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  1. Not sure if this is intended, but it seems that you cannot learn players the PPM "Curls Ball" anymore. This was possible in FM20 (though not in older versions). A bit confusing is that learning them the PPM "Use outside of foot" uses a text refering to "curling the ball" - but this is clearly a different PPM (as you can see in the ingame editor)
  2. Not sure if it just an odd streak, but at the start of my 2nd season I noticed a lot of goals from longshot attempts - I have attached three pkms and in those games, 8 out 10 goals from both teams were scored from outside the box. The long shots attribute of my scoring players are 3, 5, 9 and 10 - so a mixture of low and medium ability here. Any one else noticing this, too? Gloucester City – Braintree Town LS.pkm Gloucester City – FC Altrincham LS.pkm Gloucester City – FC Barwell LS.pkm
  3. The text seems to be the one used for delearning "Arguing with officials" and IMO does not reflect the meaning of the PPM very well:
  4. I think I made a thread about the same issue (and just placed it in the wrong forum): https://community.sigames.com/topic/538084-constantly-overall-more-goals-in-leagues-than-cumulated-xg-would-let-you-expect/ My example over there is from a save where all activated leagues were simulated with full details for roughly half a season - and regardless which league I checked, everywhere the same pic: Considerably more total goals than total xG.
  5. The way I understand xG, such outcomes can (and should) happen occasionally. Sometimes a team has a day where nearly every shoot sits. FM21's problem is IMO though that this happens far too often and the opposite (= not scoring despite having way over 1 xG) almost never: https://community.sigames.com/topic/538084-constantly-overall-more-goals-in-leagues-than-cumulated-xg-would-let-you-expect/
  6. Yes, there is a confirmed issue with long throw-ins: https://community.sigames.com/topic/536654-goals-from-throw-ins/
  7. The way I understand the xG value it means that in the long run and seen over a league it should roughly meet the goals falling. Some teams will be wasteful and other are more clinical, but overall "1 xG" should result in ~ 1 goal, correct? If my initial assumption is correct (please tell me if not ) however I have the feeling that in FM21 there is a constant discrepancy - and it always goes in the direction of more goals being scored than you would expect. My sample is from having played roughly half a season, all simulated leagues with full details. It doesn't matter which league I pic
  8. Thats WAI - you aren't supposed to train tackling in isolation: https://community.sigames.com/topic/533614-individual-training-bugs/
  9. Perhaps there is indeed an issue here. The following odditity (my CD scoring a hattrick(!) with converting long-throws assists + a 4th goal gotting disallowed because of handballing) occured under pretty good circumstances (the throw in-taker has a Long-Throw-In ability of 19 + the PPM, 2 of the 3 goals where scored with the opponent one man down and the opposition goalkeeper might be just bad in that regard), but on the other hand all I did for it was setting the throw-in routine to long and placing two tall players on the near post... Gloucester City – FC Southport.pkm
  10. Are there really to players from Trinidad&Tobago named "Charles Vaughn"? One has the ID 82077590, the other 82003281.
  11. Not sure if this abug, but why is here the number of goals after corners displayed instead of simply all scored goals? Same for the xG a team has allowed - displaying only goals conceded after standards isn't very helpful, IMO:
  12. I might be exceptionally lucky, but given the experience past FMs gave me (where this was confirmed as unsolvable issue due the mechanics of the current injury/training model) I suspect this occuring again. My medical center says I'm 85% below expected injuries and even if I assume this number gets distorted by a few trialists inflating the player pool, the absolute injuries number are fairly low (only 5 in several months). Also, all happened in matches and none in training...and that despite I'm running double intensity for all players all time and did a hard presaison with solely athletic tr
  13. Runned into this as well for some of my own players after doing a substitution: Gloucester City – Torquay United.pkm
  14. Title... Attached is the PKM of that game. Would it be possible to use a black colour for the text in that special case? I assume that this should be technically possible, because I wonder what happens, if the involed jerseys are white...? Gloucester City – Potters Bar Town.pkm
  15. Can't say that - a lot more of such chances result in goals compared to previous FMs.
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