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  1. My Head of Youth Developments only recommends me to sign 1 out of 16 youth candidates. Never experienced this before.
  2. I have the same issue in my game. I'm not affected by this, it seems like most of these transfers are to MLS.
  3. I'm very dissapointed. First doesn't CGT work, which is very annoying, but the game is still playable. Now the quick pick (with all my saved team selections) is not working either. Something that took a couple of seconds now take several minutes. I have bought every edition of this game since the CM times, but now i'm seriously concidering not getting FM20.
  4. For the first time since the CM times, I'm seriously considering giving up on this years edition in January. It's just not worth it tbh.
  5. Not a big issue but it should be "Anfallslegendar" instead of "Anfallslegend". The word 'legend' refers to mythology and/or a dead person. Gunnar Nordahl (1921-1995) is a "Anfallslegend", Zlatan Ibrahimovic (1981-) is a "Anfallslegendar".
  6. Playing without CGT more than doubles the time it takes (for me) to play through one season. With already limited time to play FM, not having CGT almost makes the game unplayable.
  7. Any update? Can't wait to get back to playing again!
  8. I complained about this more than a month ago...
  9. The 2022 World Cup is in December, that's why.
  10. Those of you who can't find the switch position option, click on "Player" under your teams logo. Took some time for me to figure out.
  11. [INSERT SWEAR WORD HERE] The 2022 World Cup screws up the schedule for the Champions League group stages. The last game of the group stages is in January. A bit weird, but OK, that's not enough to make someone mad. The Swedish league ends in the middle of October (2022). Usually the last game of the groupstage (CL and EL) is in early December. Now, because of the World Cup, the last game of the group stage is in January 3rd. That's pretty much in the middle of the domestic league ending and starting again. I book 3 training matches before the last game in the Champions League. 3 days(!) before the first training match, all players in my squad goes on vacation. No one in my squad will be anywhere near match fit for the last game. It's a shame that you don't take smaller league serious SI.
  12. Players on loan leave the club before the season ends. If you're in any of the european cups (CL or EL) loaned players leave before the last game of the group stages. The loan ends on the 30th of november, a few days before the last game. My suggestion is to extend the loan duration one month, to the 31st of december. EDIT: I just remembered that it is the same with all contracts. The players leaving on free transfer (and sometimes due to retirement) are not eligible for the last game.
  13. Sorry, I've already gone past the date. I will upload my save if it happens again.
  14. Same thing happend to me. I can chose him as the vice captain, but not the captain.
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