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  1. My board "approval" rating fluctuates between 30 and 68 all due to having 2 games in hand as Man City. The board only recognizes that i am not in first place (expectation) not the fact that i have 2 games in hand and am 1 pt off. Once my game is played (early game) approval goes to 68 and after the late games are played it goes back down to 30 when Man U win their game and go top again. There is NO recognition from the AI about games in hand.. It makes me think that the AI doesn't recognize it in AI controlled managers as well, hence the over sacking of managers just because they have congested fixtures with games in hand.
  2. You are in luck... This is the FM version to reach that goal!! Just use one of the offensive presets and you have a good chance at being invincible!! It is definitely possible, too possible if you ask me.
  3. I challenge you good sir to an online draft with butt plugs in....
  4. I make the game harder by playing with a butt plug in... yeah, would LOVE to see SI work on the AI as priority for FM20 but i am not holding my breath (except from the butt plug of course). Sometimes, I actually forget to make subs or shouts if i move the wrong way, i recommend butt plugs for all, it is the only way the game is the least bit challenging. Oh.. and if SI can somehow coordinate with all the team researchers to have a unified rating system maybe that would stop the English teams from dominating all the cups.
  5. You are in 1st place with that Real Madrid squad? Obviously, the game is broken.
  6. Polish mafia? one doesn't simply get "grants" in Poland!
  7. Struggling? Seems like you are doing very well! West Ham in the Champions League (finishing 4th) would be a wet dream for the club. Looking at this season i still think you are doing well (no clue what transfer budget you had etc etc) Ypu have lost to Chelsea, tottenham, and Liverpool. No offense, but if you want to win every game (unrealistic football) just take PSG... Not quite sure what you are expecting here to be honest. You have been doing unrealistically well.
  8. I think the game looks fantastic.. best it has ever! I hope they spend time on adding more realism to the simulation: 1. More accurate attributes (English teams should not dominate Europe as they do) 2. Advanced AI that adds more of a challenge (AI coaches, transfers, etc.) etc. etc. After that is perfected than some cute dribbling animations would be nice. Oh... Remember you are only seeing the highlights that you chose (key, extended etc.) If you watch a full game you would be surprised at some of the skills and nice skill moves you see)
  9. This game is about strategy and football management... Not beautiful dribbling graphics.
  10. Try to uncheck him as vice-captain (by selecting someone else) that should make him available to be captain
  11. Speaking of inhuman looking: HAHA.. but i get your point
  12. This seems to happen almost every year in this FM version - hence making it very predictable. If you want Bayern to do well all they need is a warm body to manage not the AI. If Lollujo can coach them to the Bundesliga title and Champion's league title the first year.. anyone can (love ya Kev )
  13. Haha.. took only a few moments, pretty easy when i have facts to back me up.
  14. However, you could also ask the question What are the odds on Real Madrid failing to score a goal four games in a row? 2 20-1 (new coach and struggling) What are the odds of Leicester winning the league? happened in 2015-2016 What are the odds of Bradford reaching a League Cup final? happened in 2012-2013 What are the odds of Rangers going 11 games unbeaten in Europe? i would say about 20-1 they certainly weren't playing the elite of Europe. I can go on and on... Now can you please answer my questions? Willing to bet they would be more RARE in real life and yet happen MORE OFTEN in FM 2019. Keep in mind those are all this years results.
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