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  1. It's something I'll keep an eye on, for sure. I just don't think he's got the outstanding pace you are talking about - 17 pace and 18 acceleration is scintillatingly quick, quicker than I've got Jamie Vardy or Harvey Barnes for instance. It will be useful to compare him to more wingers and full-backs and see if he is losing races - it could easily be a case of Semedo bulking out as he's got older to adapt to more physical leagues which can often damage your top speed.
  2. Semedo is quicker by one point for Pace I believe (16v15) which I think you'll see in the match engine is quite negligible. I really disagree he is one of the quickest players in the league though. He's not slow but he's not necessarily got the speed and energy to play the wing-back role as well as he finds playing as the 'wide' CB in a 3-4-2-1 shape, for me - I don't recall him galloping past players like I've seen many players at full-back do. 15 is a very good rating still, anything higher really should be lightning quick and one of a player's standout attributes. I've not seen much of
  3. As @metal_guitarist says, I've explained my reasoning for a rating as low as 11 earlier in the thread but I'm happy to repeat myself in replying directly to you. It's telling that no Leicester fan flagged it up when it was also 11 throughout FM20 (and similarly low in FM19 as I recall) - that's because it was accurate. Ben Chilwell's final 12-18 months at Leicester City were average to say the least, forwards and backwards, although now we know the guy struggled with some mental health problems, particularly last season, which I'm sure influenced things. His crossing, for me, was never ve
  4. Great stuff, @MIR17, I'll pass these onto Pete with the hope for them to be added in full release. Cheers!
  5. Didn't know that, and while it's obviously unfortunate, it would be difficult to rate a player who isn't playing. Ultimately one of the key things about the research should be that the AI will pick roughly the same teams that real-life managers are selecting, based on players' abilities. We couldn't have Fofana being loaned out and not picked ahead of Wes Morgan by the game, for instance, when he already looks a star in the making. One of his outstanding assets, for me. When he does his signature, chest-out burst through the midfield, he is obviously rapid.
  6. Wesley Fofana had played less than 30 competitive senior matches before leaving St. Etienne, if I remember correctly. The French research team quite rightly were not prepared to give him a CA and attributes to match that would make him a very good CB for most of the Premier League given that sample size. PA for young players is clearly different - that will be from watching U23/U19/U18 football and making judgements on those with outstanding potential. Why has Saliba not been played or registered, then? I don't believe he is unfit? I also disagree that one was 'higher rated' than the othe
  7. This is unchanged from when I set it - Ben Chilwell's crossing throughout his final 18-24 months at Leicester City was nothing short of abysmal, and until he joined Chelsea I was firmly of the belief his actual crossing technique was entirely wrong. We are talking about a guy who could seemingly only get the ball above knee height if he rolled it with the sole of his boot and leaned back, and even then would generate virtually no power nor the desired direction. I do acknowledge that his general play suffered last season because of some now apparent mental health struggles, but I couldn'
  8. You'll see a much improved Fofana in the full release - we signed off on a significant upgrade on Sunday evening which was too late for the beta release unfortunately. Cheers.
  9. They have strong finances because they are still a massive worldwide brand that generates huge sums in commercial revenue. The real life financial accounts are translated into the game to create that disparity - Leicester City generated about £28m from commercial revenue in 2018-19 for example, it is non-comparable. Add in the fact that the 'big six' even in poor seasons almost always qualify for European football (Arsenal finished 8th and are still in the Europa League group stage by virtue of the FA Cup), they also make massive amounts in prize money too. Pulling power is still there to
  10. CA spoilers: Hence, if you put him at Manchester City, Manchester United or Chelsea, he would start regularly for those teams. How you can argue that doesn't make him world class in the game I don't know. If there weren't any top players outside the 'top clubs' then they wouldn't sign anyone in the game. Of course there are some extremely good players outside of the clubs you are clearly referring to. But more to the point of the Data Issues thread, this is not really the place for discussion like this. If there are areas of Grealish's attribute spread or profile you have an i
  11. There are of course some restrictions on current ability, but if you didn't have them then Liverpool and Manchester City would not be near the top in the majority of first season saves you play. But there is no reason to suggest if a player has a clear strength in something they can't have a world class number for that attribute e.g. Wilfred Ndidi has 19 for tackling at Leicester City. Increasingly in the last 5-10 years in football I'm of the opinion that lots of players at the top clubs are now world class 'system players' rather than individuals - players like Wijnaldum, Henderson and
  12. As said a bit further up, Fofana's significant upgrade will be in for release - the French research team from the St. Etienne end weren't prepared to back a significant hike without seeing him perform on the big stage, and I've waited a good few games to have a better view of an attribute spread. I know that might mean you can't start an ideal Leicester save in the beta, mind. I'm not sure the Morgan thing is a data issue if he wants to become a director as is set in the DB - I would potentially flag this as a bug and have one of the dev team look into it.
  13. As Ed says this should be sorted for full release, I flagged it just too late for the first beta build. Thanks for the heads-up.
  14. Cheers, @MIR17, appreciate it. It's never perfect (as mentioned above, there is an upgrade to Fofana coming along with some U23s squad numbers and a change to the Seagrave move-in date), but I'm happy with things in general this year. Can't disagree with any of that, I'll pass them onto Pete and we should get them updated for full release - I will just say that I'm not 100% sure Barnes and Choudhury are City fans (could be plastic Arsenal, Liverpool etc.!), but I will add them at a slightly lower preference level. Please do pass on anything else you spot or would like to discuss
  15. Not sure how much Philip (Chelsea researcher) has changed Chilwell since he left my file but he was below our standards for most of last season, including when we were in better form pre-Christmas. Barnes and Perez were inconsistent, but without a doubt Chilwell was the biggest weak point within our strongest starting XI, hence why he perhaps will look out of place at Chelsea early doors. That will undoubtedly be something that will be changed if it's an issue from an AI team selection perspective especially.
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