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  1. There are several things that I would be delighted to see coming into the game. First, I would love to have more possibilities to increase revenues. As financial fair-play molds the Football horizon, it becomes more and more important for the clubs to generate more revenues by signing sponsors or investing in facilities. And that’s the point I would love to see deepen. I would love to have the choice to invest in more facilities. As an example, if you take an example of Olympique Lyon. They have invested in a new stadium and a new training center. But in the same area they have built other facilities which are not directly related to football but still have synergies with the other facilities in order to generate more revenues. They have built a Hotel, Offices for companies and even a high rated medical center for the inhabitants living in the area. And they plan to build a new structure which can welcome concert and European basketball games. And all these revenues serve the club. Another possibility could be the fact to create a franchise in MLS or another country just like Manchester City did with the New York City Football Club. And like Olympique Lyon wants to do with the feminine. These increases reputation and revenues around the world Talking about revenues I would love to have more details throughout the year about the revenues and not only a summary at the end of the season. Example: - For each commercial facility - The ticketing - The shirts: how much sold and how much per player, per country. - Related products per player, per country When you stay in a club for a long time and that you ask for building a new stadium. It would be cool to be consulted for the design and the naming of the new stadium. I am not saying that the manager should decide but I think he can be consulted to give his opinion. I would also love to have the capacity to build a youth academy in other countries. And see the level of the infrastructure for each academy. So it could be possible to decide to improve a specific training center at the expense of another. The final point that I would love to see is an emphasis on the Pre-Academy and a revamp of the Academy. Concerning the Pre-Academy, I would love to see some of the best regen coming from the elite Pre-Academy of each country. Such as INF Clairefontaine in France which is the best in France but doesn’t have any A Team since they are specialized for the youth program. Only the best youth gets to be accepted by INF Clairefontaine. If you don’t know it Anelka, Henry, Ben Arfa, Mbappé and others come from there. But in the game we don’t see the best French regen coming from there. Then the player got to choose national club, they want to join. We must have the possibility to hire youth from well know pre-Academy or even amateur clubs. All the best youth doesn’t come from nowhere to your club. And the clubs do a big work a scouting young player in order to sign them in their academy. These brings me to the point which more ways to recruit the regen nationally first and then at a greater level. With this comes the fact that Scout should have the possibility to be dedicated to find the next regens who will join the Academy. The clubs should also be able to organize some kind of holiday’s traineeship or some testing session for the youth. The goal is to cast the best regens and the one who fits the club's culture, objectives or strategy. The scouts and the staff dedicated to this task could give a report containing their opinion about the player current level and development. They can say if the player has potential, if he physically he will have a good development, if he meets all the requirements to become a professional footballer. We know how hard this is to become a footballer and this even if the player has the potential. This could be applied to the player within the academy. Also dynamic potential would be needed (but someone already suggested it in another topic). Clubs may have the opportunity to negotiate with the best youth and their relatives (in a legal way of course) in order to recruit them. This is what happens in real life ( it has been the case for years) and now more especially with financial fair play. I know that this part could be sly and crafty due to legal and ethical concerns but I think it can be done by applying it within the legal framework and for the youth when they are in age to negotiate. (16 years old). Some regen may choose money, some others may choose the nearest club to be close to their family, some may choose the club with the greatest reputation, and some may choose the club which has the most famous academy or the academy with the best infrastructure. Or some may choose the club which offers them the best promises for their career. There are plenty of possibilities to go through.
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