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  1. Yes, yes, and yes! As I've said a couple of times in this thread, we boosted all three of those players just before the November datalock but I was remaining tentative in those upgrades until the league table settled down. There will be significant buffs for all three players in the winter update
  2. He reminds me of Andy King (in the Premier League) quite a bit - he won't score or assist many but he will give you that balance, steel and tempo. I'm still taking my time with his profile so it will remain the same for the winter update - I think it's important to see a player have a good run against different types of opposition etc. before I shoehorn him into an attribute spread that is significantly different to what he had at Sampdoria.
  3. This is the smallest of small things, but it does frustrate me that league tables show the club common name as opposed to the real club name. I support Leicester City not Leicester, for example. If we can display Aston Villa and Crystal Palace then we really ought to be displaying all clubs' full names just like in any other professionally distributed league table.
  4. I only watch Real Madrid in the Champions League so I couldn't tell you anything definitive about Marcelo's playstyle in 2020. I've had a look at the database, and specifically looked at the Premier League full-backs with 'gets further forward' and 'runs with ball often' PPMs. The players who are natural (20/20) for DR and DL with runs with ball often are (as of November database): Adam Smith (Bournemouth), Dimitri Foulquier (Watford) and Andy Robertson (Liverpool). Considering that's two starting full-backs in the division, that's not very high at all. Robertson is obviously a player that carries the ball quite far; not sure about Smith personally. Foulquier has played 58 minutes of PL football so undoubtedly the Watford researcher couldn't say either way if that was something to keep or not. On to what I assume you mean as 'gets forward whenever possible', I make it roughly 19 Premier League DLs and 17 DRs that have that PPM. Now that may be quite high, but the irony of the situation is that Marcelo doesn't have that PPM himself! In all seriousness, I do think it is an interesting observation. It's important that PPMs are something that is very difficult to 'train out' of a player's playstyle, when as you say many of those players would probably drop into a more defensive role if asked. Having said that, I'd look at a number of players with that PPM such as Patrick van Aanholt who from what I've seen of him could easily be that sort of player, so you'd have to argue it on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Which players do you think shouldn't have those PPMs? Your statement might well be a fair one but it's not really something that any of us individual researchers can discuss with you until you name some examples.
  6. I'm no expert but I've spent a good few hours and days researching laptops at or below £600 and this was comfortably the best I could find. My only concern is the brand, which isn't a massive player like HP, Dell, Lenovo etc. My old laptop is an MSI which has lasted me 2-3 years and has been generally excellent, but their support and repairs is pretty woeful so I'm concerned about a repeat with another fairly unknown brand. Has anyone bought a Medion and can vouch for their quality?
  7. I've not seen much of Wolves this season, but to offer the counter-argument I'd say he might not use his obvious upper body power in games all that well in the Wolves researcher's opinion. The attribute's official definition is the ability to exert that physical force on an opponent to his benefit. I've seen muscly players, for instance when Kelechi Iheanacho piled on the muscle mass 12-18 months ago, find it a lot more difficult to handle their mass and strength and therefore be ironically more likely to be forced off the ball i.e. muscle-bound.
  8. There is absolutely nothing historical that we take into account with current ability or attributes, aside from recent player performance. It's our aim to ignore the national media 'big 6' bias/focus and ensure we have a realistic database, not one that conforms to tradition and 'historical size'. Never mind the fact that 'historical size' is a nonsense idea considering the cyclical nature of English football. As I have said on multiple occasions, this is a Leicester City side that finished 9th last season. A lot of the CAs were decided in May (at the end of the season), and we were clearly the 9th best team in the league last season. Even under Rodgers, we only took 17 points from 10 games, which is still 7th/8th spread out over the average PL season. Clearly after the start we had we needed some upgrades, and again we duly gave them to Tielemans, Ndidi, Maddison, Perez, Barnes, Soyuncu and Evans from the top of my head. I was not prepared (and rightly so, to preserve the integrity of the data) to give massive boosts based off a dozen games of a Premier League season. Otherwise if we'd have nosedived and found ourselves in mid-table, I'd have complaints in the opposite direction. Granted, that has not happened, hence I am in for a busy Christmas and January for the winter update. I won't address your individual points, because some of them are either things I'm obviously going to look at, or unfortunately they're rather unreasonable estimations of abilities. - Please don't think I'm not fighting Leicester's corner in trying to give us fair ratings, of course I want us to be just as good in game as we are in real life. But we have to be realistic and look at the evidence we have, and then observe and make the changes in the DB. Can I also ask that you put CA figures in spoilers as that is under-the-hood info that might spoil the immersion for players of the game? Cheers!
