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  1. No, that's the weird thing: it's not in the Recycle Bin either; I tried to use Recuva but it appears as the file wasn't deleted on the first place. EDIT: I tried to delete another folder on my PC with the editor and that folder disappeared as well.
  2. hi, I made a huge mistake: I was using the in-game editor, and I deleted the "games" folder using the "delete" function on the left while loadinga database (I was trying to change the folder). Is there a way to recover the folder or it's lost forever (with the games saved in it as well)?
  3. I'm using a database I downloaded from the workshop.
  4. hi, my game always crashes on the same date: here my dmp file. FM 2015 v15.3.2.627042 (2017.10.28 10.26.45).dmp
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