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  1. Summary / Description: When I get an offensive corner from the left side, two players stand right in front of the taker and offer themselves as short option. Steps to Reproduce: (1. Load save, go to Tactics/ Set Pieces / Corners / Offensive + Left and examine my settings - you will see that I have assigned WBR as short option, but not a 2nd player (which should be technically impossible, as far as I understand the setup limitations)) 2. Load the match from the attached PKM and let it play it to the corner scene shown in the screenshot (75th min). See that two players offer themselves as short option: Beside the WBR (intended), also the ComStr (unintended) puts himself close to the taker. Saves loaded up to the cloud: 2Playersofferthemselvesasshortoptionforleftoffensivecorners.fm (Note: The save is from before the match is played and shows the set piece options I used to allow you investigating in case needed) leftcorner2playersofferingasshortoption.pkm
  2. Summary: The statistics (winner list, matches of past seasons) for friendly competitions with the same name aren't kept - only the most recent season is displayed. Description of Issue: The last saison of a friendly competetion is always considered as the "current" one and replaces all past seasons, see below for details. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Load Save "Ruhrpokal" 2. Go to Schedule, pick the past Season 19/20 and scroll down to find the 2 matches in the friendly cup competition called "Ruhrpokal" ("Ruhrpokal Semi Final" and "Ruhrpokal Final"). Pay attention to when those matches where played and which calendar date we have now in game (matches played Jan 11th and 12th 2020 vs. now Jan 17th 2021) 3. Click on the name of the competition "Ruhrpokal" which brings you to the statistics screen of the competition. Go to stages here and see that - while the results are still correctly stored - this past season of the competition is technically considered "current season". And you will find no winner list at all. 4. Now go again to Schedule, click "Arrange Friendly" and set up a new friendly cup (neither the participating clubs nor the calendar date you choose are really important, though I recommend to pick a close date as step 6) proceeds quicker then) - only important detail: Call it "Ruhrpokal" again (which is said to allow to keep FM a competition history, as announced as one of the minor features for FM2020) 5. Proceed with the game to get the other teams accept the friendly cup invitation and to make the draw of ties happening 6. Go to holiday until the friendly cup has finished (one day after final was played should be sufficient) 7. When holiday is over, scroll to the e-mail telling you the result of SW Essens last tie in the competition. Click on "Ruhrpokal" in the right part of the mail (just below the badge of SW Essen), taking you to the statistics site of the competition. And here you will find now only the game of the iteration finished a day agao and only the winner of the 20-21 edition. Also the only entry in the winner list is the current champion. 8. Now try to repeat step 2) - you will still find the games in the schedule of the 19-20 season, but clicking to get to the statistics will end you up with the results of the 20-21 season of Ruhrpokal only. Files uploaded to SI Cloud: Ruhrpokal.fm
  3. (I'm not entirely sure if this is the correct subforum - this is for sure an interface issue, but might have easily an impact on gameplay as well (see below). Please move it to "Other Gameplay" then, if necessary - thank you) Summary: If a referee officates more then one match on the same day, only one of the matches is added to his statistics. Description of issue: See summary - beside the missing display of the "lost" matches on the referees individual page and the incorrect statistic count of matches, cards etc. (both for the individual referee and also for the league the "lost" match is played in), this might impact promotion/degrading of referees related to the ratings they receive. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Load save 2. Check the referee page of Justin Joel Hasmann - pay attention to the number of matches, the last he officated and his accumulated match stats 3. Continue game (my weekly league match against TUru 1880 Düsseldorf is straight ahead) and see that J.J.Hasmann if officating my match 4. Play the match and wait until the game stops the next time after 5. Now check J.J.H. individual page again - you will not find my own match vs. Düsseldorf, but see that he officated a match in another league. Pay also attention to the stats - only the other match (Villingen vs. Linx) is counted, both in terms of total matches officiated and in regard to cards etc. (6. You might also check the referee stats of my league - the Niederrheinliga - and you will see that only a tiny number of matches are counted for only 4 officials. Not all leagues are effected that heavy - the root of the problem is probably too few referees and AFAIK, in lower leagues referees officate close to their hometown, so there is some randomness involved, to which extend a league is hit) Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: GameMissingInRefereeStats.fm
  4. Yes, two files - the German community file adding German leagues of the 4th to 6th Level and one dealing with injuries.
