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    Map of Clubs

    Your undue condescension aside, I don't think you read what I wrote.
  2. ai2ker

    Map of Clubs

    I'm not sure what calculator you're playing this game on, but to deny improvement and innovation because of computing concerns is a terrible mentality for GAME DEVELOPMENT. Balancing features and performance is a natural part of any development process, and if SI comes and back and says we looked into it and the performance suffered too greatly, that's one thing, but frankly you are aiming to nip it in the bud by projecting your personal preferences in the form of a paper thin argument, that because maps exist anywhere this has no value? Mindless.
  3. ai2ker

    Map of Clubs

    Glad to see this was well received.
  4. ai2ker

    Map of Clubs

    I always thought it'd be a relatively pain-free and excellent feature edition, if you could map where the clubs are (basically along these lines): I say painless, because every club has a city associated with it: and because the location data of all these cities is already in the game: Surely it'd add a level of immersion to know where your team is? Especially when managing in unfamiliar countries. Do you have the big city squad or one out in the Hinterlands? Where are your rivals relative to you? So on and so forth.
  5. Playing with fire that 'I'm sorry to hear you're injured' message.
  6. well my second post provoked the ire of the powers that be. I guess to put it more politely, these interaction don't mirror ones of people with normal socialization. I'm curious as to what model they are trying to convey?
  7. Great new feature. I'm sure most 16 year olds would rebuff their manager's suggestion to work with senior world-reknown players. I've had the same regens turn down 6 separate tutors of varying personality, all while having their morale drop to abysmal. What is the point of this? At least senior players being not interested makes sense. I've tried using different tones, choosing all the different options, even warning them about their conduct and youth development prior, nothing works. Guess I have someone stuck on 6 determination forever.
  8. Question in the title - does general character of the squad help this number climb? Anything else which can improve it past 24?
  9. How you can you say when you get as many Jupiler league faces as you'd like?
  10. They've changed the pathing on the regen folders so I'm now not sure exactly where to put the additional hair.
  11. Honved in Hungary. Way harder than all 4 of those.
  12. Any sort of breakaway or break where the attacking team has numbers invariably leads to a shot 30 yards out of bounds or the sole defender tackling the dribbler while 3 unmarked men wait in the box.
  13. Exactly this - What if I want to add a guy to a shortlist and keep scouting? Can't - choose one option and the card is gone. What if I'm scouting a ton of regens and am quickly clicking through discard/keep scouting and make a mistake? Can I go back and find the card I just made a mistake on? Nope.
  14. Yeah but it doesn't make them right. It's obvious the UI has significant issues, these 'things are fine' posts don't help at all.
  15. This is like being introduced to only vanilla ice cream and thinking it's the best flavor, being ignorant of any other.
  16. The other issue may be under staff responsibilities - in my case my Chief Scout had defaulted to making these assignments.
  17. This is one of the worst design decisions they made. It's now so drab and underwhelming.
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