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  1. I've realised, Witton Albion has no U18 team. Will that affect youth intakes or will they go into U23?
  2. Happy New Year all. I'm back for another try. This time with Witton Albion in Vanarama North. Manager Profile Transfers
  3. In my game, I've loaded the English league (to league 2), German, Italian, Spanish and French leagues (3 levels for those leagues). So mostly professional teams in reputable leagues. I've added myself as a polish manager (so I don't know language of any leagues when I start), with no badges and Sunday league football experience. Idea is to try to get a job and go from there. This career could be a journeyman or stay at one club, who knows what will happen, I like to stay flexible. But whatever happens, stay with the save for 30 years or so, have a career of your own making. It took me one and a half seasons to get a job. The team is Las Palmas B team. Never managed a B team before. They were stuck in relegation, got them to and won the relegation playoff. Can't get coaching badges yet as no money. Idea at the moment is to stay and get a couple of coaching badges (if the board will let me). I've always enjoyed starting the game unemployed and see where it takes you.
  4. I'm getting a lot of goals disallowed for offside when taking free kicks and corners, even though they're not. In one game i had a corner, their back post defender scored an own goal, then was ruled offside!!! I had to laugh at that!
  5. SEASON 2020/2021 League Table Transfers A solid start to the challenge, Mid table team the whole season. The last seven games, i just played youngsters, to get them more game time as we were no threat to promotion or relegation. A really good season from our young front two, Charlie Gosney and Neemo Nixon, who i hope will fire us up the leagues in the coming years. In the FA cup, we were knocked out in the 3rd qualifying round by Vanarama National team Eastleigh, after a replay and the FA trophy we made it to the 2nd round, losing to Vanarama north team Tamworth. Made some money and the board allowed me to increase the junior coaching and youth recruitment budgets. Won't improve facilities just yet. Youth Intake Could this actually be a golden generation intake??? Best prospects GK Ali Davies, will become my No 1 and FB Thomas Ingram, will be in the first team squad. The first game after the intake i played all youngsters, no one over the age of 18 and we beat Bath (who were pushing for a playoff place) 6-2!! Is that a sign of things to come?? There are a few others who could be in the first team squad, so i'm excited and hopefully will continue for future intakes! Season League League position FA Cup FA Trophy Notes 2020/2021 Vanarama national league south 13th 4th Qual Rd 2nd Round Junior coaching budget increased; Obtained National B license; youth recruitment networking budgets upgraded
  6. Worth the most at the beginning, but last in scoring! I wonder if giving him 'runs with ball' has affected him? Also, who wants becworth?
  7. OK, i'm back. I tried, but couldn't stay away! I haven't seen anyone play as Dorchester yet (though could be wrong!). At least they have a squad of over 20 players! Manager Profile Transfer History Fourth time lucky!!
  8. From the highs of the first year, to the lows of the second year. I integrated some youth players into the squad, as we needed backups, due to the early schedule of two games a week and injuries. Issue being most of them were unambitious or mercenaries. i got them mentored, but that would take some time and they really struggled when called upon. The other issue, was a massive losing streak. I was struggling to raise morale. I only tweaked the tactic here and there as i thought wholesale changes wouldn't work. In the end i bailed before i would of probably been pushed. It's certainly a difficult challenge and i feel i need to get better at the game before i can succeed in this challenge. So i'm going to try a journeyman game for now, but i will be back later to hopefully succeed a little bit. Good luck to you all, i hope you guys succeed!!
  9. SEASON 2020/2021 Third attempt at this challenge and the first time i actually finished the season without getting sacked!!!!! Not only that, but we were the overachievers for the year, so not bad at all!!! League Table Transfer History It was a very good season really, even though we missed the playoffs on goal difference. The highlight was February, won three, drew one and no goals conceded. But the last eight games we only won once, the last two games losing to teams in the playoffs already, showed we weren't quite ready. I only had 18 players in the squad and 6 of those were 16 at the start of the season, so i feel there is potential there. Two youngsters who stayed in the first team all season and i have high hopes for are GK Terry Kelly and RM Bryan Ndongala. They both have improved the most over the season, Kelly keeping 17 clean sheets in the league for his age and ability was excellent! Youth Intake For a first intake, i'm actually happy with the calibur of players coming through and the variety of positions, some could be decent backups, which i definitely need! However, should i be worried that a lot of them are unambitious? How can i change this? The youth coach is balanced, so i was hopiong more of this trait came through. Anyway a look at the best prospects.... GK Cian Mckee - Looks pretty good. the coaches rate him better then Kelly, but i want his agility to increase a couple first. LB Glen Bullock - The most promising prospect according to the coaches. The only left footed fullback i have, may be a backup. RW Adrian Stamatescu - A Romanian!!! I'm excited to have some foreign blood in the team. Will challenge Ndongala on the right next season. My aim is to get him into the Romanian national team! CB Gavin Speake - Definitely needed as backup, might be better than my #3 CB. CM James Hardy - Another backup that is needed. Not bad at all RB Tim Harrop - Has chance to challenge current backups at RB With some decent youngsters added to the squad, i can actually rotate a bit more (especially the first half of the season, with its crazy schedule) and stick to the same formation! Goal for next season is to get at least 71 points!
  10. An unbelievable start to the season.. I know its only 4 games, but we have won all four and only conceded once!!!! With a small squad and playing 3/4 16 year olds, this is insane!! This is the tactics i'm using. We seem to be solid at the back and do create quite a few chances the other end. You'll notice my two right wingers are out, but the CMA really fills the gap. Problem is lack of backups and you know what the schedule is like in the first half of the season, could go downhill rather fast.
  11. OK, try number 2 failed. You must play full backs/wing backs, or anyone in that sort of area. I thought i could get away with three centre backs and just play wingers...nope, never had so many wingers for the opposite side score hat tricks.... so this challenge is hard, but i'm determined and will try again with Farnborough. They have decent facilities compared to the others, but a 16 year old GK and one true CB. This will be interesting. Transfer history showing no pending transactions. Wish me luck
  12. So, failed with Nuneaton Borough. But, you guys have hooked me...... Onto second try with Matlock. quick snapshot of transfer history, showing no pending transfers. Hopefully i have learned something to succeed this time!
  13. That might be why a lot of players in the league want to join me, BUT, i cannot see their attributes, i cannot see anyones attributes!!! Until the scouts do their job, Im having to bring in a lot on trial. Adds to the realism i guess!!
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