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  1. Neil, hope you anwser again, the game is more fluid even in procesing after pressing "continue", but it needs to be worked without any doubt because it is not at 100%. Thanks for the help and a big up to your work.
  2. I still have lag when I press "continue" and the game is processing. All the rest that was lagging before the update is doing great! Is that lag fixable?
  3. This lag is very frustrating, a lot of people have this problem with more than the minimum requirements. Is this a bug that will be fixed when you release the full game on 10th November? Because if I will have this lag when the full game is released it will be unplayble...
  4. Sim é verdade. Tenho os requisitos muito superiores ao que eles pedem e mesmo assim tenho lag quando carrego no "continuar". Há muita gente com esse problema e acho que 10 de Novembro isto já fica resolvido.
  5. A lot of people have that problem. I have way more than the minimum requierments and I've been told that they will solve the problem when the release the full game on 10th november.
  6. I have a lag of 5 seconds when I press the "Home" tab, and it lags sometimes when I press "continue". I have the minimim requirements of the game, and I have also a good pc that has no problems with games that need more than the minimum requirements of FM 18. I know that is only the BETA version and this may be a problem of the BETA, but what is the point of making the game better in some aspects if most of your players will not be able to play it or will have lag during the game? Hope you can help. Cheers.
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