  5. Since I'm a passionate user of manually controlled indiviudal training I'm suffering from this a lot ... and so I'm happy trying to help with a save I loaded up "PositionalTrainingResetsAutomatically.fm" to SI own cloud Steps to reproduce: 1. Load Save 2. Go to the training page of my Player Constantin Efros - see that he is learning "Wingback (Right)/Wingback/Support" 3. Continue game until next stop 4. Check Training page of player again - and see that suddenly positional training has reset to "M(R) playing position" (In regard to possible reasons causing this: I checked that this example is neither caused by playing a game on a different position nor by becoming (visibly) better on the trained position. A possible cause here could be the fact that I moved the player from my B-Team to the 1st right before. This doesn't seem to directly cause a reset, but after continuing game it happened. Please let me know if you need a save, where you have to make that step before, too.)
  6. Summary: If the board offers you to found a B-Team (without you asking for it before) the decision gives you the option to install non-noaching staff as responsible Description of Issue: See summary for the technical part; gameplaywise I consider this a buggy - I have never seen before that it is possible to assign non-coaching staff to a manager roll in FM (except for the rare case they accept such a role as a second Job on contract negotiations- and here you can easily circumvent that high restriction easily). Steps to Reproduce: 1. Load save "Zweitverein" (uploaded to SI own cloud) 2. Go to the Inbox and select the message "ETB Schwarz-Weiß Essen to make II club decision". Check the possible staff which can be installed as responsible: You can see that non-coaching staff like the Head Physio or any member of the scouting team is possible as choice 3. Pick one of those non-Coaching staff members (e.g. here the Head Physio) and accept the founding of the B-Team 4. Continue with the game once (several incoming e-mails will stop it after a few seconds) 5. Check the B-Team to see who is in charge - it is the selected non-coaching member
  7. Summary/Description of Issue: The game crashes at the training calendar page, when trying to change the kind of training week for a freshly founded B-Team Steps to Reproduce: 1. Load save "Zweitverein" (uploaded to SI Cloud service) 2. Go to the Inbox, select the message "ETB Schwarz-Weiß Essen to make II club decision" and accept the founding of a B-Team, while installing the human player ("Emil Eckfahne") as responsible coach 3. Continue with the game once (several incoming e-mails will stop it after a few seconds and the B-Team is now added as last option to the sidebar on the left) 4. Click on the B-Team icon on the side bar, go to Training and then to Calendar 5. Try to change the training week from Jun 22th to June 28th results in the game crashing FM 2020 v20.2.3.1330207 (2020.01.11 00.02.05).dmp
  8. Summary/Description: If one of your players retires, while he is part of a mentoring group he will stay (visually - not sure on gameplay impact) in that group after retirement unless manually removed. If you remove other players from the group so that only the retired and two others are left, the gropu is at least visually still considered as "working" in regard to the 3-player-minium-requirement. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Load save 2. Check the mentoring group site of the first team, see that player Tobias Wirtz is part of the first mentoring group 3. Progress the game for one day (manually or by going to Holiday) 4. You will receive an e-mail about the retirement of Tobias Wirtz 5. Check mentoring group site of the first team again - player is still in the group (6. Take away players from the group Tobias Wirtz is in - but not himself - so that only Tobias Wirtz and to other are left - no hint comes up that the group is understaffed) Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: RetiredPlayStayingInMentoringGroup.fm
  9. Thank you for taking the time to investigate and answer (though I hoped for different one, as you likely can imagine - but I understand the given reason of course). Just for clarification: I read your statement the way that CaC mode isn't intended to be used with editor files in general - is that correct? Do I have to make sure that all are deactivated (by first choosing the normal career choice, disabling all and going back to main menu before starting with CaC) or do they get ignored anyway for sure, so that it doesn't matter? Thank in advance
