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  1. Anyone know how to get rid of the grey players from the German squad in the iOS version of the FMT game?
  2. don't have 2015, thanks hunt3r, that is indeed useful. Guys, thinking of buying the Surface Pro 3 - so the touch will be compatible with this new M$ baby?
  3. Anyone have any details on the differences between Touch vs the complete version? Seems in touch we can only have 1 manager - but what else is different. I didn't buy 15 so don't know much about this FMC version which is rebranded to touch. But if its anywhere close to the mobile version, then thats a considerable step down to the Pro.
  4. Overview player panel

    Gusano - you dawg - you. Haha. Good job in creating that in photoshop. I was searching the web trying to get some info on this "skin". I must say this sort of a panel would be awesome. The current info is too restrictive. The entire panel should be customizable + along with Manager home page If someone finds a way to get this customized into a screen, then please share the wealth!
  5. Overview player panel

    this is awesome, I am interested in this panel also
  6. In FM12 - is there any way to increase ball size? It is really small! On my screen...
  7. Football Manager 2012 Base Skins

    anyone know how to increase font size for the news/message items in inbox? None of the fonts I tried in the settings worked...
  8. Football Manager 2012 Base Skins

    thank you sooo very much! One question - which font size controls the news items?
  9. More interesting question will be - when was the last time one saw the opposite end of the league table being close? In all the screenshots above one teams seems to be the ultimate punching bag. IMO SI have yet to master the relegation dog fight aspect in the FM series. Hopefully they'll give it a good look for this years version
  10. This is perfect, thanks Nottingham Forest for the screenshots and help. Yeah I figured this could only be seen during pre-season. But the information facts is a good alternative during the season. Sweet! thanks again
  11. Sorry for the vague title But I distinctly remember sometime in the past games I would get a screen reviewing my team against other teams from the same league. This used to be a report compiled stating "Your team is generally the tallest in the league" "Your team tends to have the best headers in the league" etc etc. I've not seen this come my way (might be overlooking it). But can someone tell me, how to get to this screen in FM2011? Can I get here anytime in the season, or does it need to be in the close period only? many thanks!
  12. Hey folks - any help as to how to increase the 3d ball size in my game? I find it way too small and hard to follow
  13. FM10SX - mac savegame editor/scout

    Crossover supports 3.5 - its very tricky, but its possible. I've not done it - as I found I run Wine and Scout for my purpose. But here's the supporting link from Codeweavers: http://www.codeweavers.com/compatibility/browse/name/?app_id=4662;medals=1 Remember - its bronze though, so be patient. I can give this a shot this weekend and look to see if I succeed.