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  1. Name : Yoann Court Age : 25 Nationality : French Club : Troyes Position : M/AMRL Value : 700k Sale Value : 625k (transfer-listed) Level of team suited for : lower prem/championship ? Work Permit : not needed transfer listed at the beginning of the game, scored 10 goals in his first 13 games from right wing for me in my Rangers season, would easily be good enough for most/all English Championship sides, probably some Premiership teams also, very left-footed
  2. decent fitness coach to get if / when Jamie Ramsden leaves is Pascal Faure, should stop players moaning about not having fitness coach until better ones can be found at least
  3. an unlockable that allows you to have a tycoon takeover at a club of your choosing
  4. having a problem when i try to set the date i will return from holiday mode with this skin, dosent seem to work?
  5. could somebody upload the V1 of this tactic for me?
  6. what pitch size is best to use?
  7. good tactic Totalfootballfan, 12 points clear in the Championship with Blackburn, no signings and into the League Cup Semi Final
  8. i noticed that my club reputation had dropped for no reason after i got promoted to PL with Blackburn, it was 6600 on 9th June, then by 1st July it had dropped down to 6000? thats after getting promoted and winning the Carling Cup, probably whats happened in your save if no players want to join
  9. maybe you are right about the outcome being pre-determined from the moment the first tycoon message appeared, but this is the way i have always done this before and this is the only time i have ever had this problem, maybe SI are cracking down on cheaters like me by making this impossble now haha
  10. messages i used to see in older version of the game were 'Blackburn takeover on the rocks' or 'Blackburn takeover on track' i have never seen either of those in all my attempts at this tho? just always straight to 'Tycoon leaves blackburn high and dry' or 'takeover collapses' etc
  11. there is no earlier starting point to go to without having to go through the local buissnessmen, consortium thing again tho, in older version that was always the difficult part in doing this, i dunno, im bored of reloading again & again now, thanks for the responses tho .
  12. after i do that i just start a game then wait for the message from the chairman that they want to sell the club, usually happens after a few days, then i reload through loads of Local Buisnessmen, and Consortiums until i get the tycoon eyes blackburn thing, then save
  13. there is a setting called 'chairman status' in the club screen in FMRTE , a rating out of 10000, i change that to 1 and it makes the chairman "want to leave the club" i also set the loyalty of the chairman to 1 out 20 , that always worked before but somethings going wrong somewhere now
  14. in older versions i would usually save at the 'blackburn promised takeover bounty' message and that way i could pick and choose what nation the tycoon comes from aswell and i have also tried this here but to no avail, always collapses
  15. i saved the game right after i got the Tycoon eyes Blackburn message, i understand what your saying but the fact that the takeover collapses for multiple different reasons lead me to think that eventually it will just go through but having tried it a million times now im thinking maybe not, it has changed from tycoon to consortium a few times aswell but they fall through also