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  1. But if a player is making 550k/yr.... 200k is less than half.... thus the system is broken. I stopped the FCD save I had (apparently the file is too large even zipped to be uploaded?) because I had 6 players on 500k salaries but only being able to knock off 200k each, I couldn't get under the cap buy 200k... IF it's meant to be half the salary... I should have been able to continue with this team. As it sits right now, mls is completely screwed up and unplayable past a single season or 2. FM18 it was crap and 19 things worked great.
  2. https://gyazo.com/fa2439f8faca830df27f8242e08b2ebd Nice and boring ones are here
  3. I went thru the entire league after the first season was complete, there is an average of $3.4 million General allocation per team available. This seems too high? January 1, my roster automatically used some GAM? Seems that shouldn't happen until you try to register. If I now sell one of the players the GAM was used on, it's now wasted funds. Also, was it an intentional change to allow only $200k GAM to be used per player? If so, this could be a part of the huge roster dumps we see, teams simply cannot use the funds available to them to get the default rosters under the salary cap.
  4. I purchased the played rights for him from Atlanta, he was a free agent, yet I could not offer him a contract. I believe that free agents should still be able to be signed? Perhaps I am off on that one, but I did add a few players to the roster despite transfers being locked.
  5. It's there for me, check in dev center https://gyazo.com/ecd6666e824808ff4b28614179974e0a
  6. I was about to edit and say I had to vacation. So annoying, but I got through it without losing a player.
  7. End of 2019 season, for the expansion draft, FC Dallas is exempt as Cincinnati chose a Dallas player in the previous draft. I am not sure what the game wants me to do to advance right now as I left every available player unprotected and now I cannot change any status of any player. https://gyazo.com/72d2802886873228543355a62a68d1e9 I've tried to upload the file yet I am told the file is too large, even after zipping it up. No matter how I change the selection of players, I cannot get to the the max size of 11 while retaining a minimum of 4 INT players. In the screen shot, there are only 4 players I can change the status of, with several others auto protected due to being HG or GA. Using the Auto Select option gets no changes. At this point my save is effectively locked? https://gyazo.com/0710f63179d76c0ee1bde73a5d900515
  8. Why does the MLS all star game only give you a starting XI and 7 subs? It's a meaningless midseason friendly and should allow for 2 full squads to avoid wasted minutes on teams key players....
  9. Just hit my first mid season new signing and same issue. I renewed a contract on a kid in my youth team to pay him more and extend a few years. I thought it covered the cap hit (have 850k in GAM), hit next and the contract offer was canceled. Thankfully I was able to just offer him another contract and have it start at the end of the season.
  10. Intended or not? If you start with first window transfers locked, you get 0 as a budget??? You should still get funds I believe.
  11. I scooped up Ben Mines since Im running FC Dallas and youth is our big thing.
  12. Trying to hire staff for youth teams. As FC Dallas, the North Texas assman salary is max, 34k (no one will take the job), I found someone at another club making only 24k, when I approach to sign him I can no only offer 19.5k lol. Who the hell in the US works for such low wages? I tried offering a dozen or so coaches the NTSC assman position as a secondary job, all declined. I placed an advert specifically for the NTSC assman job, when approaching, they all thought I would offer them the first team assman job, which was clearly not what they were applying for. Also, it wasn't until the season started for the NTSC team that could even see the staff or fill empty positions. You should be able to fill the jobs whether they are in season or not. I understand NTSC is a new team, are other B teams having same issues as I am?
  13. https://gyazo.com/737c8bad8501e2eebabd48cc99f66498 Atlanta with 10 gray players on first team roster Meanwhile ATL2 with a 30 man roster https://gyazo.com/b7b9cd789b9b95036bc4c17bd4d4b9e5
  14. No lower leagues are active and no one outside of USA seem to want to take American players =(
  15. Hence the F. Pogba availability. Atl released Pogba, Guzan, Robinson and Remedi.
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