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  1. Thank you for doing this and listening to the community, Marc! Great work!!
  2. Before I start: - Yes, I offered players to clubs at 60-70% of their value -- nothing most of the time, but there is the odd offer of double a player's market value - I have transfer listed, demoted, and offered them out at the same time -- again, no offers - I've even publicly slammed them while doing all of the above in order to unsettle players just a little more -- same thing: no offers - I finally offered top quality players, average reserves, and those not fit to wear the shirt out for free to other clubs -- nada I started a career as Man Utd to muck about and have again noticed something that has bothered me for quite some time: it's still massively difficult to sell players. I started with the February database and immediately offered out players the day I took over at the club, but nobody ever comes in with an offer for any of the players in the three tiers (potential Ballon d'Or candidates, reserves, and rubbish boot cleaners.) I can understand that the more expensive a player and the higher his wages the fewer interested clubs, but surely if I offer out Rooney for free, someone would be willing to take him off my hands? Or even someone earning £30k/week who has no relationship with the club like Rafael or Fabio? It's pretty absurd that I can't even give away players. Interestingly, there are occasions where I will do everything I can to get rid of a player (average stats, valued at £5m) and a club will come in with a bid of £20m and he'll be on his way. I obviously am not complaining, but it's not very realistic to have a club pay four times market value for a player in his mid to late 20s who isn't going to improve. For instance, I had Bayern Munich come in and pay £21m for Park Ji-Sung! Park isn't a bad player, but he's almost 30 and United initially paid something like £7m for him, so is that appropriate? Also, why does the value of a player tend to skyrocket to such insane levels throughout the course of a season? In particular, I'd like to look at Darren Fletcher (his stats are oddly high to me, btw) who starts most games valued at somewhere around £8-9m and ends the first season worth about as much as Madrid paid for Benzema. And finally, I signed Steven Gerrard for United in July of the first season on about £5k/week more than his Liverpool contract. I think that sentence alone says what the issue is I don't mean to complain, but these just seem like pretty egregious errors within a very important aspect of the game engine.
  3. Best team name ever.

    Yep, run into the same problem as Tyler above (with the same settings, I believe). For me, Bayern Munich suddenly became " " (that's right, all blank) which became quite odd when I signed Kroos, Müller, and Schweinsteiger.
  4. Hey Marc, I just realized I'm an idiot: I was referencing the top label that shows the date (guess it isn't really; very clever solution!), not the second. Either way, a fix would definitely appeal to the anal designer in me!
  5. What about a so-called HD version? Or perhaps an update to make it universal? Maybe something for next year.
  6. Hey Marc, I haven't read through the posts since the most recent update but here's something nitpicky that I have noticed: As the game progresses, the UILabel--I assume this is what you're using--that lists results is slightly too small vertically, frequently cutting off letters with tails, like g, j, p, q, and y. I tried to screencap it, but the game moves so quickly (a good complaint to have!) and of course it doesn't happen when it just displays "Processing". I promise you, though, that I have seen this and I'm not crazy! I've especially noticed this since getting an iPad 2 and playing at 2x resolution. Anyway, here's the screencap that I managed so that you can add a few pixels to its height (I mean label with white text, btw)
  7. Fm11sx

    Man, LB does it again! Keep up the great work and a belated happy birthday to you!
  8. Fm11sx

    Hi Moechie, I may not be LB, but I think I can answer your question nonetheless. The game is programmed to not allow anyone to maintain so-called "perfect" stats of all 20s, so they naturally decrease over time. That said, even a player with all 15s and 16s will still win the Ballon d'Or each year, so it isn't necessarily a huge deal.
  9. Fm11sx

    Wow, I've been really busy for quite some time with work and life in general, so I haven't really kept up with the development of 11SX. All I can say is WOW! LB is doing an awesome job and this edition of the editor has come together really quickly. I can't wait to thoroughly test it out soon! Thank you again, LB, and congrats on the movie premiere! EDIT: Some notes that I think could improve the usability of the editor: 1. The Maximize All Stats button should set a player's aggression to something like 60-75 and dirtiness to 1. I think that everyone can pretty much agree that a perfect player with max stats would not be a dirty, over-aggressive scumbag. 2. While the tab key works to switch from box to box on the Player Stats screen, it does not for (at least) Player Data 3. The default window size of the app hides the Maximize All Stats button 4. When using the Maximize All Stats button to edit a non-goalkeeper, the app should detect that the player's goalkeeping stats do not need to be increased to all 20s Again, in its current form, the app is fantastic and I'm grateful that LB got it running so quickly; I just think that these four things will increase the efficiency of the app.
  10. Fm11sx

    Thunder, there are plenty of great PC utilities. In fact, this has only ever been the one savegame editor for Mac, which is why we hold LB in such high regard!
  11. Drogba £0

    Hey, I won't complain. I took Coventry to the Prem and won the FA Cup in my first season (fifth season in my save) and just signed Wilshere, Walcott, David Silva, David Villa, and some other big players on frees this summer (2014) for very low wages! Champions League, here I come!
  12. Scroll up a few posts and you'll find your answer
  13. Loan Rules?

    Hey guys, Just got FM11 and it's awesome with the first patch, but I'm curious about how I can change the maximum amount of players on loan at a time between either two clubs of the same OR different divisions in one country (i.e. Championship club loans to another Champ club or EPL club loans to Champ). I looked into adding nation rules for England, and I set the maximum number of players on long-term loan to −1, which should make it unlimited, but alas it doesn't. Now when I attempt to start a league game with more than the old maximum of five loan players in the side, it tells me I can't and need to reselect my match-day squad. What do I need to do? Thanks!
  14. I really like the new circular icon. Great job, Marco!
  15. Haha, davetems, the game isn't even out yet! LB does things on her own schedule, which is really full, so keep an eye on this thread and she'll post when its available for download