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  1. The half time team talks (dressing room) are SO Laggy and Slow, Why does the game switch the match to 3D during half time, in order to show the stadium, i watch 2D to avoid 3D. (i love them both) The game should intrdouce a 2D view whilst it is half time, and when the match actually starts, why should we automatically be forced to view a stadium in 3D.
  2. During half time and at the start of the match, the game automatically switches to 3D, in order to show the stadium it makes the team talks during half time so slow. S.I can we fix this? can we leave the Match to 2D during Half Time and the start of the match, i do not want to watch the stadium in 3D, it makes the game slow.
  3. hey just updated my post. I'm only talking about an improvement in the movement, personality, style, animation and techniques for dribbling and styles. I want to be able to tell the difference between someone who is quick, fast and amazing at ball control and dribbling then an average defender
  4. I am NOT talking about GRAPHICS OR QUALITY. I just mean the movement/style/personality/diversity of dribbling such as how they move around etc. Little improvements on Animation, technique Movement/Diversity/Style/Personality for dribbling & movement in FM (3D & 2D Matches) I want to be able to tell the difference between someone with great pace, dribbling, agility and ball control like Messi and sterling than a CD like Stones. Pique or a striker like Ibra in FM We need more diversity, personality, and style in dribbling for 3D Matches and 2D Matches. this will make matches more enjoyable to watch. therefore less DULL. Why has no one suggested this feature? Sterling, Ronaldo, Messi, Dembele all move and dribble differently than the average player. Btw i love FM 18
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