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  1. When I install Editor 2018 on C: , I have this error message that appears when loading the game. Install to G:/Steam Library -> No error message
  2. Hi, I uninstalled Editor 2018 and then reinstalled it: No change. I checked the files with Steam. No problem found. Here is the screenshot with the database loaded. Is it because the software is installed on G: instead of C:?
  3. Hello Guys, Could you tell me why there is no "Save As" option in the Files menu ? Thank You !!!!
  4. chpe1

    [France] (Official) Data Issues

    Hi guys, In the staff of Valenciennes, Pierre Wantiez is no longer the sports director of Valenciennes: https://www.lequipe.fr/Football/Actualites/Le-directeur-general-de-valenciennes-pierre-wantiez-mis-a-pied/791379 And the youth leader is not Dominique Bijotat but Olivier Bijotat : http://www.lavoixdunord.fr/207904/article/2017-08-23/bijotat-un-homme-de-l-ombre-la-tete-du-centre-de-formation Finally, Laurent Dos Santos is Defender Right and not Defensive Midfielder Thanks to you guys !!!