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  1. Yes, the one that came out in 2017 had nasl and usl leagues that were playable. There was no promotion, because that does not exist. What it did was make moving players on loan much easier and there were active teams willing to buy your players who aren't good enough for MLS. The loan games were key in development for young players you couldn't get any time for. I only ran it for a couple seasons but worked very well. I am hoping it gets picked up again too. Although, just having lower league in NA get games should NOT be too difficult.
  2. The players don't get better. They never have in NA lower leagues. Every year I spend easily 400+ hours since 2015, it does not work. THAT is the issue.
  3. No lower league matches in north America has been a developmental issue for a few years on FM now... It's quite silly as there are other leagues who have "matches" yet are unplayable. I report that as an issue every year but no one cares to implement it.
  4. Could be a team thing that they won't allow you to spend so much on one player. FCD limits to 1m as well. I just ran into this myself. I haven't seen it written out, but assume it's a hidden part of this team because they focus on youth dev.
  5. That number is going to vary by team, or at least it should. I would have to restart but I am 99% sure this FCD save started with 650k GA
  6. Those of you talking about star rating, star is just an opinion from whoever the staff member is you're getting advice from. The star could change because - different staff member, same staff member has gotten better (see their numbers), player stats dropped. Stars are very basic and general, you should not be solely judging players based on star rating alone. As I posted, midway thru the first season, entire team training on penalties the day after a match (also after a recovery session), NO ONE showed improvement. I continued the experiment for an entire season NO ONE has gotten
  7. Part of the problem with what you guys are doing. You cannot just unregister players and expect their wages to go away... you're still on the hook to pay them whether or not they are registered. Some contracts are guaranteed. @Daniel EvensenHave you click on non DP players and went into the contract screen and applied the general allocation money available to pay down wage cap hit? This could be a solution to your save.
  8. Yeah, no way that works... Right now I have sucked up loads of extra INT spots and have 15 registered INT players with another 5 spent down to my B team. Still, I have more than a dozen American players. It is possible for players to be from other countries and not require INT spots. Outside of checking each of those player information tab, there is no way from here to really say. I would say drop it on the other thread as well. Could fall under either page.
  9. this needs to stop - https://gyazo.com/13fba3b43ef81e80b609e55a2582cc6e 3 matches in 5 days.....
  10. I request same stuff since fm13 Without the requesting, it won't get any attention, so coming on to laugh it off like it doesn't matter isn't helpful at all... Regarding TAM, once you have DP player and you try to sign another DP type player in pay scale, the game prompts you to use TAM automatically. The fix for this, as has been posted the past couple years, since TAM was introduced, just make it a slide bar, but limit its use for player being paid between certain amounts. The SI excuse is about it being difficult to code in the slide bar with limitations and make the AI smart enoug
  11. MLS trading needs some work. Currently you can suggest a trade once, if it is rejected you can only make an offer, or stop it altogether and try again the next day on different terms. You should be able to finagle with a trade deal as you do with a player contract. Just switching players and draft spots as needed until 2 teams can work a deal out. It would be amazing if I could tell my TD or GM I don't need a couple of draft pick and I would like to get some INT spots or more allocation money, those are deals that really should be done by those positions, not the manager. In light of not
  12. Wrong wording on this - https://gyazo.com/4134ee09acdd282c925dd9d57c8232b8 He's leaving Dallas, so "his move to FC Dallas" is wrong.
  13. MLS needs winter transfers from other countries to come through as soon as the contract and fees are agreed. I have continental comps coming up on Feb 15 - https://gyazo.com/d1fe07f777105a85b18b51e7b441db5b Yet my new designated player, who's bought and paid for up front, no conditions other than straight money will not show up until Feb 9 - https://gyazo.com/e7a21b0a20ce1a505bfc81c83d1244f2 This isn't how it happens in the real world, nor should it in the game.
  14. I won the 2021 supporters shield, mls cup and western conf final, no on field joy....
  15. Not sure if much is done to think about how much money teams should start with at the beginning of a save. If so, the amount FC Dallas starts with is certainly too low, they should be flush with cash from the sale of Reggie Cannon to Boavista. It was reportedly 2-4million. If anything that would provide an extra 750k General Allocation. Zdenak Ondrasek was moved as well, no numbers were ever released, but rumor mill around the team in town was 700k.
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