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  1. Actually the largest league in the world is not licensed for actors and group logos? Is there a special update that you can update pictures and logos in the Spanish league?
  2. Why are there no symbols of teams in the Spanish league? There are not also pictures of the players in the Spanish league, in all leagues there is everything including symbols and only the Spanish league has nothing, why is that?
  3. Hey, Neil, I checked the game with his DEMO, and the results are that just like in Manager 2018 I had crashes and malfunctions without interruption, so happens in 2019, if the graphics on MEDIUM or higher then the game always crashes, and if the graphics on the LOW game works, It's NOT fun to play and the game experience is badly hurt. Is there another way I can play on MEDIUM without crashing? Or have no choice but to replace or upgrade my computer. In the pictures below I put a screenshot of the crashes and the specification of my computer.
  4. When do you think this will happen? I just want to check that my computer is running the game without problems ... You have an estimate when the demo can be downloaded?
  5. I'm looking for where to download the demo of the game and not find .. Can you direct me please where do I download the demo? I want to download the demo to check that my computer is working in the system requirements of the game before I buy it.
  6. A very strange case that happened to me in the Champions League ... I think this is a very serious mishap in the game. According to what you see in the pictures, 3 groups finished with 11 points I have the highest goals difference I also beat Manchester United 1-0 at home and finished 1-1 out against them, so for them the results are between i am winner. According to the table I finished in 3rd place that does not climb to the next stage, it is a very serious fault, what do you do in such a situation and is it logical?
  7. I have to take the computer to a technician to do it and I have not yet taken. The question is, are you going to fix the 32 bit problem?
  8. The game still crashes every time I start a game, when do you intend to fix it? Will they fix it sometime? Only when I'm on low graphics can I play, but it's really ugly to play on low graphics, plus my computer is worth much more. In addition, the game has become very slow as it used to be, every click it makes after a long time is just very annoying and annoying. What about all these problems? Will you fix it? You said I need to change it to 64 bit but I can not now
  9. In addition, I swear to you that the game has become very slow as it was at the beginning two months ago, every click takes a long time until it responds, enough already enough that drives me crazy !!!
  10. There are still crashes before the game starts, do not you fix it? Anyone who has a 32 bit game course for him? Only if I am on a low graphics mode that is very ugly and not nice just then the game works ... it sucks and when will you fix it? I currently can not change to 64 bit
  11. And here's something new from now on, all the stands are light blue, I'm in despair.
  12. If I convert my Windows 32-bit to 64-bit, will the problems be fixed? And how do I re-download the game later?
  13. If graphics are low then it does not happen, but it does not make sense that you can not play on mediocre graphics without crashes, and for the white audience it still happens, what should I do to solve the situation? Please find me a real solution, and as for me not waiting for an answer and sending another message because I'm waiting 3-4 days for an answer from you, so I'm sending another message.
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