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  1. Hi can anyone help me find the torrent, ive been following links and going round in circles and for the life of me cannot find this link. I have read all instructions carefully is it right in front of my eyes and i just cant see it??
  2. Whilst daydreaming earlier i had a retirement party for my assistant manager and even recollected some of my speech at it in my head "Believe me we have begged him to stay, but theres no talking to him" "he has been the cornerstone of our success and will be greatly missed" tear.
  3. lol i know he also pretends hes writin stuff in a book, dont hate me tho
  4. Does anyone else do this when the score a really important goal, Just sit there with a really serious face as if the camera is on it and ur tryin to really hide ur delight....
  5. has no one ever put thier arm around thier star striker whos not performing and told him u needed a big one out of him for the match tomorrow? Or called the promising young player to the side after training and told him hes in for the match on saturday. Maybe even told ur centre half your resting him for tactical reasons? always do that in the imagination!
  6. never try it with v8.00.... </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Im using it on 8.0.0 started using it bout 1/4 to 1/2 the way into the season with MAN UTD totally turned the season around was winning easily, lost the league by a point. the reason for this was cos i drew and got beat by teams like chelsea arsenal and liverpool. Im nearly sure kim has addressed playin against bigger teams in the earlier stages. im afraid my 2nd season isnt going so good tho average in the league but excellent in European cup though for some reason beating barcelona 4-0 in group staes and stuff!
  7. Excellent Tactic turned m Man utd season around im using it on th original unpatched version and its workng a treat anybody else silly enough to to do this? Has anyone noticed how many yellow cards the other teams pick up against you? Also dinding it quite annoying only having one striker on the pitch as its not good for morale or indeeed blooding young players, in fairness though goals do come mainly from other positions.
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