtner Birger Meling Samuel Adegbenro Andre Hansen Robert Mudrazija Haris Hajradinovic Mile Skoric Josip Juranovic Denis Koinger Lirim Kastrati Stefan Scougall Chris Cadden Todor Nedelev Kiril Despodov Tiago Rodrigues Ruben Pinto David Jablonsky Holmar Orn Eyjolfsson Gabriel Obertan Filipe Nascimento Lasse Nielsen Franz Brorsson Nicolas Stefanielli Dalego Irandust Kerim Mrabti Linus Hallenius Serge-Junior Martinsson Ngouali Mads Fenger Joakim Nilsson Diego Silva Lopes Gabrielzinho Osama Rashid Joaozinho Antonio Jose Pinheiro Victor Garcia Welthon Costinha Alfredo Kulembe Goncalo Silva Filipe Chaby Fabio Martins Ricardo Ferreira Xadas Nikola Maras Stephen Eustaquio Tiago Silva Zainadine Junior Roberto de Jesus Machado Joao Tiago Serrao Nuno Campos Diogo Coelho Bryan Rochez Shoya Nakajima Pedro Sa John Ogu Ali Mohamed Omer Atzili Patrik Hrosovsky Jan Kopic Michael Krmencik Tomas Horava Tomas Hajek Lukas Hejda Lukas Masopust Jakub Plsek Josef Husbauer Michael Ngadeu-Ngadjui Tomas Soucek Lukas Pokorny Sigurd Grønli Jonathan Amon Mohammed Kudus Mikkel Damsgaard Andraz Sporar Romain Amalfitano
  7. Romania bit of a gold mine this year it seems: Alexandru Mitrita Tiago Ferreira George Tucudean Harlem Gnohere
  8. John Ogu Saber Khalifa Costinha Ricardo Ferreira Fabio Espinho Pascal Kopke Stefan Stangl Filipe Chaby Paulo Henrique Soares dos Santos Shoya Nakajima Marwan Mohsen Joona Toivio
  9. I've sorta been out of FM for a few weeks, and in that time an update (or two?) have come out. Now I generally buy player with 3 x 12 monthly installements, which required paying 1/4 of the total transfer fee upfront. But since the patch/s, club don't seem to be accepting this method anymore? What's the go?
  10. Walter Kanneman. Has German second nationality, got him for 1.2m in the first season. Has been simply awesome for my Freiburg team.
  11. Be wary, he goes on military duty few months into the game
  12. Lee Jae-Sung, Erdal Rakip, Anders Christiansen, Nuno Valente, Mirko Ivanic, Khama Billiat, Fredrik Haugen, Xadas, Lucas Lima, Alejandro Chumacero (beast), Pedrinho, Danilo Barbosa, Josip Misic, Blaz Vrhovec, Aleks Pihler, Stefan Schwab, Stefan Hierlander, Ignacio Fernandez, Nikola Vukcevic. Take your pick.
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