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  1. @kurupted Ah, I did a poor job making what I meant clear. When I said they were useless I wasn't referring to scoring goals, in my experience this year f9s haven't been dropping deep, creating space, or really contributing to build up play in any meaningful way. They just kinda hang out farther up the pitch like a normal striker. I really hope they address striker movement in the next patch.
  2. I've found F9s to be totally useless so far this year (and support strikers in general). They've been working for you?
  3. I gave the formation a go with a treq in the AMC role. It worked great in terms of moving the ball around, but the downside is that the role isn't great for pressing.
  4. Hoosier_76

    American Football Returns

    Bravo. This is fantastic. I've been an American football fan my whole life (Go Colts!) and I can still get overwhelmed by all of the terminology and concepts. Not only is your work applying football strategy to soccer incredibly impressive, but you did it in a way that makes both reading and comprehending it easier. It's a fascinating way to look at FM and I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays out.
  5. Hoosier_76

    Tottenham Save

    The two roles aren't all that different. RMDs are constantly on the move trying to find space and they move into channels which can certainly open up defenses. I find they offer more variation to attacks but the downside is they do less defensively.
  6. Just some observations, feel free to completely ignore them: You've got a lot of roaming going on in the midfield, I'd replace the mezzala with a carrilero. This would give you more stability in the midfield and allow Dalot to be on an attack duty and get forward. A treq could work there, but you gotta remember that they're not gonna do a whole lot of pressing the ball. Have you thought about a Shadow Striker to take advantage of the space created by the f9? I don't think Martial is a good choice to play the f9 role. To me that role is more of a playmaker role than anything else and Martial's passing and vision arent that great iirc.
  7. Hoosier_76

    Tottenham Save

    I'm gonna echo what the post above me said. I think you're midfield setup is fine, but I'd play the winger on support and Kane as a DLFs. ( Nothing to do with this tactic, but both Son and Lozano make great Raumdeuters.) You definitely need to drop your defensive line. Outside of Sanchez there's not a lot of pace/acceleration in the spurs defense. Also, why are you playing low crosses to Kane?
  8. You’d have to rework the midfield roles probably, but you could try using defensive wingers. I believe pressing opposing fullbacks is in their job description. I’ve never really used them so I’m not guaranteeing it’d work.
  9. Hoosier_76

    Setting up a 4231 Narrow

    Personally I like playing an enganche or ap(s) between two shadow strikers or AM(a)s with the runs wide with the ball PIs.
  10. Hoosier_76

    4-4-2 can it be successful?

    I'm at Atletico too. Out of curiosity, what roles are you using on the wings. I'm using W-A on the right and can't decided whether I like an inverted winger-support or a wide playmaker on the right.
  11. I haven't spent a ton of time with it yet, but so far I'd say yes. Specifically I've noticed the f9 movement has dramatically improved.
  12. I understand what this TI is supposed to do, but i'm curious as to what, if any, affect it has on individual player mentality. Anyone have any insight?
  13. Hoosier_76

    ready-made tactics

    Take it game by game, but the more you win the more teams will just sit back and defend. I rarely use a very high LOE anymore. Obviously you have to have the right players to make any system work. Gegenpressing needs players with high stamina, workrate, and all that, but don't overlook the decisions attribute. If you're playing at a very high temp you need players that can make good decisions quickly.
  14. That's impressive. I wish I had the attention span to do that. I get an itchy trigger finger when it comes to hitting continue. Maybe once I settle into a save I want to stick to i'll give it a shot.
  15. Hoosier_76

    ready-made tactics

    In cases like this I've found the best option is to lower my defensive line and LOE a notch. That way when your team wins the ball back there's more space for your players to attack and the opposition has less time to regain their defensive shape. I'll also drop the mentality to balanced from time to time as I've found positive tends to see my players shooting form distance too much for my taste. For the striker role I prefer to play the pressing forward on a support duty to bring others into play and it works much better.