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  1. Will do, thank you. The large transfer expenditure is because the window opened and I stole a few relegated teams youth prospects once relegation was confirmed, which was before the window opened. Will check bonuses though!
  2. I sold my star player for 65 mln$ to RBL lol, thats why I have such a big transfer/wage budget. The rest is all Champions League appearances, I only spend like 15 mln a year on transfers since I kind of hit a ceiling and need to buy U18 players to get homegrown status, as I have half the norwegian national team playing for my club, so it just adds up every season.
  3. Playing FM18, and I'm about 12 seasons in (2029), playing as Tromso. Had a bank balance of 130 million because of player sales from a few seasons before. Had been swimming in money for quite a few season at this point when I realized that on the turn of the new year my bank balance had been reset to 0. I had gotten a message that the board had taken out 8 million but other than that I have no idea where this 130 million has gone. Kind of frustrating because I can't even afford coaching licenses for my ex-players and I don't really want to sell my players as I haven't gotten past the QuarterFInals of the Europa League yet. Is this a known bug or is this WAD?
  4. Since I have no real save right now, I'd say around 5 hours a week, mainly in my mini Norway lower leagues save. Was playing 15-18 hours a week when I had my journeyman save. Best season recovery (12th/22 mid way through the season to promoted as second on the final day in Poland 2nd division after 9 wins in 11) but it got corrupted, really ruined my mood to play for at least a week or two back in early september. I had just gotten promoted to the Poland 1st division against all odds after buying a guy who I'm certain would've been a save legend
  5. I don't know anything about the league structure in Sweden, but I'm fairly certain it just has to do with longitude/latitude. Google Maps shows Kalmar is slightly to the south-east, which might explain why they were put in the south-eastern group while you were put in the northern group. (relative to each other.) Don't think the game knows how easy it is to get to places/road networks, I'd just assume it's done automatically taking into account the long/lat of each club. What you said about your Norway save is a bit weirder, but might just be because the north is closer to Oslo than it is to, say, Bergen.
  6. Now starting my 11th season, and only 1/3 of the players that I've kept since the first season wants to pursue coaching. (the one I have the least of an emotional connection to) One of them is 34 and I still have no option to ask him to consider coaching courses, does this mean he has no interest whatsoever? Would suck because this one guy has been the star of my managerial career and seeing him just disappear from the game would break my heart Is there no way I can nudge him towards it? He's in the last year of his contract (which I can trigger an extension to just in case) and he'll probably retire even if I do get him to sign another contract. He's 1.5 stars and I still play him in the UCL/Europa League over half the time despite him being at the level of, according to my scouts, the Norwegian 3rd tier.
  7. This! If you choose an established mid table team, your only expectation is to maintain that mid table status, and beating the drop should be much easier. On the other hand, you might be able to creep into the Europa League if you do well. Probably a good pick for this is Newcastle, who've just been promoted but have a great squad for a team that just got promoted, though I've never managed them so I can't say anything more about it.
  8. Well I've tried multiple times over a 10-year save (about 4-5 times) and in all of them the board always says there's a lack of interest, is it because I'm managing Tromso, a fairly isolated club in Norway? Don't think its my reputation because the club is now as reputable as mid-table Bundesliga/Ligue 1 sides and is a UCL group stage regular.
  9. When I ask my board to have one, nothing seems to happen. Is it up to me to find these trialists or am I doing something wrong? I would've thought it just means that my DoF or Board will find some random youngsters from the area my club is in that have no clubs and invite them for a trial, but nothing seems to happen? So what does it actually do when I ask my board for one?
  10. I always rotate between two saves. I currently have my main save as Tromso, now in 2027/28 celebrating a decade at the club which for some odd reason I've enjoyed playing around with in each FM since FM16, I've kind of developped feelings for the team if I'm honest, and even though I'm winning the league easily every year there's just something that brings me back to it. My other save is usually a Journeyman, but even though my computer is above average it still goes too slow for me with 85k+ players and I usually quit after my first 1-2 seasons, only to restart after I get bored of my main save. However, I'm now in 2020 in my most recent Journeyman, but that'll probably end since I'm playing in League 2 with Barrow where 7/23 of my playable players are all injured, 4 of which are 2 months or longer. Its just not enjoyable when I get battered 7 games back-to-back after almost sneaking into the playoffs despite being predicted as dead last.
  11. How old's your manager now? Do you get forced to retire or something because now your manager is most likely over the age of 100!
  12. I envy you for being able to leave a team after spending 15 years there! I really want to but can't bring myself to leave everything behind after spending 5+ years at a club. Now at the end of 2026 in my save and I'm dominating the Norwegian League as Tromso and due to registration limitations I've hit a ceiling for at least a few years to come until better Norwegian regens come around, but I can't bring myself to leave. So I keep playing, hoping I might get past the Champions League Group Stage/Europa League QF while I wait. Just sold my star player as well, an Icelandic regen named Alan Santos I grew quite fond of for a record 55 mil (Canadian)$, who's now gone on to become a key player at RBL in Germany. As a midfielder this guy was the spine of my team all by himself. One of those players I hope I'll never forget having! Can still name all the star players I've had over the years in my save. Oliver Berg and Felix Horn Myhre, midfielders who are still at the club and have been bossing the league for almost a decade, even though they are getting at the end of their careers and were getting replaced by Santos. Admir Vila, a Bosnian regen striker who really kickstarted my team who had been struggling to score goals until he came in. Marco Haworth, a Canadian RB regen who was the star of his NT, the Tromso defence and record buy/sale until the Santos sale quadrupled his. So many memories just from this one save!
  13. I've got around ~750 hours across FM16-18 but I'm a relative newcomer to this series and football in general, also don't have much free time! Dunno if it counts demo hours, but I spent about 20-30 hrs on the FM16 demo before buying. (I love SI for letting you get that much playtime out of a demo, gave me time to understand the game before I bought!)
  14. Cheers! Always found it interesting to look at the leagues that far into the future Edit: Liverpool in the championship
  15. Would you mind posting a screenshot of the premier league table? Curious to see who's survived from today's premier league 80+ years into the future. (And would you mind finding Swansea in there and telling me what division they're in? We usually drop down to the Championship but curious to see where we are according to FM)
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