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  1. Not needed, I'm pretty sure this bug is caused by a add-on I've been using. I also have "Ian Denos (Key Sports Management LTD)" and "Dejan Gruber (Footuro AG)" in my game
  2. I'm one month before you (Mar 2nd), 46 injuries (119 expected).
  3. Looking for new talents and stumbled upon a weird name in the Man United under 18s. His name is "Steve Evans (World in Motion)". Anyone got an idea on why or is it just a very weird bug?
  4. Done. File name: xSue CP.rar No. Windows, Game, Preferences and Cache on the same drive.
  5. Found a 62-year old player on free transfer and managed to sign him. Edit: 3 games, 3 assists, not bad
  6. Same here (kinda). The assistant manager suggest that I add two retired players to the squad.
  7. Right click on FM20 in the steam library, click Properties. In the 'General' tab, there's a button called 'SET LAUNCH OPTIONS...' just below the two checkboxes. Type "-windowed" in the popup window and click OK.
  8. I got the same thing, except that it was the U19 manager that took over the youth intake.
  9. Sure, but why do I have to edit steam launch options for a very basic setting to work correctly?
  10. Yes. It reverts when I restart the game. Edit1: Fixed the fullscreen issue temporarily by adding "-windowed" in the steam launch options.
  11. Yup. Don't know if it makes any difference though Second season, 13 goals in 30 games. One minor tweak, moved AML/AMR to 'Lurk at Far Post'.
  12. Here's my current attacking corner setup. It's not the best setup but not the worst either. WBL or WBR takes the corner, right foot on left corners, left foot on right corner. Edit: 4 goals first 10 games in the league.
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