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  1. I loved that first tactic as an underdog and in fact have gone back to using elements of it in the champions league such as get stuck in being back on to raise our intensity. I also have reverted to a BWM when I’ve needed to be more aggressive in midfield. On the whole though I have found my new tactic stronger since my reputation increased and caused teams to defend deeper against me. The AP instead of DLP gives us a lot more drive going forwards.
  2. I had the same reaction as you. I couldn't understand it as I'd been really careful. It's very misleading.
  3. As @BoxToBox rightly says, it happened to me as well, but as the money came in later on in the season, it all turned out fine!
  4. I honestly can't believe it. I almost didn't sign him as I'm trying to bring through a wonderkid who's also an AP, but I would have been an idiot to not take the option.
  5. Madness isn't it? He didn't set the world on fire for Schalke as you can see here, but he's only 21 and a German international and his attributes are incredible! He's rated 4&1/2 stars for me! Can't believe they let his contract run out and nobody snapped him up before me - I didn't even sign him until October!
  6. Get in there. One of the highlights of this save has been beating Man United a good few times. We should have won this by more to be honest, Quesada destroyed them and could have had 2 hat-tricks and once again Cutrone missed a pen. He wasn't even first choice penalty taker, but all the other takers were off the pitch. Quesada would take them, but he has 10 penalty taking. I'm gonna train him in that and give them to him as he is a pure finisher. Also, I just picked up this guy as a free agent and he made his debut against Man United: Unbelievable eh!? Signed for free and ins
  7. Thanks Noikeee! We're competing well in the Prem this season, so I'm quietly hopeful that we will win that some time soon. As for the Champions League, we've got a tough group but I think we're gonna qualify from it, but it's a big step up for us so we'll see how we go there. I must say, I'm getting itchy feet for a journeyman career, but I've taken this save a long way and I want to see it through to one of those titles before I move on...
  8. I'm starting to really hate West Ham. Again, 3rd in the league and we go to them and get thrashed.
  9. First game back in the Champions League, a over two decades since our appearance in the semi final against Valencia and we gave a great account of ourselves against Atleti and probably should have won. Griezmann scored from nothing to peg us back after we took the lead and then we got Keane sent off, but still didn't look like losing. Unfortunately we also have Milan in our group, so it won't be an easy one to qualify!
  10. Pre Season 23-24: We lost a game in pre-season for the first time in a few seasons! The Super Cup loss to Manchester United was disappointing, especially as Cutrone missed another penalty in a big game. I'm not sure I'll have him take another penalty for us for a while! Transfers: Just the two in as we bring in a major upgrade at right back, who also still has room to develop and in my eyes a future world class centre back. Gomez doesn't look as good here as all his attributes are dropping, but I'm sure when the season gets going and he's playing regular
  11. Obviously I'd love to, but consolidating the club as a Champions League team is the first importance!
  12. Good points re last season’s signings. Bruno is a bit more well rounded than Xhiro as a playmaker, but I do need him to be able to do a bit of everything in a two man midfield as you say. His passing and vision is increasing as well so I think he will develop well into that role. Thanks! I’m not sure yet. I’ll be aiming for top four again and we’ll see how we go from there!
  13. 22-23 Season Review: The aim this season was Champions League qualification and we've managed it twice! Once by virtue of league position, finishing in the top four for the first time since the O'Leary days, although 3rd place was in our hands with two games to go, but unfortunately our run of 9 wins on the bounce came to an end as we threw away a lead against Brighton to lose and then were unable to beat bottom of the table Watford on the last day of the season. Secondly though and a lot more importantly as it brought a trophy with it, we win our second cup competition
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