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  1. You mean Leicester as a city, right? As far as I'm aware I have no involvement in that figure as it's regarding the city's data rather than the club - hopefully Pete/Dean can advise on whether that should be changed. Hard not to be biased but I'd certainly agree with you - we're better than that!
  2. I've not been in control of Barnes since early summer, but I'm almost certain I had him at a random PA (-8) before he left for WBA. I'd be surprised if that's not still the case, is your figure from a save game or direct from the editor?I Ifit is 145, then that is clearly a mistake. I'll check in the morning. Choudhury also has negative PA, but I disagree on him being limited. I've always been a massive fan of him for the U23s, and although yes he is an Ndidi-mould ball winner now, I think he has real capabilities to improve in the box to box respect as we saw over Christmas. Hope everything else is looking okay, in particular I hope I've addressed all of your other helpful suggestions
  3. This is because Balsom works for both clubs (both owned by King Power). At the moment there's no way for the DB to allow someone to work for two clubs so we duplicate the person. We didn't have a birth date (only a birth year) for FM19, but a very helpful poster on the research forums has managed to source one for me and I've updated it from the Leicester side for the January update, and I've requested the change is made on the Leuven side of things too :)
  4. I personally am a big Spurs hater in general :) Interesting one about Wolves, and actually I would suggest that rivalry is increasing recently with us being in the same division, and really being their only 'Midlands rivals', if you can even call it that. I dislike Wolves on a personal level due to their recent self-entitlement, and I think a lot of our fans are already frustrated with the media love-in they are receiving.
  5. Yes, definitely agree on Portsmouth, that's one I've missed. I also agree that Notts and Northampton are fairly irrelevant to us but is that not reflected in ratings of 2/4? Would you say the rest are fair, though? Forest shade Derby and then Cov for me, but none of the three are particularly intense, certainly nowadays. Villa/Wolves are just plain irritating, and then you're down to the likes of Stoke (various reasons, 2008 in particular), Spurs (we reduced this recently but I think it is still very relevant), and Peterborough (bit like Northampton more recently to be fair). I can't think of any others we're missing, either - Leeds/Millwall etc. you could say for every club in the country, for example. As always, I appreciate the help!
  6. You make a good point about previous years' games - I searched for him on this year's editor but couldn't find him, but I'm not sure if he could have been deleted since he hasn't had a club for so long etc. The other obvious point I forgot to make was that if, as Puel suggested, he gets a loan away from the club, we of course have to include him for the next update. I'll keep an eye on it, anyway, and obviously take on Pete's advice on what we do in the meantime :)
  7. This could be a bit complicated IMO. Yes, he has 'signed' for us, as far as Claude has said, but, we don't know how long for, and I think the inevitability of it will be that it is more a token gesture and a bit of a feel-good PR story from the club, especially after the accident. Claude rightly says himself there he hasn't trained properly for 12 months - at what point does a guy who's being sitting round as a waiter in Nice get fit enough for even our U23s? I don't see him playing many times, if at all for them (he's also 24 and would take up a spot for someone younger, fitter and probably better), and the risk is that we throw him into FM and the game decides to pick him quite regularly in our youth teams. Personally, I'm not all that convinced we should add him in. Dare I say we've done this before with players from Thailand, or that kid from Peru that vanished off the face of the Earth. I will, though, ask Pete for his thoughts and get back to you :)
  8. Ah, good memories! Another good point on Morgan's pace, although I'd certainly like it to stay low, below 10 for sure. I've come to the conclusion the reason why he can't stay in the defensive line is because he's so painfully slow and cumbersome (I always go back to Liverpool when Rickie Lambert did him for pace, but even look at how far he is ahead of Soyuncu and the rest of the defence for the goal at Fulham).
  9. This has really made me laugh, so abrupt yet so true! No doubt about that one from me, needs a big downgrade in January, thank you. Shame for him, though, he looked half decent in behind Vardy at the end of last season, but the man has shown nothing but Beckford-level idleness since pre-season.
  10. I understand why you've done it but it's a little bit dangerous to be regurgitating a point straight after a good performance, we can't be judging players from game to game. I think you're bigging up the assist, anyway; I shouted 'crap ball Ben' as he dinked it, and it was poorly defended by the front man. His crossing has probably been his worst key attribute as a full-back this season (can't quite remember what it currently is in the DB), and his set piece delivery was shocking throughout the game barring that one IMO (especially first half). We're bordering on off-topic here (happy to continue the debate elsewhere if you want) but this really is a limited England selection. Who is the 3rd best left back we have? Bertrand has been average for a while now, Baines is finished, Rose is increasingly injury prone and Young is getting on a bit too. Outside of Ben and Luke Shaw it's very limited, and you can say the same for many other positions (CM, strikers, GK, wide positions in particular). 'Champions League quality' is a ridiculous term when half the players at CL clubs aren't playing or can't get out the group stage. Having said all this, I agree he is morphing into a very capable left-back. As I've said a few pages back, he is very much top of the list for a good upgrade in January (defensively above all else)
  11. Yes, Christian Fuchs does end up going to non-US clubs on many saves because at least to my knowledge, there is little more we can do than set a preference for the US. If there is something more we can do that is a fair reflection of what the player has said publicly, then of course I'd be very happy to make those changes.
  12. As I say, he is already set to have a preference to play in the USA, and I am aware of his family situation. However, as I also said in my previous reply, I don't believe we can make it any more concrete that he will play in the US. It isn't certain anyway: he'd need an East Coast MLS side to actually be able to afford his wages and want him.
  13. Your first two points are already taken care of - he is set to leave at the end of his contract (and thus can't negotiate with him), and also has a preference to play in the US. However, as this is not a hard-coded, guaranteed thing, he still has a chance of going somewhere else (this is not totally out of the question IRL, either, considering the eccentricity of the bloke off the field). I'm not sure having 'does not want to work in Europe' would have that much of an impact, either, as he may then look to go to China etc. as he has done in one of my personal saves.
  14. Many thanks @romjet2, great finds and I'll add them to my to-do list for the next update from my end. I ought to take more care with staff it seems! @BelgianResearch, could you make sure the same is taken into account from the Leuven end please? Thanks!
  15. That'll be because we don't have a DOB for him, and as you can imagine that sort of thing is very difficult to source. Articles on his work reference his age so we've got an accurate representation of his year of birth, but I can't find anything concrete after a bit of idle digging on his specific date of birth. Leuven's website lists 11/09/1970 but the fact that his year of birth is so inaccurate means we can't really trust that.
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