  10. Summary: In the CaC-mode, the game blocks you during setup from continuing, if you try to base the club in a city you have added yourself in the editor. Description of Issue: Your get stuck on the club-setup screen, if you pick a city you have added with the editor (the "continue-button" gets greyed out). As soon as you pick a pre-existing city, you can continue. Steps to Reproduce: 1.Download the file "Kleinwallstadt.fmf", put it in the editor files folder, make sure its activated in FM. 2. Start CaC mode, pick the 3 German Leagues, try to replace a team in the 3rd league (I used "Sonnenhof Großaspach", but it shouldn't matter) 3. Name your Team/Stadium as shown in the picture (or to whatever you like) 4. Now the deciding part: Try to base the club in the German city of "Kleinwallstadt" - and the game blocks you from continuing. If you choose any other location, e.g. Frankfurt/Main, it will let you go on. Kleinwallstadt.fmf
  11. I'm unable to open a thread for a bug I found in this sub-forum: https://community.sigames.com/forum/721-create-a-club-fantasy-draft-onlinenetwork-games-workshop-dlc-and-social-logins/ There is just not the usual "open thread" button and it is also not possible with the "+ create" button near your login. Is this a known issue? I checked other subforums of the bug section, where I'm able to post new threads, but I hesitate to post in a wrong forum. Thanks in advance.
  12. Summary: Leaving club before a promised B-Team is created will lead to no B-Team founded all Description of Issue: If the board agrees to found a B-Team and you leave the club before the process of creating is finished, the process finishes without you, but the team actually never appears (and the club never gets the chance again to sucessfully found a B-Team, because the board considers it as "fulfilled"). And believe me, never means never here - when I found that issue in another save, I let run the game for two more years and nothing happened). So even if it should be intended that leaving a club terminates the process a creating a B-Team for the moment, it doesn't feel right that it technically blocks it forever from doing so. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Go to board, ask for a B-Team, request will get accepted 2. Check when the B-Team completion should happen (it says this will happen on June 20th 2019) 3. Leave club via "Resign" 4. Go to holiday at least until Jun 21th 2019 5. Check club page of Bayer 04 Leverkusen for a B-Team, which is not there (6. Use ingame Editor to make yourself again manager of Leverkusen and check the board in regard to the B-Team process again - you will see that it is marked as "completed" and there is not anymore the option to request a B-Team anymore, but there is no working B-team for Leverkusen in the game) Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: promisedBTeamforeverincreationwhenleavingclub.fm
  13. I realeased my file with a similar approach (raising ORs), also across the board (except the 9 already above 5), but by 40% (reason: SI has said "between 70 and 80% of reality" and taking the lower number my math is the following: If SI thinks injury X should have a real OR of 4 and they cut it by 30% (to get it to the intended 70%), then the OR set is to 2.8 So now I want to correct it: If I add simply 30%, I end up with 3,64 or 91% of reality. Increasing by 40% however bring it to 3,92 or 98%. Still not exactly, but very close). I did a test in holiday mode with and without the file, the effect is clearly visible (though very variable because of the involved randomness - it is still even possible that a league ends up with less injuries with the file!). On average, more injuries do hit a team at the same time. Does this contradict Seb Wassells Statements? Yes and no. No, because in theory the increase would be explainable by taking in account that I wasn't able to increase ORs of the 9 very light injuries. However, there is one thing which I don't understand: I did my very first file of this kind for FM2017, which doesn' know the concept of "light injuries". So back in that time I was able to increase *all* ORs by the same %age. If Seb is right, this shouldn't have worked. But it did. I'm already starting to think about installing FM2017 again just because of doing another test….
  14. Also for the 4.level (the "Regionalligen"), but those are not activated in FM by default. The fix-9-point-deduction *does not* apply to the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga (point deductions for financial misconduct can happen here, too, but only as individual penalty without a fixed amount applied by a sport court - and likely this is outside of what can be simulated in FM).
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