  9. Good shout on Barnes - if you draw a line across their foreheads in that photo they are all about equal, we have Nacho at 185cm and Gray at 180cm as on the website. Always difficult to judge exactly but a good two inches is rather significant so I will put him in that range next time round - thanks @Fosse!
  10. Ricardo's quality goes without saying! I suggested on Sunday evening that he might be the most well rounded player in the club's history. He should be looking at Barcelona and Real Madrid in the near future, unfortunately. As you say, I will have a good look at him over the winter, and undoubtedly he will receive some improvements given the entire team's form. I will add balance to my notes - that's a perfectly fair observation. I've been tentative with his attributes in general because when he arrived from Porto I was rather impressed with the spread of attributes and his CA (I believe his CA is almost exactly the same number still). Cheers!
  11. The club updated several of their numbers over the summer, so that suggested to me they might be pretty accurate given they are probably the only ones that will properly record that data.
  12. I agree (goes without saying) that Vardy is having an excellent season, but he was poor for large stages last season and we questioned whether he might be on the decline, dare I say. I am sure we will look again at him in January, particularly those attributes you mention. Our full-backs are excellent as you say, particularly Ricardo who for me is probably the most underrated player in the division by pundits and supporters. It's no surprise the game links him to Bayern Munich from the start. Chilwell has had obvious flaws up until very recently - he was undoubtedly our worst starting player for the first 8 league games of the season, and last season it didn't seem that he kicked on all that much. In this last run of games he has been a revelation - something must have clicked because he has finally learned how to cross a ball above waist height for example, and he is choosing exactly the right moments to take on his trademark mazy runs. If he continues this over Christmas I will have a serious look at him next time. I will agree to disagree on the midfields! I think it's closer than I perhaps made out but they are all system players that fit perfectly at this moment in time, I guess. All three of our regular starters are among our best 6 or 7 players in raw CA, I believe. Always pleased to see other fans enjoying our football - we'll see how we do against your boys in a fortnight's time! Cheers!
  13. Hello @hh123, Thanks for your post. What I'll start by saying is that I am loving our early season promise just as much as any City fan and it is all looking good for some significant upgrades to certain players later down the line. But what is absolutely crucial is that this is a Leicester side that finished 9th last season, behind a Marco Silva Everton and a newly promoted, thin on the ground Wolves. Undoubtedly Tielemans and Rodgers helped, but at the end of the day we still weren't even close to European football despite the run from late February onwards. Even with that, we've made some changes close to datalock - Barnes, Tielemans, Evans, Ndidi, Maddison, Perez and Soyuncu all received late changes to reflect their early season promise. Should we continue to stay up at the top end of the table, there will undoubtedly be more for the winter update. What I don't agree with is firstly your comments that really do overrate our players - Vardy is my favourite ever player but that doesn't make him the league's best; the full-backs wouldn't stand a chance against Robertson and Alexander-Arnold, and the midfield three would struggle to get in the sides of Liverpool, Manchester City or Chelsea. Let's be patient and a bit more realistic if we can. With regards to club reputation, the research team did some brilliant work in the summer to rejig how we set targets for each team and squad. Those should be more realistic and are no longer arbitrary figures based on mostly league position. There certainly isn't any big club bias, but rather when Manchester United finish X points ahead of Leicester in the last 3 seasons, it's very hard to suddenly justify making them a mid-table side (as they have been for the first dozen games of the season) without evidence. Otherwise, we would be creating data as a prediction for the season ahead, rather than what we hope is a present day snapshot of each team and player's qualities.
  14. This is a really thoughtful and good post, and I think it's a brilliant example of how we can use the Data Issues thread for positive change in the database. Those stats on handling are excellent, and what I will firstly say is that perhaps we don't do enough cross comparison of individual attributes across the Premier League and beyond in particular. As a result, I mostly compare across players per position at my club. From what I've seen of Danny Ward and Eldin Jakupovic, those two players are more comfortable in holding onto the ball than Kasper Schmeichel, hence why they have slightly higher attributes. What I will say is that perhaps I have neglected a handling upgrade in the past purely to meet his own CA target. I will most definitely re-assess in January. I get the feeling it will be a busy winter update in terms of a lot of the first team players here, and I would say at this moment in time Kasper Schmeichel is deserving of the biggest upgrade of any. He has lost 10kg in the last 6-8 months and in my opinion he's in the form of his Leicester career this season. Particularly the Newcastle game, all of those flaws I often berate him for (distribution, handling, claiming crosses and so on) were completely unidentifiable. That is a testament to Kasper, because many of us doubted him in the 12 months previous, and suggested that we might need to look for an upgrade. I will keep watching, of course. This run of games up to the end of the year is a really important time to see if form really has manifested itself into genuine quality. Thanks very much for your posts!
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