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  1. was using FLUT skin when this was happening, now gone back to default skin and low on memory crashes have stopped happening, is a shame because the FLUT skin is amazing work
  2. been playing for about 3 hours today, crashed 3 times in that time, twice saying dangerously low on memory, once where encountered a serious error, every version of the game seems to be less stable than the last now, this one seems unplayable
  3. they work the way you just said Rich10, only thing is its nearly 30gb worth of FM graphics on my c:drive now , it is 250gb though so there is enough space it is just annoying it wont work the way Bennytee did it, thanks to both of you for your help.
  4. yeah i done that too, it is the same in FM touch as in my main FM and graphics working fine there
  5. thats okay, i have reloaded skin yes, i am at a loss lol
  6. yeah it is copied correctly, i dont get what the problem is? anyways, i just play normal fm i guess
  7. anyone have any ideas regarding this, i followed instructions above but no joy?
  8. i have done this and graphics still not working?
  9. FM 16: Good Wingers (11s and 7s)

    Name : Yoann Court Age : 25 Nationality : French Club : Troyes Position : M/AMRL Value : 700k Sale Value : 625k (transfer-listed) Level of team suited for : lower prem/championship ? Work Permit : not needed transfer listed at the beginning of the game, scored 10 goals in his first 13 games from right wing for me in my Rangers season, would easily be good enough for most/all English Championship sides, probably some Premiership teams also, very left-footed
  10. decent fitness coach to get if / when Jamie Ramsden leaves is Pascal Faure, should stop players moaning about not having fitness coach until better ones can be found at least
  11. an unlockable that allows you to have a tycoon takeover at a club of your choosing
  12. [RELEASED] [FM15] Dynamic [Skin]

    having a problem when i try to set the date i will return from holiday mode with this skin, dosent seem to work?
  13. Pure insanity!

    could somebody upload the V1 of this tactic for me?
  14. Pure insanity!

    what pitch size is best to use?
  15. Pure insanity!

    good tactic Totalfootballfan, 12 points clear in the Championship with Blackburn, no signings and into the League Cup Semi Final