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  1. Trying the touch mode for the first time, I have the same question - is there any way to mask attributes of unknown player like it is done in the "full FM"? Just can't find an option to change it and scouting feels a bit pointless, if you know everything… Thanks in advance
  2. I experienced a situation, where the opponent striker blocks my goalkeeper and the referee lets the game run, because one of my player is able to get control over the resulting free ball and starts a counter attack. So far, so good - but shouldn't that foul be counted in the statistics nevertheless? FoulNotCountedForStatistics.pkm
  3. I'm a frequent user of trial contracts, mainly for quickly scanning the usefulness of free agents when managing a lower level club. That means that I often have dozends of trialists at the same time in my club and sometimes I clash with the board, when trying to bring new trialists (means the cancel my new trial attempts). However, I'm confused how this is limit is described and how it actually works. The verbal description of the limit indicates that my board does not like to have more than 30 trialists at the same time in the club, however I have no problems to go beyond that number - as long as I don't have already too many trial offers open already, I can still get new trialists. So it seems that the game counts open new trial offers instead of trialists already at the club. Is that WAI? If needed, I could create a save for you showing the issue (the reason I'm not simply uploading the current save I'm experiencing this is that this one is to big for cloud-uploading)
  4. Summary: If you change language during a job interview, after the language change the game considers the job interview as "completed" Description of Issue: I don't expect interface changes having a gameplay impact - either the interview should continue normally after changing language or thta - if for technical reasons a language change in that situation is causing issues - the option is just not available in that moment Steps to Reproduce: 1. Load Save 2. Open the Mail where I'm offered a job interview with "Kieler SV Holstein" 3. Click on "Attend Interview" in the mail 4. When the 1st question is presented, go to "Preferences" and change the language to German 5. See that this will change the content of said e-Mail to you having attended the job interview (also note that a new e-Mail with press speculations about you taking over Holstein Kiel comes in). You might also check if there is any way to get back into the interview (e.g. use the "navigate back"-arrow), but there seems to be none. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: I have a save showing this, bad sadly it is too big for uploading. Please tell me a way to get it to you, if you should need it. Thanks in advance
  5. Summary: If you try to access the European Club Competitions via the World Menu, the first attempt always links you to the country "Albanien" (instead of the intended competition list) and you need to repeat the rolling down/clicking to get the intended result. Description of Issue: I concede that this is fairly minor issue, but still it is kind of annoying that you always have to spend one fruitless rolldown and click just for viewing results, stats or whatever of a Europapokal Steps to Reproduce: 1. Load Game 2. Click on "World" 3. "Europe" is continent already selected; so now just roll down with the bar, until you see the point 2nd last point "Club Competitions" 4. Click on "Club Competitions" 5. The game will react by jumping to select "Albanien" instead of the the European Club Competitions (6. If you repeat now step 3. and 4. the game will react as expected) Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: 1stClickOnEuropeanClubCompetitionsGameReactingWeird.fm
  6. Summary: A player is fan of the club he started his career, but has at the same time the long-term goal not play for them Description of Issue: A bit contradicting IMO - I know that "don't want to play for club X" is mainly caused by players leaving that club being unhappy, but I think if a player who is fan of a club leaves it being unhappy, he should either be no longer fan or should project the unhappiness rather to the persons being the reason instead of the club as whole Steps to Reproduce: I have a save for this around, but it is showing the player already having both relations (so you can't see how he acquires the 2nd while having the 1st) and I have troubles with the upload (probably because of the size, it is larger then 460 MB). If this is an issue at all and the save is useful, please tell me how to get it to you - thank you
  7. Summary: I signed a player on amateur contract, which I consider as quite useful for costing me nothing, but the board gives me a very bad rating - reasoned with "player costing too much for place in squad". Description of Issue: For me the board reaction feels wrong for two reasons: First - the signing might be only an emergency backup, but he comes for free, acts as Chief Scouts (and his staff attributes are quite good for a 6th league club, plus he has tremendous scouting knowlegde!) additionally and even his strength as a player seems to ok for the intended squad role. So balance-wise I don't think it is a bad signing at all. But even if I leave that aside, it feels immersion-breaking that the board reasons its disapproval by critizing the wage costs - which are zero (so technically spoken: How much is a player for that squad role allowed to cost? He would need to pay me for hiring him...). If they at least would blame me for signing a player which is too weak or old - that would be at least a theoretically valid reason. BTW, the fan reaction is a bit odd as well: On the one hand, the note given is even worse than the board one, but on the other hand the last part of the verbal description says "Believe he'll bring a alot to the first team" Steps to Reproduce: 1. Load save 2. Go to Transfers and check the contract I offered to player Ioannis Ketsatis (it appears on the bottom, under "staff"). Especially pay attention to the fact I offered a zero-cost amateur contract and the player has accepted to work for free as Chief Scout, too. You may also look at staff attributes on the player site to further rate the deal balancewise. 3. Now continue with FM until the game stops and you can finish said deal, then continue game again. 4. When the game now stops again and Ioannis Ketsatis has joined my club, go to "Club Vision/Performance/Transfer Activities" and check the board reaction to that transfer. Beside the very negative rating, pay especially attention to the reason given out. You might also check the strang reaction of the fans (note even worse, but positive 2nd part of the verbalization) Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: IoannisKetsatisTransferReaction.fm
  8. A little update here...it seems that this is caused by indeed two players being assigned as short options (but there jerseys are laying on the same spot on the set piece setup screen, so you don't see them easily - you have to drag and drop the top one to see that there is a 2nd on under). I supect this is caused by changing set piece takers after having set up the variant.
