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  1. Hello, For the life of me I cannot find a way to add overall condition and match sharpness to my tactic and squad views. I go into "Customize Current View" and the options are not there. Not sure if this is a bug or I am just slow. Any help would be extremely appreciated.
  2. OMG... I just figured it out.. i cleared cache than reload and all good again. Thanks for assisting
  3. Yes, i double checked and even re-downloaded. It is in the right spot for sure, i use the sortitoutsi face packs set. It has worked before but now suddenly stopped, not sure what happened. I think i hit the reload skin button and they never came back
  4. Hello Everyone.. Hoping someone has any ideas that would help. Somehow I lost all the player pics as they have vanished, not sure exactly how this happened. Nothing has changed (skins, etc.) I do still have the stadium pics and logos but no player pics. I have tried re-downloading and that didn't work either. I even re-installed the game and no joy Any ideas? I have never had an issue like this EVA
  5. I play Gegenpress and am undefeated... I even have banged the hottest chicks in school and got straight A's.... SO OP.... Thank you Gegenpress for my success in life!
  6. . There is an abnormal amount of goals conceded on the kickoff after a score (it goes both ways).... IT IS A THING!
  7. Being FM'd goes both ways, like my cousin. I love you Todd, be safe out there!
  8. nah.. it's just a booshite story to not put in the extra work to make everything customizable.
  9. Dreams very rarely become reality for anyone. Please focus on your mental health and find value and love within yourself.
  10. You are in luck... This is the FM version to reach that goal!! Just use one of the offensive presets and you have a good chance at being invincible!! It is definitely possible, too possible if you ask me.
  11. I challenge you good sir to an online draft with butt plugs in....
  12. I make the game harder by playing with a butt plug in... yeah, would LOVE to see SI work on the AI as priority for FM20 but i am not holding my breath (except from the butt plug of course). Sometimes, I actually forget to make subs or shouts if i move the wrong way, i recommend butt plugs for all, it is the only way the game is the least bit challenging. Oh.. and if SI can somehow coordinate with all the team researchers to have a unified rating system maybe that would stop the English teams from dominating all the cups.
  13. You are in 1st place with that Real Madrid squad? Obviously, the game is broken.
  14. Polish mafia? one doesn't simply get "grants" in Poland!
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