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  1. Just at first glance I'd change the IF-a to either an IF-s or an IW-s. Put the right back on a support duty. A BWM in the dm slot is really risky, especially with high line of engagement. He'll start closing down early and leave lots of space open. Also, it's not a gegenpress tactic without counterpressing turned on. I've never used shoot on sight before, but it's probably something you should keep an eye on if you end up missing the target alot. Just off the top of my head I'd set up something like this: Pf-a IF-a Ws BB Mez-a Dmd Fs . IWB-
  2. If you've got the chance to sign Pellegri you have to do it. He's incredible.
  3. I'd be wary of having the Mez on an attack duty, especially with the attacking mentality. I'd also put the right wingback on attack because the CAR will be providing cover.
  4. Another paring I enjoyed was Costa as a PFd and Griezmann as an AF. (Part of what makes this squad so fun to play with is you can play Griezmann so many different ways.)
  5. I had a lot of success playing a counter attacking system: Win the ball and get it immediately back up to Griezmann in space. Depending on the situation I'd play costa as a pressing forward on support and play Griezmann on the left wing.
  6. @kurupted Ah, I did a poor job making what I meant clear. When I said they were useless I wasn't referring to scoring goals, in my experience this year f9s haven't been dropping deep, creating space, or really contributing to build up play in any meaningful way. They just kinda hang out farther up the pitch like a normal striker. I really hope they address striker movement in the next patch.
  7. I've found F9s to be totally useless so far this year (and support strikers in general). They've been working for you?
  8. I gave the formation a go with a treq in the AMC role. It worked great in terms of moving the ball around, but the downside is that the role isn't great for pressing.
  9. Bravo. This is fantastic. I've been an American football fan my whole life (Go Colts!) and I can still get overwhelmed by all of the terminology and concepts. Not only is your work applying football strategy to soccer incredibly impressive, but you did it in a way that makes both reading and comprehending it easier. It's a fascinating way to look at FM and I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays out.
  10. Oh, yeah, definitely don't use two RMDs haha Son's got the better off the ball and work rate so I'd use him first. In my head I was thinking you'd rotate the two of them at the position and play someone else on the other wing. That they can be good raumdeuters was just an observation I made. IFa on the left wing should work just fine you definitely need a support duty on the right wing though.
  11. The two roles aren't all that different. RMDs are constantly on the move trying to find space and they move into channels which can certainly open up defenses. I find they offer more variation to attacks but the downside is they do less defensively.
  12. Just some observations, feel free to completely ignore them: You've got a lot of roaming going on in the midfield, I'd replace the mezzala with a carrilero. This would give you more stability in the midfield and allow Dalot to be on an attack duty and get forward. A treq could work there, but you gotta remember that they're not gonna do a whole lot of pressing the ball. Have you thought about a Shadow Striker to take advantage of the space created by the f9? I don't think Martial is a good choice to play the f9 role. To me that role is more of a playmaker role than anything els
  13. I'm gonna echo what the post above me said. I think you're midfield setup is fine, but I'd play the winger on support and Kane as a DLFs. ( Nothing to do with this tactic, but both Son and Lozano make great Raumdeuters.) You definitely need to drop your defensive line. Outside of Sanchez there's not a lot of pace/acceleration in the spurs defense. Also, why are you playing low crosses to Kane?
  14. You’d have to rework the midfield roles probably, but you could try using defensive wingers. I believe pressing opposing fullbacks is in their job description. I’ve never really used them so I’m not guaranteeing it’d work.
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