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  1. Why am I reading this,I don't even own the game,playing fm11
  2. Hi I don't have to many posts here but i am playing the game since 2001/2002 so I really do have experience,and for all this time I have learned that more attackers or more attacking approach doesn't mean you will start attacking or scoring.It only reflects what would you like to do.But sometimes your side is weaker or not comfortable with your approach so it will not work.Lets say you are Bolton.You can start with attacking approach but if you are playing against Arsenal your players will hardly touch the ball,and would probably create more chances if playing defensively and try counter attacks.Or you don't even have to be the worse team.Maybe moral of your players is low so they don't play as they would normally,or is this attacking formation new for them and need time do get used to it.Also if you are playing with high tempo midfielders are maybe passing wrong or maybe even your defenders are trying to create attacks(if all other players are too forward),and that is never good. Maybe if you would give us more info on your team and formation,playing style,closing down... And remember,training and tactics forum is always a great solution,you should really spend some time there.
  3. HI I think we really need option to bring off player whenever we want. I have just had a situation where I have spent all substitutes and one of my players picked up injury (green cross) and I couldn't do anything but wait for worse injury until the end of match. I am sure we could do this in real life,and I have no programing experience but I dont think this would be so hard to implement? What do you think?
  4. I probally won't buy it For the first time since 2001/2002 CM It is becoming frustrating to wait for all these patches over years and i am not interested and eager anymore.I will try to buy Fifa manager this year and see if it is any good(i don't think so) and if they disappoint me too i will probably stop buying football management games for few years(maybe championship manager if they release something again). I don't feel sorry for 1 Euro given for FM so far,and its not about the money but simply its to boring waiting for final release and then playing game for one or two months as it becomes boring when leagues are finished in real life(at least for me). So two months of playing comparing to 5 months of waiting is not worth to me
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