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  1. Me: Oh well this was a good run in the Champo, Barcelona in the quarters is impossible so let's just have fun Decided I might as well try something, so put Kingstonian 4141 on and... well I think it speaks for itself. Our wage bill is 150k per week, theirs is 4.5m
  2. The Electric Funeral one is really fun - hilariously dominant against smaller sides. I love that we put 7 past a team and their keeper still got an 8.4 This formation with pacey strikers is pretty incredible
  3. Is it just me or has this patch just completely shagged the game? Reminds me of the one on FM20 around Christmas that meant you'd never score a 1v1 No matter which tactic I use we (Hearts and Stockport, both first season) barely score a goal a game if I play them. If I instant result the matches, however, we win 4-0 or 5-0, it's utterly bizarre. Feel like pure **** just want HGF P105 back :P
  4. Seconded (thirded?) on the latter point. Granted I'm not playing as Liverpool or another elite team but it feels like even with suitable players recruited for the roles we're struggling a fair bit across whichever tactic I try (and I'm not just mixing and matching every three matches or anything!)
  5. I meant to hit Submit on this yesterday, no idea why I didn't put it through. The HGF 4312 P105 is bloody nuts, can really recommend it, though I will say that I feel like I have little control over it - it's like being strapped to the mast of a ship in high seas. Your players ping impossible crosses and passes to one another, your strikers turn into the Road Runner and *meep meep* past frightened, club-footed centre halves like they're encased in cement. Totally unrealistic but exceptionally fun. Also tried it with second-tier Deportivo de la Coruna in Spain and broke
  6. Hello. This is very much a beginner tactic, if you've played FM for any length of time you could probably put this together with your eyes shut, but given I had a season with Stockport eventually finishing on 122 points (with an FA Trophy win) in the National League, I thought it worth sharing. There's some good positives with it: good possession, high pass completion, and very good stats from your front four. You could easily modify it, too, depending on the needs of your side and the players you have available. Personally I found the BBM a little superfluous, you might find changing th
  7. Hmm, how strange. Just finished it in FM20 format instead if it helps. Though I'm baffled why SI don't seem to have any "roam from position" PIs or TIs any more. Thanks again DIAMOND 41230 Mk. 1.fmf
  8. Hello Mister Knap, I've seen you talking above about an FM19 tactic and I wonder if I could request you to take a look at one I used to adore in FM18 but that didn't work after that game's final update. I've included the .fmf file that's also at the bottom of this article and AFAIK the only additional OI (if your testing uses them, which I'm fairly sure it doesn't) was to intensely press the defensive line, but if it isn't in that doesn't matter. And if all that's too much to ask, I'm in the process of trying to update it into a FM20 tactic file. Either way, many thanks
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