  9. Sorry, there is sadly a persisting problem when trying to load up that save. Failed another two times (for the 2nd attempt I even tried loading my save again and saving under a different, shorter name with no success) this evening with the same error message: Do you happen to know if there is a file size limitation for uploads to the SI cloud? It is the only reason I could think of - the savegame is quite huge with 437 MB (though my last upload was only slightly smaller with 423 MB). Should I post the issue in the forum feedback section? Or is there a different way to get you the save game?
  10. Summary: The earlier pre-season in 2022 (Katar-WC related) leads to two calendar weeks in which a semi-professionell club can train on all days with 3 units ("7x3"). Description of Issue: This shouldn't be the case, as it bypasses the usual restrictions ("3x2") Steps to Reproduce: 1. Load Save 2. Check the training calendar. See that so far everything appears to be correct: Up to July the 3rd the team is scheduled to be on vaccation, after that the usual semi-professionell training weeks are possible 3. Now continue with FM until the early morning of Jun 20th 2022 (game stops here automatically, because of various e-Mails coming in) 4. If you go now to the training week calendar, you can manually fill the training schedule for the two weeks between Jun 20th and July 3rd with three training units per day (5. If you have set the illegal training units as decribed under 4.), go on with the game to see that they take effect) Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: KatarWCAllowsSemiProClubExtraTraining.fm (I'm not sure if the upload happened - I tried several times always ending up with the notification that the upload is locked)
  11. I'm running the version with increased injuries in my current save. Overall I like the frequency (and also the changes to length, labels tec.), however some observations (not all of them necessarily critique, I don't feel qualified to jugde some things): 1. Goal Keepers are sadly still kind of immune. Heading towards end of 3rd Season, I had so far no single GK-injury in my own team and also don't have seen an opponent GK getting injured in one of the matches I participated in. So there is still no need for a substitute GK on the bench (at least not for the purpose to prepare for the case of injury hitting the starting one). Of course one save over three years is a not a valid statistic base alone, but it may contribute to buidling an impression about the situation in this regard. 2. Almost all injuries happen in matches (I have to concede though that I trained only semi-professionell clubs, which means naturally less risk in training, though I'm doing everything to put me in danger - everyone training at 200% intensity reagrdless of condition levels, using all possible units 3. Players on the wings seem to be more prone to injuries then center-pitch players. 4. Tacklings are the main cause for injuries; sprints cause injuries as well, sometimes players clashing into each other in air fights. I don't have a complete oversigt in my head what else could/should cause injuries (and what FM technically allows), but e.g. I have never seen injuries by getting hit by a shot, falling to ground because of a wet pitch or for GKs because of parrying ashot or diving to ground.
  12. Summary: If you have arranged a friendly game on a day your players normally would not train and you cancel it, the day becomes open for setting up regular training units. In case of a home game, you can use the usual two units for a semi-prof club, while an away game even lead to three units (caused by travel time getting converted into training units) Description of Issue: Arranging and cancelling friendly games to gain extra training units for semi-professionell club makes no sense and can be used as exploit (as aside from clicks "no cost" is attached). For the unexpected case this should be WAI, it still strikes me as strange that doing that with away games leads to three training units. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Load save 2. Check Training Calendar from Monday Februar 28th to Sunday March 6th. See that Borussia Neunkirchen as a semi-pro club has only three training days with two units and also see that Friday and Sunday of said week are training free and can't be loaded with Training units. 3. Go to the schedule and arrange two friendly games (Friday March 4th an away game against FC Bienwald Kandel and on Sunday March 6th a home game vs. ASV Landau). Both opponent teams can be found under "very low Reputation teams" in home nation. 4. Continue with FM once - this leads to both friendly games are accepted and the message coming up that you co-trainer has "rearranged traning because of fixture changes" 5. Now cancel both friendly games 6. Then go to the training tab and said week and you see that you can freely add/change 3 training units on Friday March 4th and two on Sunday March 6th (7. Let the game run for the entire week to see that this isn't a cosmetical thing and those illegal extra units take effect) Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: ArrangingCancellingFriendlyMatchesAllowsExtraTrainingUnits.fm
  13. Summary: A non-contract player under transfer bid by other clubs is willing to sign a new amateur contract (with same Team status), meaning he exchanging getting payed per game/bench placement/goal by playing for free Description of Issue: I don't think the player should do this, even when I consider that he is prefering to stay, his hidden loyalty value is high (15) and the current per-game-fee of 550 € being absurdly high (I'm new to the club, so my AI precessor has negotiated that deal somehow. I concede that the player might live in fear that I release him, though I'm currently not in financial troubles) - I could understand, if after negotiating the player demands less in the end, but starting negotiations by demanding outright only an amateur-contract himself feels strange. BTW, this is an extreme case of an overall behvaiour in noticed in FM 2020 - it now happens a lot more often then in previous FMs that players accept new, worse contracts (both in terms of plying time and financial conditions). I'm pretty sure that a lot of this is intended and realistic and often you can find reasons (happiness, new transfers changing relative strength, valuing to play close to home town, loyalty and so on), but some cases are just beyond what I can explain myself - this here so far being the topping of them. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Load save 2. Check Player Dirk Bellinghausen in regard to current contract, team status and the various transfer bids/interest from other clubs 3. Try to negotiate a new deal with Dirk Bellinghausen 4. See his low pre-negotiation demands (and accept them) 5. See his initial suggestion to sign an amateur-contract (and accept it) (6. If you continue with the game til Jan 26th you will see that he turns down the offers of the other club and stays) Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: PlayerAcceptingMuchWorseNewContract.fm
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