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  1. Transfer markt is not official, i mean they just predict the value according to player's performance. I.E in transfer markt ronaldo worth 100m while on the other site he just 80m. Please note that every single nation on FM have different value set on database, I.E ronaldo in italy worth 65m in game, but if he play in serbia he just worth less than 20m. If you have played the game for awhile, you must be knew that.
  2. i've talked about that on previous page, that's not makes any sense because since last FM edition his hidden attribute " important match " still relatively low, on FM19 it still the same.
  3. i found him when i asked for affiliated club, the board gave groningen. i look at their squad and i found him. serginho available for free. decent signing for second tier league.
  4. Nope, just to find out some good regens. Actually, i save the game after youth intake. I had 3 saves, then i'll decide which is good to continue. Cause sometimes i have average youth intake, that's why i load the game before youth intake. That guy above are from my 2nd re-load.
  5. probably next season i'll move him to first team squad, load the game a couple of times just before the youth take and finally found that guy.
  6. this is from my youth intake, i believe he's ready for the first team. and he is fiorentina suppoerter , which is a litlle bit strange
  7. IIRC the money comes up directly when it's confirmed, in this case if icardi sign for napoli his status will be on loan from inter,joining permanently.
  8. Idk what's wrong but i feel like in this edition, he just cant score 1 on 1 or easy chances . First season 40 apps 12 goals. 25 apps into 2nd season so far he has scores 17 goals in all comps. And yeah, i sign de ligt on loan + mandatory fee.
  9. His driven personality + game time, surely he will develop into a top class.
  10. meet benjamin pavard, sign by barca for his RC 31,5 at the start of 2nd season. this is him after 6 months, well done by AI
  11. nah, check on pre-game editor he has no relegation clause.his release clause set on 31,5 million on pre-game editor.
  12. yeah but i usually never judge quality by their value btw, IIRC market value is hand in hand with reputation. which is mean that no matter what quality and how high their CA,since they're have good reputation thier value was high. of course their value reflect their quality, but in some case their value doesn't matches their quality.
  13. i'm talking about his PA level to De Gea, that's why i dont want to make comparison of their quality IRL.
  14. yes he's better on the game now. but i dont want to make comparison their quality IRL, i just think his attribute on the game a little bit over-rated. of course he deserves some improvements than last edition, but not that massive as he has now. just because liverpool sign him on world record, probably that's the reaon why he got massive improvements. IIRC he just spent 1 full season as first team GK with roma after wojcieh sczesczny departure to juventus.
  15. Yeah loan with mandatory fee ( must buy ) 109mill. 1mill less than his release clause 110mil.
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